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  1. Awe dog gone it. They are going to suck every spare dollar I can find right out of my wallet.
  2. The Nuclear Test Site Musem was really cool, even though it isn't automotive. Their was a "old car" dealer near the air base that had a lot of cool stuff
  3. I think the black street machine came before the red one, my brother had the black one for a while before I got the red one. The black one had the same style wheels as the nascar version.
  4. The engine is pretty poor, it is a 350 b-block with a polysphere intake and the exhaust manifolds are for two different engines, one is for a b-block and the other is for the poly
  5. I noticed a lack of a front sway-bar, being a big block car it should have one
  6. Can not wait, I am working on the 56 300b now, and can't wait for some more moebius kits
  7. I will have to dig out m y references,I don't remember seeing the standard cluster with wood grain
  8. Your reference pic is for the optional rally dash, monogram used the standard dash
  9. Warner bros would not let them use the roadrunner at the time
  10. That should be a Thermo-quad on the Duster's 340
  11. Amazing workmanship, can't wait to see it finished
  12. I recently bought this kit for my 8 year old daughter. The parts are crisp, the paint is well applied and it builds well with few issues
  13. I doubt it was all that rare, looks like the airport cars that Chrysler offered to airports and hotels
  14. He was a genius, Everything in "Black Beauty" worked. beyond that he had a fantastic eye for shape and the use of color.
  15. I am currently stuck in Waterloo, wher I grew up but hoping to move this summer.
  16. Got my parts from Al at Ma's Resin, have to say they are beautifully cast, well worth the money. Now I need to find a set of decals, or a scan of a set so I can have new ones made.
  17. Don't forget the "mystery corporate blue" 340 A/C 4-speeds in 1969. Chrysler engine plants painted the engines, and certain plants had certain colors. Black is the only color that all of the engine plants had. I am all to familiar with the concept of keeping the line going, working for Deere and Company, but Chrysler kept their stock of "raw" at 56 days back then not the 2-7 days most do now.
  18. Chrysler had strange ideas when it came to painting engines. There is a reference to some slant sixes possibly being turqoise in 67 and 68, but no one can confirm if they were. When in doubt pick the color you like, the factory did.
  19. According to the 1968 parts book there is no blue engine paint. Corporate Blue (engine) paint is listed as a new part number in the 1969 parts book.
  20. in 1968 Hemis were orange, all LA (small blocks) and slant sixes in cars were all red ,All big blocks were Turqoise, except some late Roadrunner 383s, and Slant Sixes in trucks were yellow. Blue was introduced in 1969 on Small blocks
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