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  1. Plating a plastic spoon test

    the video is from Kolkata,india….there is a phone number... 968/120/1969...anyone speak india language?? oldr-n-drt
  2. 1965 Dodge D700 Dick Landy race car hauler

    mangodart….any chassis pictures?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  3. dirt modeler

    guys...micheal has been in hospital since middle of January..go to his facebook page..oldr-n-drt
  4. Gonna attempt IMCA Mod.

    wayne...check out.. www.customdirtcars.com a lot of 3-d parts for them an frame...oldr-n-drt
  5. Dirtmodeler

    dirtmodeler is in icu as of jan. 13 2019...go to his facebook page...read his sisters post....oldr-n-drt
  6. clif...on the 4th. picture, doesnot the wire yall added to the roof an window areas,do the windows still fit properly?? oldr-n-drt
  7. bill...…. I have 1 4-door 300 series left....let me know thru pm...thanks oldr-n-drt
  8. Two chrome platers left - which do you prefer?

    greg...what happened to rocky helping you? thought he was in business with you? oldr-n-drt
  9. Steve Bagwell '65 Plymouth Super Stock WIP COMPLETE

    Darryl... yall know nostalgia super stock class runs 10 1/2 wide tires?? oldr-n-drt
  10. Steve Bagwell '65 Plymouth Super Stock WIP COMPLETE

    what kit did the rear tubs come from?? oldr-n-drt
  11. 2018 Showroom of my builds

    paul...what colors did yall use on the de franks car???just noticed yall made a 1969 not a 1968 car?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  12. 2018 Christine

    luis……..thanks oldr-n-drt
  13. 2018 Christine

    blood red is 4250 or 4650 series??clear with what?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  14. 2018 Christine

    what did yall thin with?? what air pressure?? did yall prime it?? if yes with what?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  15. 2018 Christine

    what brand (company)is the blood red acrylic?? oldr-n-drt