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  1. Magnante has done quite a few episodes on his YT channel about various models from the past and also a few on his builds. He also posts on Instagram. Several years ago he did a piece on some show or another (or maybe it was an article) on the joys of building kits without painting any parts at all. After watching one of his episodes i was motivated to find a Johann Turbine car kit and ended up scoring two decent ones off Ebay.
  2. The Monte hood is different, however the trunk lid is shared with 68-72 chevelles and 70-72 skylarks.
  3. This is awesome. When do we get to the point where we can take our scanner out to the carshow, scan our favorite car, and print it off? I see this is really the future of model building, or at least a viable part of it!
  4. Wow! I have enough touble just putting primer on smoothly.......
  5. When I saw this video it made me think of repairing plastic bumpers using a plastic welder. I remember buying that hot knife from Autoworld and being disappointed with it. However after seeing this i had a woodburning set so i dug it out and tried it on a junk body. It worked okay but a temperature control would help, I think mine was a little hot. However i could see it working well with a little practice .
  6. I think that was by Dale King. He built beautiful models but some of the info in that book was not what we would do today.
  7. The Drivers Ed car at my high school was a an '81 Chevy Citation( donated by a local dealer and fittede with a passenger side brake pedal). That got me my license.Dad then taught me to drive stick on a Volkswagen Bus , then later taught me to drive fast on a fiat 124 .
  8. I forgot to take the engine pictures.! And I did put some cargo in the back . I will probably add a few more items.
  9. Thank you! There is an Instagram account for old Hudsons it was really helpful!
  10. I I finally finished one! I used a Jimmy Flinstone resin conversion for the Moebius 53 Hudson . Phantom Speed and Marine is a mythical speed shop I came up with for a future diorama. I will be adding more vehicles to the fleet, and they will all be "phantoms". A little backstory on the name, my brother rented a the end of a building from a garage called Canton Car Care, and the owner used to fool around answering the phone "Phantom Car Care, division of Midnight Auto, open twenty four hours , but not in a row!"
  11. I saw this ad today. is it me or is that a little pricey for a kit at walmart?
  12. Wow that was a new one on me! I could only remember the Olds Cutlass Calais.
  13. Why does this remind of me of a Minion turned Transformer?
  14. A lot of times I want to build a model as a styling exercise, and there's no need for a drive train, but I cant bring myself to build a model without it! But that is the fun of modelling, you can build something in styrene or resin that would be impractical or impossible to build in 1:1 . If it doesn't work into the parts bin it goes!
  15. I Found this in a 1959 Mechanix Illustrated. It is a nice reminder that there have been talented builders around for a long time! Has anybody heard of this man or have any knowledge of the models he built?
  16. then there was the guy who hired the ( not so smart person) to paint his porsh, and she came back and told him it was done, but it wasn't a "porsh". it was a BMW....... pronunciation is everything!
  17. Modern Jeeps (unlimited,etc) Jeep Wagonneer\Grand Cherokee Late model Challenger
  18. I like to decant paint and use my airbrush. Usually i rig up a straw and tape to spray into a jar, but i did find a neater alternative. I recently bought a few cans of Internal frame treatment for the 1:1 project in my garage from Eastwood. The aerosol cans come fitted with a long plastic tube that terminates in a wide spray nozzle. The idea is you snake this down the framerails of your car and spray 360 degrees . I bought several cans and had some tubes left over. So I cut off the nozzle and tried it out on a few old Testors cans. It worked great! the tube cleans up with Lacquer thinner too. The tube is permanently fixed to the spray can nozzle. I dont know if you can buy these tubes individually but its a thought.
  19. beautiful! My first truck was a'59 followed by a '60 panel . I love the improvements you've made.
  20. I agree except for Kevin, and triple yes on the last 3!
  21. Last year Ten Media axed 19 titles. Street Rodder, Car Craft etc.. I read an article that explained that todays consumer (whoever that is) wants videos rather than print, whether it be digital or hard copy. A quick shot of info with no reading involved. You Tube is the go to source for instruction. It's Fahrenheit 451 coming true! Soon the written word will be outmoded, and us old guys will be sitting in our basements leafing through our old magazines. ( I still have popular Mechanics from 1959 that were my dad's) On the bright side, maybe in a year or two I will be able to scan a real car with a handheld scanner and plug it into my three D printer ...technology marches on...
  22. No I have been lazy about posting my builds. I did stretch the frame. now i am fussing with the floorpan. I stop and start on this project , as i get frustrated!
  23. I have noticed over the years that many replicas and recreations of beautiful classic autos are spoiled by trying to make the original design accomodate a modern drivetrain ,and sometimes the cowl and windshield of the donor car. Thus you end up with a not too close replica of a beautiful car. This also happens sometimes when somebody tries to merge a modern car with its vintage ancestor( like putting a 65 Mustang body onto a 2014 Mustang chassis/floorpan assembly) .Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Often times the wheelbase is altered to the detriment of the overall design, or the car has to be widened , and it is not pulled off successfully.
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