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  1. Thats really nice Tom I still dont know which way im going with this. But I do know I want to get the Camper back for it
  2. Well I made a little progress . I finally got the roof straightened out and reprimed the body. I have to give it another round of wet flatting . Then its back in for paint. Im planning to do the roof and lower half in white and the rest in a light metallic blue. I still cant decide whether to go lifted / stock or slammed ? Comments welcomed
  3. Wow shes beautiful ! Looks like you did a lot of work to get her that mint
  4. Really nice paint on all of them . They really pop. Can we see the 1/1 57 Chevy?
  5. Thanks Mike I think I have a new set in the way from a fellow member
  6. I have a long way to go yet. I was going to get it lifted and go 4x4 but after some head scratching I think it will be stock ride height. I an going to repaint it two tone blue / cream . If I can get the stock wheels for it
  7. I had to add the rain gutter in after I did the roof with thin plastic rod
  8. Yeah the roof is a lot of work and to get the doors correct is a bit of a mission. How far are you along with it now ?
  9. So after 2 years of being stored the roof had sunken in the middle. Lots of sanding and it is finally flat again. I will be repainting it as well as I dont like the green and I want to do a two tone paint job. I have a set of 4 brand new tires on the way from a fellow member. So I have to get the chassis finished off after stretching it
  10. KFS did do a Badging PE set for the SuperLiner . Nice work
  11. Sam I dont know if you have done a Revell Rig before ? But be very careful of the small axel pins they will break as soon as you look at them ! I drill them out and replace them with brass rod
  12. Nice work Sam your mate did a great flame job . What are the wheels from?
  13. It doesn't matter that they dont work it still looks fantastic
  14. Hi all im after 3 of these tires im not sure what they are from. Please pm me with what you have thanks
  15. Wow Steve just WOW so realistic can I ask does the torsion bar hood on the Fury actually work ?
  16. I would love to see that Dodge Big Horn as a kit. As I cant afford the resin one from AITM
  17. Wow Dan That KW brings back some memorys . It was the very kit that got me into big rigs some 40 odd years ago. I won one in a comic competition when I was about 7 or 8 years old. My farther built it for me . But as I was so young I drove the wheels off that puppy ! I have plans to build another one day so if you dont want those decals could I have them please ? I believe that issue you have there was the only time tinted glass was used
  18. Well after a looooooong break from this one I have finally got around to getting it done. I am still not happy with the roof so I will be going backwards for a while. It has been nearly 3 years since I stopped work on it. So the roof has a sink mark right across from left to right which will need sorting out before I change the colour . The green just wasn't doing it for me. I now want to do it 2 tone white and blue maybe? I still have to do the suspention as I was going to do a 4x4 but that plan went out the window. Also the Red Ram Hemi went out the same window as well. So I will be possibly be dumping a 440 in there . I have a set of the LRW rims coming from another member soon as well but I am not sure I will even use them now. I would like to get some Good Year Tracker A-T tires for it. I have one and I really would like a to the other 3 . Once I figure how to up load pics again I will get some pics done Thanks for looking in and feel free to comment
  19. Nice work I like it a lot. I am building a crew cab long bed at the moment. What paint did you use on the engine ?
  20. I really like your general build the detail you have gone to is great but I feel I must say that your dash is tilted up to much. I hope you see this as constructive criticism . Keep at it
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