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  1. The First Air Force One, Flying Again...

    Wonder why 'Ike' had Columbine ll and Columbine lll, (at the USAF Museum) interesting there isn't just Columbine. greg
  2. Lawn mower in a kit?

    The National Lampoon magazine issue that lampooned the Boy Scouts magazine had a spoof of the AMT 60's ads which was for the 257 dollar Ford, The trees they made up for the spoof had a vertical power push lawn mower (aka LawnBoy). other such goodies as grocery bags, baby car seat,
  3. June 6...

    I have been in EMS a long time, I have had the privilege of transporting veterans from the Spanish American war to Desert Storm and today's military, I instruct my fellow EMTs and Medics to thank them all for their service. The greatest generation especially need to be thanked since they are getting to be few and far between, I tell them to ask questions about their service in WWII and amazingly they will open up to you and you have your own oral history of bravery and even the mundane events of their service. Most will say the heroes are the ones that didn't come home. Big Thanks to all of them because I enjoy my freedoms they fought for. greg
  4. Mack R685 Tanker 27 in service

    Good job on the truck/tanker Always in awe of the Pennsylvania tankers, 4guys have always been my favorites greg
  5. Here is how I modified the shoe plate on the AMT Bulldozer (trade name deleted). Due to the fact that the way the assembly design is made it is difficult to get the cleat any thinner. You are able to shave down the cleat and still have assembly of the tread The next step was to determine the height that could be removed and how to do it with all the shoes turning out the same. I figured using a disc sander and the shoe being held by something that would withstand the sanding as opposed to the softer vinyl shoe. I used a piece of brass stock that was the right height and placed the shoe against the brass as I sanded the cleat to the height of the brass. The final product is a lowered cleat on the tread Hope this helps, greg
  6. AMT Construction Bulldozer

    I just read through this thread and pulled out a 2nd or 3rd release kit, circa 15 years ago, The treads were vinyl and I saw why the cleat is so large. The cleat is the part of the shoe where the connection is made to make up the track that is why it is so large. I experimented and found a way to shave the cleat down but can't thin it due to the connecting engineering under the track shoe. I plan on posting a 'how to' which worked for me. Guess my Fire Department is going to get a bulldozer. greg
  7. GLMFAA Reunion Muster

    We go retro and muster all the fire model builders to meet and display in conjunction the 113th Collector's Toy & Model Fair at the Sylvania Exhibition Center at Tam-O-Shanter. The muster is free to all fire model displayers which will be within the toy show floor area. It is a one day event but there maybe a night before get together. This is a Muster display that used to be held at the toy fairs in Maumee that Herb Jackson allowed us to hold and thanks to John Carlisle we again have the privilege of mustering at the toy show. Anyone wishing to exhibit please message me by Aug 31st 2018 to allow processing of passes by John and myself. Look forward to seeing new and old friends greg
  8. T.D. Garbage truck

    It works well for a different bed for the Datsun mini truck
  9. California Hauler original issue question

    The clear plastic parts were transparent green. greg
  10. MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Very nice, hard to tell the point of origin. good detail on the burnt tire. Just one question, would this have been a total burn in itself with no attempt of being extinguished ? greg
  11. 1/24 aircraft engines

    A bit bigger in 1/20th scale but opposed 4 cylinder : https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=729 greg
  12. AMT Construction Bulldozer

    Why don't they put in another or two rippers, The bar can hold three rippers. It is interesting that they debranded this kit. I have a built one with the chrome parts and added extra rippers which have different yellow colors due to different runs. It is a D8 tractor. I can only wish that some one wise model manufacturer would just make an 'American fire truck' series of debranded fire trucks. greg
  13. ethical situation

    If you had a fellow model builder who is incapacitated and has a collection and you found out that other persons have confiscated his collection and are selling it off would you tell the model builder? You do not know what situation he has placed himself in in regards to his assets but he believes his collection to be intact. What would you do? greg
  14. Good looking build, Would like to see more of your work, Isn't it a shame that this company is now gone along with a lot of great badges of the past. greg
  15. Original Bullitt Mustang Rediscovered

    Guess I'm just skeptical. The letter is interesting, I googled the autograph's of Steve and it's close, and in the letter it states 'again' wonder what happened to the first letter? greg