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  1. you donot waist as much of it in an airbrush as you do in the spray can (over spray)..seams to me people would want to save as much as posible...because it is so expensive....oldr-n-drt
  2. has anyone tried decanting an put thru an airbrush??any results??does it need thinning?? what air pressure?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  3. has anyone tried decanting it an spraying it in an airbrush??oldr-n-drt
  4. has anyone decanted it an sprayed thru an airbrush?? that would save a lot of overspray..oldr-n-drt
  5. except that is not a 1957 ford?? oldr-n-drt
  6. kevin...can yall explain how yall built the lift gate??? thanks oldr-n-drt
  7. kevin...any more pictures yall can post of yalls great work???? thanks oldr-n-drt
  8. kevin...do yall sell them???did yall once work for #1 late model dirt car team??? thanks oldr-n-drt
  9. kevin..thanks..wanted to get better pictures....oldr-n-drt
  10. kevin...do yall have a facebook page??thanks oldr-n-drt
  11. what is the brightest red color i car use?? airbrush or spray can...thanks oldr-n-drt
  12. mad....talking about 1968 an 1969 baracuda only..............oldr-n-drt
  13. hemi was not run in ss/b in 1969....1968 had a hemi in nhra rules...yall can get 1968 correct front end pieces for it in resin....good looking super stocker... oldr-n-drt
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