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  1. Nice builds. Are those 300zx rims on the Gloria?
  2. Like the title says, but it needs to be from the 2 door version NOT the 4 dr rosco, joker or t.j. hooker monaco. Thanks.
  3. Looks good. Gotta get me one of these. I think these are one of the better looking Thunderbird designs. Test drove one about 18 years ago from a used car lot, went all right, loved the supercharger whine, shoulda bought it.
  4. Very nice. Are those kit wheels and tires on it? What`s the paint? As I`m Canadian I gotta ask what is the New Zealand touch? I ask for a friend........
  5. That`ll give ya nightmares.
  6. Beautiful build. The weathering is spot on, and I love the name on the door! Very clever.
  7. Very nice te37. Orange suits it really well, I just finished this same kit a couple of weeks back.
  8. Great stuff!!!! When you say you used a Magnum body, was this a kit?
  9. This pair of Cats are really well done. As is your R model. I enjoy looking at your builds and seeing your creativity. In fact I started on my D8H after seeing yours!!!!
  10. Very nice!! Now I wants one.
  11. Very nice!! May I ask where are the rims/tires from? And are the black stripes on the side from the kit?
  12. That looks great. I love kits of uncommon cars. This is Tamiya, right?
  13. Very nice execution!! Where did you get the resin dual snorkel air cleaner from?
  14. Nice, great build, such an obscure subject. Makes me want to do a 6 now.
  15. Nice build. Looks good with the rest of your collection. What kit is this?
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