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  1. Looking good, engine looks right, going to be a big cream orangesicle when you get that boom on it, I like it. greg
  2. A nice set of mirrors to use are the AMT 54 Ford pick up but need some extension. Some others are from the Mobius Ford pick up kits greg
  3. Looking good. Please do not use the kit rearview mirrors as they are too big in the tube brackets. If you follow the instructions the upper bracket is attached to the roof and the lower to the door. How does that work? When you get to the boom, I drilled out the holes in the elbow and placed an aluminum tube inside that the plastic pin on the water pipe to ride in giving it more stability. greg
  4. When you cruise through the site check out the Youngstown, Ohio rig. It had a long life in the department only to be damaged by a falling wall and rebuilt as a ladder truck then sold to a Pennsylvania volunteer fire department. greg
  5. On the outrigger you might find some later models had longer outriggers. You'll need another kit to do those. To detail them use thin cardstock or 010 sheet styrene to cover the plates to hide the holes where the plate swivels from the outrigger. Just helping with ideas, you are the chief greg
  6. I don't know if I posted this before or posted in scalefirehouse, but this is how I modified the chassis to fit a dual rear axle assembly. It take two chassis frame rails and I used the AMT Ford LNT dual axle assembly Note: the cabinet sequence on the side of the body changes. Just shortening the side leaves one door without access. ALF used two varieties of wheel well openings, one straight and one with center curve between axles. greg
  7. Yea! more fire apparatus. If you need some info or varieties of The ALF Snorkel check this site: http://www.aerochief.com/ Here is my modified version with dual axle from AMT LNT Ford. greg
  8. Nice job on the Mack Truck. One suggestion is the rims need to be revised. Here is a picture of a yellow Mack kit I built so you can see how the wheels are. I like your color. What paint is it? They are re releasing the AMT Ladder Chief this year. greg
  9. Nice progress, It's nice to see an Italian building American apparatus. Here is an American who built an Italian fire apparatus IVECO ladder with Prieser model used as master Using the base kit for the ladder equipment Used this for the cab. Enjoy fire apparatus building greg
  10. Lucky to have a yellow version. Many different apparatus can be made from this kit including commercial cab added to pumper body. have fun enjoy your build you are the fire chief, built to your specifications greg
  11. What's to be expected from Charlie. Fantastic, Pssst he's got a shrink ray machine Greg
  12. I'll add my two cents, The problem with the VacuForm is the moving of the heated plastic over to the vacuum is done at angle where it can cause molds to move and thick and thin sided projects. Used mine for emergency lighting lenses and rear aerial tractor blisters at drivers compartment. greg
  13. nice job on the kit, new grille was made to fit older body mold so that's the reason for the sloppy fit, Never understood why they did not put the 'power wagon' in the hood indentations greg
  14. The horses can be used to backdate the MPC Christie pumper into horse drawn, even on of the calvary men fits being the driver. greg
  15. An interesting encounter: While at Hobby Lobby and in the model aisle a mother and her teenage son were pondering over paints. They discussed what color to get and deciding on spray or bottle all the while he was holding the Revell Peterbilt kit in his hand. They passed by me several times and she excused themselves. The last time by I said no problem as long as he building a model you can go by as many times as you like, He replied he finds it relaxing and his mother supported the statement. All is not lost. greg
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