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  1. It's time to post the self quarantine sign:
  2. Just another jewel from a great friend. Can't find words to describe his craftmanship greg
  3. Made me thirsty, nice build. greg
  4. Colonna corner drug store on the way home from school, Cherry cola and a look at the model kits. greg
  5. I've posted these before but fit this thread: Mixing and matching parts from other kits. Only problem I have found is the molding of the passenger side hood at the fender is missing greg
  6. Nice job on the construction. Like the front turn signal improvement. Where did the 'PRNDL' come from or how did you make it? greg
  7. It would be nice to release two or three of these wagons as "Mom's grocery getters" with lots of extras ie: car seats, bags of groceries, soccer balls, little league stuff. even stains on the seat decals. Did CocaCola use station wagons? greg
  8. Just a quick google search and just guessamating : Gallon of red engine paint $39.00 236 1/2 ounce bottles $234.40 236 labels $120.37 raw material costs: $393.77 Difference from $1036.80 $526.03 Who knows what hoops, machinery, wages, boxing, shipping, insurance (both liability and other), employee safety and health(federal and state) regulations, warehousing, advertising, inflation, stockholders, and last but not least legal eats into the difference. Please take no offense Tom I agree with you the cost of model paint is expensive especially when you have been in the hobby to remember 5 cent bottles and get PO'd when you see a sign in a hobby shop saying that a Japanese paint isn't being imported because the labeling is not up to California standards. Now to keep the paint from drying out. Great hobby shop in Columbus, wish I was closer greg
  9. Here are close up of the hinge I used to make the hatch work. Looks like I used micro doll house hinge and crazy glue.
  10. In the day of logos, trademarks, franchises and licensing wouldn't have been nice to have the Jack Webb production series of models: the cars of 'Dragnet' (nice 4 door 60's Fairlane), "Emergency' vehicles (both Ward and Crown pumpers, squad truck, chief's car), 'Adam 12' both Plymouth and Matador, Mac's station wagon, Others could include 'Sunset strip set- T bird and Kookie's hot rod. Some obsure kits- 'Sam' (unknown k9 unit) and 'Mobile One' an unidentified news staff station wagon. KMA out greg
  11. When I was a senior in high school (1968) our shop teacher (as they were called back then) was building a hot rod, As seniors we had the availability to build a hot rod of our own if we had the means to afford one. When I was a junior, a senior built one with a fiberglass roadster body shop.With plans he welded and fabricated the frame drivetrain and he planted a 413 cross ram dodge engine in it, What a mean looking roadster. He ripped the rear end out of the car on his first outing, My project with the teacher was a1929 Ford 2 door sedan that he purchased completely stock. I went with him to trailer it back to town from a collector. It was in the winter and we were able to push the trailer sideways on the ice to park the trailer at a residence until we had room at school. Through the year we (the car club) took apart the tudor, removed the engine, changed the rear end to a 1949 Mercury rear end which bolted right to the springs as it was still a cross over spring set up and the shackles matched. An adventure to the local junk yard in freezing weather to find a 1957 Chevy V8 to get the front engine mounts, Welding them to the front cross member put a Chevy 283 right in the engine compartment, Driving the 283 to the rear end was just a powerglide automatic, it was just going to be a cruiser and not a race rod. simple 2 barrel, The front stabilizer was split and attached to the rails with manufactured mounts, The front axle was heat treated after 55 Ford front truck spindles were attached, which fit right on the axle ends, this gave the car hydraulics brakes, The interior was left alone covered in cloth seats floor shifter and brake, pedal assembly and gauges left stock, Initial trial run was done with direct gravity feed from the cowl gas tank to the carburetor. That was changed to electric fuel pump when it would go down the hills but not up them. I cherish the education this gave me in automotive training and has always been with me through the years. Just wanted to share this with the modelers building hot rods to maybe give you an idea what was done in the 60's to make "backyard" hot rods greg
  12. Been having the same problem using explorer and firefox, works on new computer with windows 10 Help us addicted to styrene greg
  13. Good luck and nice old kit, I built mine years ago with the first release. Used Prieser fire figure driver. I think I have the hatch working, I'll check it later and let you know how I did it. greg
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