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  1. Beautiful model. Paint and clean work are both an inspiration. Thanks for sharing
  2. Sean W

    Lil Red F40

    I agree with all here, it makes a great looking model. Kudos on very clean building and finishing.
  3. Beautiful build Cesar, there is really no more to say. Wow!
  4. Love it, period! I'm going on 50 and I had the original kit of this as a kid, long gone now of course. I will be getting this kit and get it on my shelf. Outstanding job!
  5. Hi Hugh. I would have to say "mission accomplished." Really cool model, and I love builds that have real connections to 1:1 cars. Great job.
  6. Hi Chris. I have to agree with Dave from England, I was saying to myself "naaah." Then I looked, the model is bad to the bone man! I think it looks great as a lead sled, and the color is perfect for the subject. Kudos bud!
  7. Ryan, that's so cool man. Makes me want to do one of those, great job man.
  8. Tony, simply outstanding my friend. The cleanliness of your building is a goal to shoot for. This is by no means a criticism, just an observation, did you consider using a black wash in the cowl vents at base of windshield? Keep up the great work!
  9. Greetings to my friend in China Both of those look great! Years ago I had the Porsche GT1 kit, and I let those decals intimidate me. I never did build the kit, I will have to try again. Keep up the good work.
  10. Fantastic paint! On top of that it is just a rad looking model, great job!
  11. That color is beautiful on the Challenger! Big wow! Looks like it will really be a great build.
  12. I had the Corvette kit many moons ago. I don't seem to remember finishing it. I do love Cobras and seeing Peteski's built up tells me I need that as well. I will have to hit up eBay and spotlighthobbies and try to pick up some of each.
  13. Really nice work. The finish looks great.
  14. Hi Safak. Great work man, love to see that level of just clean model building. Definitely something to aspire to. Keep it up.
  15. Sean W


    Nice job Tom. I too love the dark green color. I really want to add a Beetle, and the Karmann Ghia to my "showroom".
  16. Fine job Keith. Welcome to the hobby and the forums. The only one you really have to please with your models is you. Having said that, you will find so much in the forums here that will grow your skills and enjoyment as far as you want to go with it. Keep building and having fun. Sean
  17. The words "mini me" popped into my head. Great job man. I love to try to duplicate real cars, and you nailed this Nova!
  18. Tim, looks good bud. The paint looks great, and you can only get better. Your building skills are spot on, look forward to more.
  19. Nice work Shane. Agree with others, stance looks fantastic, and the color is beautiful.
  20. Hi Jason. Love the work on the rollcage, you nailed the intent of keeping it hidden. Great looking sleeper, most people wouldn't give it a second glance, until they heard the 427 introduce itself
  21. Hi Tom. Looking great. I knew this was your build because I subscribed on youtube and saw the tutorial on 'diamond cut' style wheels. These look like the same wheels you did the tut on. Love the youtube channel, have learned a lot from your techniques. I just wish I could easily get Zero Paints here in the US. Thanks for your work on showing everyone your results, it is inspirational. Sean.
  22. I'm going to toss my two cents in here. I'm working on the Testors/Franklin Mint 1/9 scale Harley soft tail, and wanted to do it Night Train style, so the chrome had to go. First on list was Bleche White tire cleaner, I bought a bottle just for this. Not good results, if I had left it in overnight, maybe. Next was oven cleaner, big zero, didn't do a thing to this chrome. Next up was bleach, which has been my "go to" stripper in the past, removed most of the plating on a few parts, but left about half the plating on the majority. I have never had such a hard time with chrome stripping before. So we come to purple Super Clean. A few hours in there, every speck of plating, and the clear under it, gone! I have a new "go to", and this stuff strips paint also! Great to have a one bottle solution to these tasks. Happy modeling everyone
  23. Nice job Cliff. Snap tite or not it looks great. I love the new Stingray and this is a good replica.
  24. Looks outstanding Michel. I also do notice a large similarity to the Jaguar XJ220.
  25. You are a model builder after my own heart! I love the detail painting. The firewall and interior are looking great! I think it is the small details that really draw you into the model and give you a kind of "virtual reality" experience. Outstanding job Safak.
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