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  1. The blade is different from the pads it is the effect of the light, but in reality the two may be different, they do not necessarily go together.
  2. Two D8H that I mounted for customers. I made the ripper. This ripper is available on the website: www.Papyhobby.com
  3. I had a little fun, but I'm not satisfied, I did not manage to place the truck in front of the open door. There was too much traffic and I could not get into the right angles. I will take back myself.
  4. I wanted with this dio represented the truck in front of the garage of the company. url=https://servimg.com/view/17970702/4264][/url
  5. Another loader for a contract. It's a dream that I wanted to make a Cat 966 C, my client wants a reproduction of the one his father drove. It is possible that I offer it in kit if I have the demand. This model is on the scale 1/24. url=https://servimg.com/view/17970702/4181]
  6. Nice work .Very interesting this suspension, I had never seen .
  7. It is finished for the new version. He is in front of the dealer in expectation of the carrier. The second version will be with the weathering.
  8. Wow this is great artist work. It is very realistic and with this dumpster it will be fine. Magnificent.
  9. Hi Mark, I know you're looking forward to having it. We work on your order, and I want to give you very good products.
  10. A magnificent scratch built project. It is a great work of detail and precision. I like this kind of achievement with great defeats.
  11. Magnificent Andrew, it's good, very realistic, I like the look it release
  12. A beautiful work on this Kenwork, I like the look it releases. The pepine is a nice option
  13. Another beautiful project. I love the projects you do, they are full of details that approach the realistic.
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