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  1. Brinx added a post in a topic Painting cabs - inside first or ouside first ?   

    I'm of like mind with Gino and Sean.  Being a "rattler", I usually prime inside and out first, then shoot the interior colors. I find it a bit easier to touch up any over spray or bleed through on the interior side rather than the other way around. As of the underside, I typically leave that in primer with color overspray (a la Mopar style).
  2. Brinx added a post in a topic Two old builds from long ago   

    Terry, good looking rigs, I like the attention on the secured flatbed load.
  3. Brinx added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 Day Cab   

    Hey Chuck, another great example of a hard working rig that's no where near retirement.
  4. Brinx added a post in a topic International Transtar 4300 "Hidden Agenda"   

    Very nicely done Chuck, a fantastic way to keep an old classic rollin' along.
  5. Brinx added a post in a topic post just your cabovers here   

    Here's one for my friend from Spring:
    I built this one over 20 years ago, so you can see some improvements in my more recent builds, which is in large part by YOU folks on this forum! (inspiration and encouragement)

  6. Brinx added a post in a topic Snowman's Kenworth finished.   

    This has been just a fantastic rebuild, I have really enjoyed watching your progress.  You've inspired me to attempt a similar snowman rig which I might do
     sometime over the winter. Thanks for sharing Dave!
  7. Brinx added a post in a topic The Fontana Bros.   

    Thanks to all, you comments mean a lot to me
  8. Brinx added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    I have had excellent trading with :
    Realgone58 (added 12/6/13)
    tbill (added 12/7)
    DPNM ---> 2/22/14 Another perfect trade deal! Well-packaged, exactly as described and FAST!
    Kilrathy10 ..(multiple trades)
    Chris Guthro (added 12/28)...I forgot to add him...rock solid guy
    Bobcat205 (added 1/2/14)
    ALL were very fast shippers and careful packers
    Edited 22 Feb 2014 by Brinx  
    I grabbed this from the original great trader list in the car section.
    If I have forgotten anyone, please message me and I'll update my list, as I have been very happy with all my transactions.
  9. Brinx added a post in a topic post just your conventionals here   

    Nice looking DR Jeff! I loved how you stretched the Mercury. Actually, it was this truck that inspired me to try one of my own.

  10. Brinx added a post in a topic NYPD, new car, old look   

    Thanks guys,
    Wayne and Joe, I agree...tradition is what we're steep in (maybe that's we FD's only started putting door and roofs on trucks only 30 years
    Joe, the decals actually came from the JoHan kit
    Jeff, I agree, the blue and whites were quite hot as well.
    Stay safe, my LEO brothers
  11. Brinx added a post in a topic post just your conventionals here   

    Nice work guys, thought I'd drop one in, inspired by a recent re-discovery of "Movin On" vids on Hulu (from someone on THIS forum), Man.. I never missed a Tuesday night episode, back then. I did this as a: what if Will and Sonny ere still "Movin on" in later years.

  12. Brinx added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    1980, it was such a simpler time
    I was 14 (now you know how frickin' old I am).... I was delivering newspapers and a fellow that had a rig in his yard , a 74 DR royale and a great dane flatbed, said "hey Democrat (as in Democrat and Chronicle) got an extra paper?"...sure I did and every morning after that...there was a paper wedged under the grab handle of his rig. soon there after, a friendship was carved and before too long, I had my first trip with Fred in his Diamond Reo...picking up a load of cabbage and drawing it to the sour krout plant a few miles away.
    about 5 or 6 trips with Fred, I learned the  business of hauling and customer service. That year, we (him, with me just tagging along) hauled cabbage, apples, machine parts and even Christmas trees (along with a load he'd buy himself to sell in his front yard.)
    In the off season, Fred would always have odd jobs for a young kid wanting to make a couple of bucks (model kits were expensive back then). we kids would cut grass, clean out his garage (shop) and even shovel dog BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of the kennel, (Fred called it "playing circus"). all the while teaching us kids to "make it right" with the customer. One of his favorite expressions was, "I'll sure make it right with you"...and he ALWAYS did! (I use it to this day). Many years later , I stopped in to visit Fred, I don't think he remembered me totally, but was still just as friendly as ever, and he did seem proud of how I'd turned out.
    Old Fred is long since past, but his teaching lives on with this writer (as I'm sure several others)
    Thanks Fred...I'm (we're) better for having known you!
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  13. Brinx added a post in a topic NYPD, new car, old look   

    thanks  (book em Danno)
  14. Brinx added a topic in Under Glass   

    NYPD, new car, old look
    Inspired by a flickr post, I had to build one myself.
    Hey Commissioner Bratton, these cars looked pretty sexy then and still do now!

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  15. Brinx added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Da nauh dunda dunada (working title: "you big dummy")
    o.k., I know Fred and Lamont had a 51 f-1, but this was as close as I could get:

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