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  1. Looks good, really good. The paint colors on the body are what really pulls this model together, I love it!
  2. Good job, nice example of a seldomly seen kit. Again, nice choices for a period correct paint/color combo.
  3. Job well done, very nice. The silver and blue color combination works out well. The engine bay is weathered very well and thought-out. Top notch!
  4. Coming together nicely. The colors you chose work very well. I never have heard of mirror mounted wipers! Learned something new today.
  5. Good call on the colors, I like the 2 tone you used. Can't wait to see it with the clear.
  6. Awesome 👍. I'll be watching. Have a soft spot for these older Tamiya kits.
  7. That's cool. Should add to the realism as they would be thinner then plastic. Thanks for the reply.👍
  8. Nicely done! What color did you use on the body?
  9. Nice buildup. Was watching your WIP on this one and it suddenly appeared here!! Did you use Tamiya light blue pearl on the body? Anyway the color suits it. Good job.
  10. Great idea on making your own instead of forking over a tower of cash for an original f4270 kit! How much did you take out of the hood?
  11. Congratulations on a job well done. I really like the interior. Tamiya kits are usually a joy to put together.
  12. asfastasu

    Datsun 280Z

    Nice. What color did you use on it? Is this the Fujimi or Hasegawa kit?
  13. Sorry for your loss. It's good to have a hobby, one that you enjoy. It looks like it was a Mopar or no car year for you, nice builds, especially the Super Bees. Kudos to you on a top shelf diorama to display them in!!
  14. Very well done. Love the color and great job on the video. I just picked up the Fujimi z432r a couple of weeks ago, love the Z cars.
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