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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow builders, Well, I finally finished this one. The kit has several short comings, I addressed the ones that bothered me most, but didn’t get too carried away. The intent was make some improvements, and end up with a decent shelf model. I used the axles, leaf springs, and some other parts from the deserter kit. The tires are Modelhaus, wheels are salvaged from the parts stash, some kit shocks as well as some from the stash. The engine has a resin whipple blower, and some detail was added in the engine compartment. The interior has parts box seats, the console from the deserter kit, wood grain decals, parts box steering wheel, pins were used for turn signal, and tilt wheel levers, added a nav screen. I added side steps from the deserter, grab handles from the stash, made a nav antenna, the grill was opened from behind. Paint is GM Hugger orange with Mr Colour clear. I’m happy with the overall look, but it’s definitely not my best work. It was built over a VERY EXTENDED period of time, so I never really found my groove. All that said, I haven’t built a 4X4 for about 40 years, so I really wanted to do something different. The next build will be back to my usual low!! Thanks for having a look, and thanks again to those that followed along with the WIP and took the time to comment. As usual, all comments welcome. Cheers, Steve
  2. Today I figured it was time to drag out of the archives, the original, vintage Boondocker Blazer I bought off of ebay years ago. I don't even remember how long ago I painted it but I'm pretty sure it was with high temp engine paint (hugger orange). Today I will attempt to do something I have been putting off for years now. The daunting decals. I have 3 sheets to choose from. Including the vintage originals. I think I'll go with the newer ones that a member of this board generously sent me. I'm very good at screwing these decals up. I've already done so with 3 of the side window ones. I don't know why these decals seemed so easy when I was a kid.
  3. Here’s the final results of my ‘75 Blazer snap kit rebuild! See my WIP for build details, but in short I built this kit as a teen 15 odd years ago. I hastily built it then so I decided to redo it to my current skill level and standards. I’m very pleased with how this one turned out!
  4. This is my first restoration or rebuild project I’ve done, so I thought I might as well make it my first WIP documented build too! A little background: I was an avid model car builder back in my tween-teen years (early to mid/late ‘00s) but I gave it up once I hit college and started my career. About a year ago now I picked modeling back up as a pandemic hobby and I’ve been fully hooked! This AMT snap kit was one of the last kits I built as a kid. It must have been the 2007 re-issue because I only bought kits off the shelf from Walmart and HL back then, before I had a credit card to destroy on eBay. 😂 Today, I have a growing collection of classic 70s-90s SUV kits, so I decided to rebuild this one to go with them. Since it’s a snap kit, it’s a great candidate for rebuilding, plus these kits are kind of rare and expensive now.Back then, I was exclusively brush painting my builds with Testors enamels. I never used primer, I always used model cement and CA to glue painted, clear and chrome parts (with expected terrible results) and just did basic hand painted details. I’ve definitely come a long way today thanks to YouTube tutorials and model sites like this one! The body paint on my original build was surprisingly smooth and glossy for brush painting, but it definitely looks sloppy compared to my current adult builds. I apparently hastily “twisted” all of these parts from the sprue trees instead of using a knife so I’ll have to clean them up and probably putty the worst spots. So far, I have disassembled everything and the parts are soaking in Super Clean. I broke a few mounting pegs from the suspension and the driveshaft broke from the differential, nothing some model cement can’t fix. Unfortunately, the passenger side taillight lens is missing so I’ll have to come up with a fix for it. Thanks for reading, and I’ll try to keep updates coming regularly!
  5. Well I think I am calling this one done! (Except plates) It is my second build since I was a kid. Lots of scratch building as the kit was lacking this and that! I went for the "daily driver" look. I was building this kit while also working on my 54 Chevy sedan. I enjoyed this kit as I remember the real thing everywhere when I was younger. Hope you enjoy checking it out!
  6. Getting back into the hobby after a long break. Building a "daily driver" for a future diorama I am planning. I have been sitting on the sidelines for quite a while admiring everybody's work, and thought maybe I am now worthy to show mine. This is my second build in 30 years. I have lots of pics so let me know if you want to see the process to this point. I still have to put on the battery cables, antenna's, license plates, mirrors, etc. Enjoy!
  7. HI! This model started as a 1/25 snap rescue kit from MPC. Now it´s a model of a Search And Rescue vehicle with some extra detailing, scratchbuilt roofrack and so on.. Comments and questions are welcomed of course. Pics:
  8. Thought I should share some pictures of my current project, a factory stock Chevrolet Blazer.
  9. I haven't done fire decals on a model since I was a kid, so I figured I'd play around with what I've collected. Kit is an AMT Snap kit recently reissued, and I decided to throw on some paints and details to make it better. Entire kit was done in a weekend, even while I was working on my "Phantom" van! Interior was done in Semi Gloss Black and Fabric Gray with silver gauges and trim. Body paint is a mixture of One Coat Firey Red and One Coat Mystical Maroon (maroon color darker at the top half, lighter red at the bottom half...). Undercarriage was a light brushing of aluminum paint for the muffler and piping, and gunmetal for the bottom of the engine (hardly any detail in them anyway...).
  10. I just bought a 1995? Chevrolet Blazer kit from Lindberg. The goal is to make it look like it just arrived from the factory. What i wonder about is colors of undercarriage and engine. Any photos of the engine and undercarriage in "factory" colors would be highly appreciated.
  11. This was on the workbench a while ago, but I'll consider it done. I took it apart about a week ago, for new taillights and a general look-over and new wheels.
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