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  1. tom..i probably do...plus ot- -hers yall have never seen...made on an alps printer,before they went out of business....oldr-n-drt
  2. no....i got the last one andy had..go thru the rest of the post....oldr-n-drt
  3. pat...if yall want to build an updated late model dirt car.. www.customdirtcars.com dewight has a lot of parts..body,frame,front an rear ends etc... also.... www.dirtmodeler.store......oldr-n-drt
  4. dwight is a good person to deal with..been using his late model dirt car parts for years..oldr-n-drt
  5. if yall want an updated late model dirt car, go here...all 3-d printed... www.customdirtcars.com click on.. project dirt late model project.. also his shapeways store..check out his facebook page..also photos on it... then 1/24 dirt late model project..dwight has complete body,frame,rack an pinion steering,complete quick change rearend,an a lot of parts to finish it with...oldr-n-drt
  6. eric...go to ...www.customdirtcars.com go down page to.. project dirt late model..click on it...this takes yall to dwights shapeways site...lot of stuff listed there..also check out his facebook page..he has what yall are looking for....dwight is a good guy...ordered from him a lot...what are yall building that yall need the dirt parts for?? oldr-n-drt
  7. go to randy avers nascar forum...he is own there....oldr-n-drt
  8. -series #738 1/24 scale..how accurate is this kit? anything I should look out for? good or bad kit? thanks oldr-n-drt
  9. clayton..i have the material to use for the corners..told cary what I found, he said it looks like what he has..will cast some when weather breaks..too cold to cast..maybe april ?? oldr-n-drt
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