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  1. I have copies of pages from the body book for that series of econolines, if you want dimensions or copies let me know, the super van extension is wider then the body in the back of the van. greg
  2. Girard Ohio Police memorial build

    John, no need to go any further, remember I'm dealing with Girard Ohio, (Nick) and add the cop type A personality it awash. greg
  3. Girard Ohio Police memorial build

    Thanks for all the nice comments, Interesting was that I wanted to hand deliver to the police chief but he wasn't in so I left it with the watch officer and was told I would get a call from the chief the next day...................still waiting greg
  4. 1/25th scale vintage gas pumps

    I have no connection to this sale: found on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marx-Playset-Gas-Station-Accessories-3-Pumps-Sign-Oil-Rack-Air-Pump/133068237098?hash=item1efb7c292a:g:5lcAAOSwnktc11Jd Texaco play station parts greg
  5. I usually do it by 'feel' mix thinner until paint drips two drops off of the stirring stick. greg
  6. Try searching Don Mills Models, Will take you to his Circus trucks then look for 'all products' greg
  7. Try this http://donmillsmodels.com/product-category/124th-scale-truck-parts/ greg
  8. This is a memorial build for the Girard Ohio police department. Officer Justin Leo was a line of duty death on October 21 2017. This is a replica of a Girard police unit with his badge number on the unit. Tamiya blue, white tape, light bar from Lindberg accessory pack, decals from Charlie Rowley. modified rear taillights with center part painted body color greg
  9. LAPD Crown Vic: North Hollywood Shootout

    Interesting project, neat work on the bullet hole in the interior, One suspicion is that the reference pictures are from a movie car rental pen and not the real LAPD car as john noted the real car went back in service. Don't stop I want to see it done greg
  10. Easy fix, use packing peanuts inside the tire, greg
  11. Chinese tariff war and models

    Just wondering how this tariff rift will effect our hobby, Probably increase prices, Wonder if model companies could state that the model kits are just parts that are assembled in the United States and not just a single product. If anyone can put some insight into the import/export portion of our hobby it would be appreciated. greg
  12. Fire😱😭

    Then this happened in Pennsylvania: https://www.post-gazette.com/local/north/2019/05/09/Warehouse-fire-Etna-destroyed-hundreds-antique-cars-and-motorcycles/stories/201905090095 greg
  13. Let's see some police cars

    Used the Revell 66 Suburban into Police unit, Don't know if LAPD ever used Suburbans but used Johan police parts and used Rustoleum paint for plastic white and Tamiya gloss black. Kit is fragile at front fenders above wheel well, right side cracked on me. Antenna base load is cut from Dental micro adhesive applicator. Greg
  14. Let's see some police cars

    Added some more OSP cars to the collection: Die cast Welly Dodge charger and Chevy Tahoe Greg