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  1. brass parts ???

    thanks dave….oldr-n-drt
  2. brass parts ???

    how do yall prep brass, before yall prime them?? working with a lot of brass photo etched parts...thanks oldr-n-drt
  3. Tested-Scratchbuilding with Adam Savage

    is there a certain type for styrene use?? thanks oldr-n-drt
  4. where are the roof rails at?? ford used them to keep roof from caving in..all 4-door ford has them...oldr-n-drt
  5. 1968 resin plymouth baracuda....

    afx...thanks..new about those already..oldr-n-drt
  6. 1968 resin plymouth baracuda....

    still wanting..oldr-n-drt
  7. 1968 resin plymouth baracuda....

    afx……….do yall have the kit?? oldr-n-drt
  8. 1968 resin plymouth baracuda....

    yes..positive ….1968 cuda in resin...….oldr-n-drt
  9. 1968 resin plymouth baracuda....

    …. by bandit resin(Kenny)...Kenny cast these a while back, but no longer....thanks oldr-n-drt
  10. .

    I am talking about the chassis..oldr-n-drt
  11. .

    how does the 1960 floor pan fit in the 1963 body?? any cutting required??looking good so far..thanks oldr-n-drt
  12. placed an order Wednesday morning, got a tracking number wed.evening.......oldr-n-drt
  13. 1/24 or 1/25 cams.....

    casey has the right picture...now...anyone got any they donot need?? oldr-n-drt
  14. 1/24 or 1/25 cams.....

    they came in amt parts packs...chevy an Pontiac engines....oldr-n-drt
  15. 1/24 or 1/25 cams.....

    ...need 4 for a project...donot know what kit they are in..hate to buy 4 kits for just the cams...would rather just have the cams..any help?? thanks oldr-n-drt