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  1. tom..how thick is the wood?? maybe 1/16 inch?? will it fit inside the body?? great work...oldr-n-drt
  2. what will fit a t model kit in 1/24 or 1/25 scale?? resin or kit will work also.. thanks oldr-n-drt
  3. kevin at missing link resin..an they come already chrome plated...…..got 2 of them...oldr-n-drt
  4. donot want a machine...these pieces are 1/2in x 3/4 in....anyone else?? oldr-n-drt
  5. nobody has recommended how to cut it?? tin snipps would be a very ruff cut..any ideas on this?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  6. … cut a drill .010 k & s tin sheets?? drilling holes the size of a straight pin (7 holes) an 1- 1/8 in. hole...these have to be exact, no egg shaped holes...thanks oldr-n-drt- 0)
  7. steven...did yall make the decals ?? oldr-n-drt
  8. steven… #1.. www.speedwaydecals.com #2..www.pattosplace.com (click on.. decals speedway) #3..www.dirtmodeler.com.. #4..public.fotki.com/CLAYK/ look under..(short track closed wheel) #1 josh Richards an # 25 Jason fegers cars..hope these help..anyone else have any more sites for late model dirt car parts or builds??? oldr-n-drt PS..i have a lot of dirt modelers photo-etched parts that are discontuined...steven………. can yall show the rear end setup with the body removed???
  9. steven..will send yall some more links for late model dirt car parts an decals Wednesday...oldr-n-drt
  10. steven..good looking..building one also...go to.. www.customdirtcars.com has a lot of parts for late model dirt cars..oldr-n-drt
  11. where did yall get the push vehicle at?? good looking rig...….oldr-n-drt
  12. wayne...where did yall get the plug wire ends (next to the spark plugs)?? oldr-n-drt
  13. tom..use the 1926 t sedan body an add the front cal from the 1925 coupe...use the 1925 fenders an hood...easiest way I have found...oldr-n-drt
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