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  1. I saw this ad today. is it me or is that a little pricey for a kit at walmart?
  2. Wow that was a new one on me! I could only remember the Olds Cutlass Calais.
  3. Why does this remind of me of a Minion turned Transformer?
  4. A lot of times I want to build a model as a styling exercise, and there's no need for a drive train, but I cant bring myself to build a model without it! But that is the fun of modelling, you can build something in styrene or resin that would be impractical or impossible to build in 1:1 . If it doesn't work into the parts bin it goes!
  5. I Found this in a 1959 Mechanix Illustrated. It is a nice reminder that there have been talented builders around for a long time! Has anybody heard of this man or have any knowledge of the models he built?
  6. then there was the guy who hired the ( not so smart person) to paint his porsh, and she came back and told him it was done, but it wasn't a "porsh". it was a BMW....... pronunciation is everything!
  7. Modern Jeeps (unlimited,etc) Jeep Wagonneer\Grand Cherokee Late model Challenger
  8. I like to decant paint and use my airbrush. Usually i rig up a straw and tape to spray into a jar, but i did find a neater alternative. I recently bought a few cans of Internal frame treatment for the 1:1 project in my garage from Eastwood. The aerosol cans come fitted with a long plastic tube that terminates in a wide spray nozzle. The idea is you snake this down the framerails of your car and spray 360 degrees . I bought several cans and had some tubes left over. So I cut off the nozzle and tried it out on a few old Testors cans. It worked great! the tube cleans up with Lacquer thinner too. The tube is permanently fixed to the spray can nozzle. I dont know if you can buy these tubes individually but its a thought.
  9. beautiful! My first truck was a'59 followed by a '60 panel . I love the improvements you've made.
  10. I agree except for Kevin, and triple yes on the last 3!
  11. Last year Ten Media axed 19 titles. Street Rodder, Car Craft etc.. I read an article that explained that todays consumer (whoever that is) wants videos rather than print, whether it be digital or hard copy. A quick shot of info with no reading involved. You Tube is the go to source for instruction. It's Fahrenheit 451 coming true! Soon the written word will be outmoded, and us old guys will be sitting in our basements leafing through our old magazines. ( I still have popular Mechanics from 1959 that were my dad's) On the bright side, maybe in a year or two I will be able to scan a real car with a handheld scanner and plug it into my three D printer ...technology marches on...
  12. No I have been lazy about posting my builds. I did stretch the frame. now i am fussing with the floorpan. I stop and start on this project , as i get frustrated!
  13. I have noticed over the years that many replicas and recreations of beautiful classic autos are spoiled by trying to make the original design accomodate a modern drivetrain ,and sometimes the cowl and windshield of the donor car. Thus you end up with a not too close replica of a beautiful car. This also happens sometimes when somebody tries to merge a modern car with its vintage ancestor( like putting a 65 Mustang body onto a 2014 Mustang chassis/floorpan assembly) .Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Often times the wheelbase is altered to the detriment of the overall design, or the car has to be widened , and it is not pulled off successfully.
  14. Great minds think alike! I've been tinkering with this idea for a while . We should compare results when we are done!
  15. I know its none of my business, but I hate seeing kits /models parted out like that.
  16. You can model on a budget. I get coupons for 40,50, and even 60% off from Michaels and Hobby Lobby,. The other day i bought a revell Bronco for 11.00! Likewise, shopping on the internet will find you bargains. It can be expensive, but with a little effort and innovation it really doesnt have to be super expensive.
  17. Excellent film. Saw it last night. Even my wife loved it. I knew they would make errors and omit things due to time constraints and in the name of entertainment, but it was an excellent opportunity to educate my daughter (who is a car nut ) and my wife on the impact of these individuals and the cars they built and how it ties into the cars like Mustangs and GT's that we have on the road today. interesting fact, Dan Gurney is played by his son, Alex Gurney. Nice touch I thought.
  18. I picked up one of those and kept it for when a kid came over. My wife ended up babysitting our friends 9 year old boy on short notice . I gave him this to build and it was a hit!
  19. My father and brother were car guys. They, and later I , always were into fixing up and modifying cars. American and foreign both. my older brother taught me to build model cars. It seemed to go naturally with all the car stuff. I learned about engine parts and chassis parts from assembling models. Matchbox cars and slot cars were another part of that toy car culture. I love building now because it always fascinates me to see a pile of plastic parts come together into a tiny (and sometimes) perfect little car. I also use it to build the ideas in my head that I will never have time to actually build. And since I love restoring things it’s naturally thrilling buying built glue bombs and rescuing them too.
  20. I think if someone wants constructive criticism, they should indicate so in their post. If i was attempting to improve my skills or work towards building a contest winner, I would solicit advice from others on this forum. Unfortunately I don't usually have to ask, because I can see immediately the screw ups I made! However it is really helpful to hear alternative ideas, approaches and solutions to some of the shortcomings of any model. That is how we learn and improve. But if someone just wants to post their model, let them. If they can improve, perhaps they themselves will see that through observing other models built or being built on the forum. Just lets not kill anybodys joy or interest in the hobby.
  21. It would be nice if they just sold the front fenders and hood so you could retro the '72 version. I have converted a few and collected a few more I would like to convert also.
  22. You have needlessly Irked yourself, My comment was neither meant to patronize or condescend. Fossil fuels are dirty and limited. I really do hope that electric cars become more common . One day in the future they may be the reason I am able to fire up my century old Internal combustion powered beast and enjoy a sunday drive or pass down the dragstrip. Or maybe I will distill my own alcohol and run it on that{ I actually know a guy who sold stills specifically for that purpose). And maybe I will get rich running a company that recycles all those batteries! I actually work for a power company so the more electricity distributed the better my stock shares do! However I am sticking with my original statement, and there aint no music like a 12 cylinder Lamborghini Miura screaming down the road!
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