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  1. Thank's everybody! I like weathering, i find it more realist of the real trucks!!
  2. Hi folks! Here it is completed, not a perfect kit, it gave a bit of struggle, but here it is. I used the kit's decals to replicate a well worrn but solid Feathers edition Blazer. The wheels and tires have been replaced by the excellent Fireball Modelworks 4X4 item. Also i added a police style front push bumper i had scratchbuilt myself, with KC Lights also from Fireball Modelworks. In all with the weathering, i'm satisfied with the result!
  3. I'm sorry for the Revell employess who lost their jobs with the deal, best wishes to all of them! For us modelers, i think it will help developing new products, because Hobbico's Financial situation refraint Revell to get budget for developpement, i'm pretty sure of that! I don't think the new owner spent over 3 millions $$$ to acquire the company, only to close it like this! And i think Revell doesn't tool enough of what we can affordly drive today, you want to hook yougnsters, bring them a model of the car they own. or at least can afford!! And not only Honda Civics, there's a lot of domestic cars that have never been tooled, not to forget all the more recent pickups that are so popular! I remember all of the annuals in the past, Amc Pacers, Plymouth Dusters, Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Chevette and so on... I never understood why Revell didn't brougt us the Hellcat Challenger, or the Z-28 Camaro, they already have the tooling base for these and they are really popular! I live in Quebec, Canada and i can tell you that the model car hobby here is better now than it was even 25 years ago!!! lots of younger modelers 20-30 years old, boys and girls, have joined the family, thank's to Facebook!! And it's still growing!! I don't think this hobby is dying, it only need a bit of refresh! Of course, bring us accurate models of the cars we want, never repeat the 1990 Mustang mistake for example, tool them right before releasing! I have a stash of over 700 unbuilt kits, but being excited about new releases to come, is part of the motivation to build for me, keep them coming, i'm gonna keep buying them!! Let's see what will happen next!
  4. Your Dodge look really cool! Don't mind the panel lines, it doesn't alter the look of your model to me!
  5. Here's a few of mine! A Texas DPS Charger from Lindberg (glue kit), a N.J. State police Charger from Testors (repainted black and white die-cast) and an Impala (L.V. P.D) from CSI T.V.series. I also have my own country in Québec, Chevy Caprice 1995 Under construction...since a while, i did all the modifications from the Impala SS myself (Wheels, interior police seats and floorpan to remove the center console) and the decals are from BillBozo..
  6. Really nice work, i love all of these!! Really cleanly built!
  7. Thanks for the kind comments, I worked on a home made front push bumper for my truck, I did it police style, it will wear some Fireball Modelworks KC highlights . I Thought that this kind of truck will wear it just perfect, and be a nice addition! I did it scratch built with Evergreen plastic. Its now temporarily fixed to the frame, in fact it will be closer to the grille and a bit higher too.. This Project is nearing completion, I think it will be at next NNL EAST.. I'm now working on the interior, pictures next time! See ya!
  8. Cooolll! Nice job on weathering ang craclkeling this paint to a beaten off Impala!! Congratulations!
  9. Wow! Your Charger is really cool.. Those Fireball Modelworks wheels really stand out on a model, they look relly ggod!!
  10. Thank's for comments, here is a picture of the completed weathering on the chassis, a bit of body color ang primer gray before afflying pigmets and washes to achieve a more realistic look!! Only remaining work is oïl leaks and a bit of mud!!
  11. Beautifful Charger, that color is awesome on this one!
  12. Motormax does a 2009 Chevy Tahoe with very similar wheels. https://www.amazon.com/2009-Chevy-Tahoe-SUV-White/dp/B016992U4E
  13. It's coming along nicley, really great looking already! Keep it on!
  14. Wow beautiful! It's a REALLY clean Impala you got there! Congratulations!
  15. Really cool, i like the colors.
  16. I agree 100%, i planned to fix my Road-Runner this way comparing it with the Jo-Han... You did a prefect job correcting it!! Now the proportions are correct and the body looks like the real car!
  17. Thank's for the kind coments! Here is a few pictures with slightly weathered decals.. I like the result, now, i will do the weathering washes and pigments!!
  18. Here's a little progress on the Blazer. I applied a generic white basecoat, followed by PPG urethane Clearcoat. I then processed the decals, but unfortunately, i put them on the wrong side on the Hood!! But this mistake has brought me a solution to weather these, i first wanted to remove them with tape, but they were stuck hard on the Hood, i had to sand them with 600 grit, this step has shown that they were wearing just like real decals with colors fading, just like i wanted. I will now process this tip to all the decals on the kit (upper portion only) to make the look like they've worn out with sunshine. I will then apply some flat and semi-flat clear over the body and complete with proper wash and pigments to show wear. For the grille, i painted it with Alclad chrome over a satin blue base and followed by a Vallejo acrylic black wash. More to come and thank's for the comments!
  19. Really nice! I like the weathering theme, it's reaaly well done!!
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