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  1. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Who has Converted 2 door models into 4 door cars?   

    A work in progress, The Johan roof onto the Revel Plymouth GTX

  2. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic 60/40 seat ID   

    Thanks for the answers, Any kits with that seat in it?
  3. GLMFAA1 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    60/40 seat ID
    Working on a project model of a real truck, I need to know if any one can Identify where this seat came from?

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  4. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic W300 Dodge Project   

    Charlie's finished trucks are spectacular and appreciate his sharing his skills, I believe that the Ford cab is from 1962 as I believe that was the last Ford pick up model until AMT's release of the  Ford pick up in the mid 70's. I had the privilege of obtaining one of the castings and ended making a newer 1970 model where I had to make my own grill. Had a little problem with an interior but ended up with this:

  5. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Jake n Elwood figures ?   

    Here are their line up photos

    The only marks are the hob (house of blues) tm and 1996, made in china
  6. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Jake n Elwood figures ?   

    There were a set out years ago, I will take snaps of them and post them later.
    What's with the green tires?
  7. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic HOBOY! HOT NEWS! 1974 Dodge Monaco Police Cars Coming!!!!   

    I have a friend who got both the CPD and the BB's cars, with GREEN tires. What goes?
    here is a reference sale on ebay, I have no interest in this sale which I find overpriced

  8. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic AMT La France ladder chief / hauler rebuild   

    You could make a tilt bed, with the out riggers it would work.
  9. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Vacuform help   

    You are very welcome, my pleasure helping out.
  10. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Vacuform help   

    If I understand this the raised part is going to be a recess with a license plate inside. then lower the whole platform you have it on and drill holes in the top plate at the corners to draw the vacuum. the license plate will cover them up.
    Or... reverse your mold and make the draw into the recess by little holes in the corners of the recess that would be able to draw the vacuum and pull the plastic into it
    1 rivet, 2 rivet, 3 rivet, 4 rivet, oh darn lost count....
  11. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Vacuform help   

    It appears in the photos that you are trying to vacuum form a negative form, that being the top is wider than the bottom, If that is true you have hard task to complete.
    To get the upper edge of the plate you might put some small holes in the corners that allow the vacuum pull towards the edge. If it has to be clear then make another form that fits around the upper form and push it on the plastic after the pull but still in the pliable state,
    my experience is with the Mattel toy
    'I don't build with rivets'
  12. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    I had one a long long time ago, It was a fun kit to build and matched up the visible engine to it, It all worked in spurts. One good thing that Renwal did was provide a replacement parts sheet where you could send away for new parts, My brother and I souped it up with lower grit number sandpaper on the clutch plates, a little more battery kit to the motor. Used vasoline to keep things moving as directed in the directions) Have a few parts left, not many, It was big for a kid to move around. Had the radial airplane engine also. Parents thought good investment for a mechanically inclined child. greg
  13. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Kitbashed Ford Pumper   

    YEAH! Nice easy build fire truck, Good job, Lot of possibilities like this with conventional cabs and the ALF pumper body. greg
  14. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic 1/24 and 1/25 scale Harley Davidson?   

    The directions for the Entex Harley
  15. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Some quick pics from NNL37
    Just some highlights of NNL meet in Sylvania OH.
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