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  1. Brinx added a post in a topic pinstriping tape   

    Try a search on Pactra trim tape. I pretty sure most hobby shops would stock it (typically around $12ish)
    I have been using this for quite a few years now and have found it pretty easy to work with. I comes in quite a few colors (oddly, NO green). For green applications, I've used the white and a few passes with a Sharpie.
    Good luck on your search.

  2. Brinx added a post in a topic BJ & The Bear KW   

    Looks beautiful Sean...very well done!
  3. Brinx added a post in a topic Diamond Reo Royale   

    Thank you for the offer Sean, when the time comes, I will very likely be taking you up on it.
  4. Brinx added a post in a topic Movin'On Kenworth done.   

    I got this from someone else on this board (sorry, can't remember who it was)...what a fantastic find
  5. Brinx added a post in a topic Diamond Reo Royale   

    Thanks for this one Sean, My late friend Fred drove a 74 Royale...I think I'm going to follow your lead and try to do a tribute build.
  6. Brinx added a post in a topic Watkins Kenworth with Trailer   

    Jan, all around a great build, the tractor paint scheme came out just like the box... very nicely done indeed!
  7. Brinx added a post in a topic Movin'On Kenworth done.   

    Looking good Angel,  I think you nailed the paint spot-on, and the build is perfect!
  8. Brinx added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    1977ish, AMT Movin' On Kenworth. Think I paid around $7- for it from a mom-n-pop hobby store (Herman's Hobbies on Dewey Av).
    Paint, decals, and overall construction is what you'd expect (brush lines, crooked stripes and half of the pieces not even taken off the sprue).
    But I'd be willing to bet, I logged more (1/25th scale) miles than Will and Sonny did on theirs and had maybe 100 times more adventures with that beast.
    , and I know for a fact, there are still some parts from her kicking around the parts bin as well.
    For the record, my son and I built two models together (Lindberg snap/promo style Crown Vic police cars), the first one is safely locked up in the man-cave" and the other he's pretty much demolished in any number of high speed pursuits but isn't that what its all about?
    Great memories, thanks for sending me back there Mike.
  9. Brinx added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W-900   

    Nice twist on an old classic, and very well done build !
  10. Brinx added a post in a topic Will Chandler's 1970 Kenworth K-123   

    Bet Will wished the truck he was driving was a nice (and well-cared for) as the example you built. Very nicely done Steve!!
  11. Brinx added a post in a topic plumbing.....air lines and such   

    I think its good to revisit topics from time to time Tom. Here's my recent attempts, starting with what most would probably consider the industry standard.
    1) Speaker wire from Radio Shack( the 3-pack of red, black and green). The stuff will hold a coil, but I feel it doesn't have the right "lay" to it aft of the pogo stick, more so that it is rigid and does not have a natural droop or drape to it.
    2) The RS speaker wire again. This time, just the outer casing. This is great for the old-school, straight airlines but again, the stuff has a memory (from being on the spool) so it also lacks that "draped" look coming off the stick (maybe warming it and re-working it to the right shape, haven't tried that yet).
    3) Telephone wire: this stuff is thinner in gauge and will hold a nice tight coil but looks a bit small in diameter.
    4) Ear bud wire: Has a good diameter and seems to have a decent drape (in longer lengths) but is probably one of the more expensive options ($ versus usable length).
    5) Paracord: This stuff is pretty cheap, looks the right diameter and comes in every color you could possibly think of plus three more. The only problem is it looks more like a fabric covered hose (I'd guestimate around 5/8" in 1:1 as I tried out as a 1" booster line on a fire truck reel and it came off looking too small).
    Edit: I assumed we are talking the service hoses and glad hands
    My conclusion, I tend to go with option #2, using the black wire casing (seems easiest to remove from the wire) and make three, old-school, straight lines, great for our older stuff but probably not what we're wanting for the more modern IH's and Petes.
  12. Brinx added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Load headded for Spring, Tx
    I think speaks for itself.

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  13. Brinx added a post in a topic KW Snap W-900 {mud flaps}   

    (pulls up a chair)....these are always fantastic!!
  14. Brinx added a post in a topic Kenworth rebuild   

    Good start Jeff, glad you decided to rescue the old 925. I like your frame shortening method, works great with the walking beams.
    looking forward to watching this one come alive.
  15. Brinx added a post in a topic KJ Humphreys lowboy trailer, almost finished   

    Very nicely put together and looks very well engineered! You and KJ make a great team.