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  1. "the occasional misteak aside" Isn't that a steak order that's between rare,medium and well done. Better trademark that, there is a restaurants in that name greg
  2. Do the re issues have the battery racks and motors for the propellers? greg
  3. My thought would be to try to drill them out from the back. greg
  4. I could see a whole squadron of these: Tuskegee red tail, Quicksliver, Yeager's, Roush's, Old Crow, Tugboat (Empire of the Sun movie) Hopefully no invasion stripes or maybe. Years ago Aurora did a series of race cars with military decals: Jaguar, Ford GT, Chapparal. Nice looking project greg
  5. Mock up of Smashing the AMT fire truck kits. Pump added to Aero Chief kit, Duals from AMT Ford LNT. Chopped off roof to make open cab style. Boom borrowed from previious kit greg
  6. I would suggest CA glue. I used it on this Sutphen ladder tower mating evergreen strips with brass L 's to form the aerial cage. greg
  7. Finished up the AMT snap kit 1950 Chevy pick up modified into telephone truck: Thanks to Charlie for OBT decals. Tamiya paints Utility body door handles are pieces of air horns, the Ladder and fersnal light from AMT fire truck kit. Box is ladder rack are pieces of evergreen plastic pieces.
  8. This one is done: Moved to under glass model trucks greg
  9. Thanks Tom for setting the record straight. There is always one person who you would give a 100 dollars to and they would complain about one side of the bills being green
  10. I would just laminate/mate the deco rear protion to the kit fenders. just scratch the back ones. Use the Ladder/aero chief chassis, the pumper won't be long enough. greg
  11. A present from my brother. Snap together 2 screw die cast 1/25th Maisto 1957 Corvette. Only tinted tailights greg
  12. Doesn't Elon Musk's 'spaceman' need a place to park his Tesla roadster? greg
  13. Thank goodness I have a basement full of floor joists and hooks to hang my aircrafts. A row of 1/24-25, row of 1/48ths, row of 1/72nds, and a row of Choppers. greg
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