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  1. thesthese kits look to be pretty nice, your right that tthey seem to be from new molds. Nice sharp lines, no twisted bodies, thin plastic, and yes the tires are modern
  2. your right, I don't have a room full of kits. I do have many other hobbies, like gardening, hunting, fishing, knife making, raising koi, greenhouse, and not to mention playing with my 98' Cobra, so with that being stated there's not allot of extra time for buying and building model cars, airplanes etc. So, no I do not have a "stash" of models that I can brag to all of you on these forums, as I don't need to brag about my boxes and boxes of wasted money sitting on a shelf!
  3. I had a hard time deciding what color to paint it, didn't want to paint it with the same old colors that so many other's have been painted.
  4. Going to start on the car first. That is if I can push aside the Bronco build up. Lol, that is the fifth one on the bench...working on a "surprise", stoked working on this Bronco. The 53' pick-up, real possibilities.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to post this thread; my wife just got home from shopping and she bought me these two kits. She said she likes the way they look. I do also now! So are they new? new old models? redone? They are both AMT Kits
  6. Great job, that 429 shotgun looks bad a__ in that sweet 66'
  7. I'm speechless.....omg fantastic job. If only I could do such a great build!
  8. She's a beauty worthy of any Mustang collection. Btw where in the world did you get the twister decals? Very cool. The trim/tire painting solution you posted is a great idea, very nice job and the tire lettering is fantastic.
  9. cobramike

    289 Cobra - AMT

    I like it! Looks good without all the decals.
  10. Mrmike, you did a great job on your Bronco, love the color, oh yeah and that story ended as it should have. The hitch is a great addition. Did you glue on the top? I tried to leave the top removable on one of my builds but it falls off without touching it, so either glued or just left them off on mine.
  11. Thanks to all that have viewed my creation and remarked on it. I appreciate all remarks my friends!
  12. two that I built I left the rollup windows out of them. My only and best solution for that problem. As for the rear side windows now that is a completely other problem, I have installed them in every model, but the mounting points are so small that on 2 occasions the widows have literally just fallen out on their own, on the shelf, covered, and fell clean out! ARRRGGGHHH what a pia! There has to be a solution just because I can't figure it out!
  13. yesterday I passed a Bugatti Chiron a block from my house, made me wonder what the heck it was doing in my HOOD, nothing around here but pickup's and motorcycles. Sucker must have been lost!!!!????
  14. This project is really looking nice. I have built 4 of these...addiction? Yep! When you get to doing the Windows please please post how you handle installation of them. I have had nothing but a very frustrating time with all of mine. Heck, I have even had the Windows fall out before I could finish the model on two of them. Aaarrrrggg
  15. cobramike

    58 Corvette

    Great job Bert, that Colorado plate is even better.
  16. Great! He has to be proud of his son.
  17. Very nice. Great paint and you even got the stripes correct. Not much of a fan of green cars but you got this done up nicely. I had the same problem with the hood being wonky, I used a hairdryer on lowest setting and slowly reshaped mine. The grill and bumper...well that's another story. After using my dremmel to do allot of cutting, sanding etc was able to get the inner tub to fit correctly. Even with all the problems this car is worth the effort.
  18. Jeremy, you did that car right! Please tell us what your dad's reaction was to it. Giving away my age i rented one of these back in the day. What a car it was! I ran out and bought a 66 gt fastback in candy apple red' a week later, had her till 1982 when i sold it for.....750.00 bucks. Talk about stupid. But i never thought it would be of any value if i kept it longer.
  19. Dang... that is beautiful! What is the paint?
  20. Rome wasn't built in a day my good man! Your working way too much, but i remember those days myself. I will be patently waiting for the day you post the final pics of your hard work.
  21. Too bad I didn't have those rollers when I did my gold 68 gt 500 that I recently finished. I did like the wheels I installed on her, just hated the original 10 spoke ones in that kit, besides I wanted to go wider, but rather had done the ones like yours. Can't wait to see the green hornet to finished. Soon I hope.
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