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  1. Well done Johnny, your rig looks like it just stepped off the factory ad brochures for GMC.
  2. I'm good for at least 3 (more likely 6, if Mrs. brinx doesn't read this post). I'll build the first out of the box but am also planning to put the body on a Ford Ln and a DM-600 for sure. Who ever gave the "Green-light" to this project... THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Gotta be the 4070 with a Detroit. That is about as good as they come, very well done! Welcome aboard to the Big Rigs Mike...glad to have you aboard.
  4. Wonderful build(s).....I love the way you modified the trailer into the low-hitch, very common setup here in the North East. As a MoPar fan, I love them all, but...I'll just hop into that yellow GTX and be on my way! (yeah, i know, still a few papers to sign at the dealership). Great stuff...thanks for taking us back to 1970....simpler times indeed, well done!
  5. Great work TruckerAL, The color combo is perfect and I think your accent striping really makes it work! You have really mastered a very tough kit and it looks FANTASTIC!
  6. Looking really good JT, you do build some fantastic trailers!
  7. Jim, trailer looks good. I hear what you're saying about the amount of "real estate" trying to display one takes. Here is a trick I did with one I have,I chained down another tractor on it as a back haul to the shop and... as a bonus, I was able to convince my wife that it was in fact "one model" lol
  8. Now THAT is one tough looking truck, looks like it could handle anything on the job site with ease. I'm thinking about trying something like that, but with an 80's Ford pick up cab, maybe as a single axle local P/D tractor. I really like how your fenders came out...looks totally natural.
  9. Looks great Thomas, I've had one for several years, but I keep passing by as the multi-piece cab looks rather intimidating. Your finished product (especially the color) is giving me inspiration to have a go at it (after all, I was able to put the AMT Freightliner on the road...even in the driver gets rain drips in sleeper).
  10. Looks good here, welcome to the 1/25th super-highway!
  11. Brian, You captured the kit prefect, looks like the box art and I think the Hills Brothers would be pleased. I remember buying this kit in the '70s and being bummed that there was NO chrome in the kit at all. looking back now, I kinda wish all this kits were done that way and would love to find one of thse old AMT's in a garage sale or flea market today.
  12. Enrico, very nicely done....the 1/32 kit lends itself well to this conversion, you really mastered it!
  13. Peter, you're right...that kit is NOT an easy build...but you sure made your's look good!
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