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  1. Any chance there is an AMT 1962 Thunderbird dashboard out there that would be up for adoption? if so email me greg
  2. Columbiana Ohio this morning, 100th anniversary convoy at the Firestone Farm. Will be camped overnight in Wooster Ohio. to see complete photo set :https://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/100th-anniversary-convoy/ More info on convoy: https://www.mvpa.org/convoys greg
  3. You might try jewelry wire as some of the wire are flat . I've experimented when doing fire truck windows greg
  4. Thanks for the photos, Looks like a good time greg
  5. I'd like to get one to do the 'Death in Paradise' police unit, My research has it as a 'Defender' with a different front radiator and hood which I don't think would be hard to make. Interestingly some of the photos show two different units with different plates and tire/wheel combinations, Any fans of the show from over the pond can nail down what season which/where and when the units were used would be appreciated. It was on for nine seasons and hopefully a tenth. Seems that the unit with the mag wheels has had a hard run as the right front corner of the hood and grill is damaged. Left hand drive unit. Also another build would be the Royal Enfield cycle and side car greg
  6. There might be a start on the universal red plastic sprue that AMT uses in the truck kits. What are the dimensions of the real vents? greg
  7. No, this is how it came, also it is a friction pull and go , I will paint the heads of the drivers. greg
  8. Got mine today, Golfers are happy. Cart driver is Revell 59 ford figure, Prieser figures in cart waiting to play through greg
  9. Thanks for the help, I went to Ebay last week and got one on the boat, gotta beat the tariffs greg
  10. Mack N cab, different floor pan than Ford Don't know source of casting, was shown in Google search supposedly in Ebay but no date greg
  11. Wow, but, Lots of work. Interested is the Steering opposing or unisyn like this / / or \ / ? greg
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