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  1. Latest fire truck that's not red. AMT ALF Kit, modified pump body with extra side compartment and modified rear compartments, aftermarket deck gun, scratch cab, Tamiya blue. Greg
  2. Cut the Astro/Titan cab down to a day cab for a friend's project. pictures taken after cutting and putty, not finished sanding and primed. He also wanted a beverage truck body. Evergreen siding and rectangles. Everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving: gooble, gooble, till you can't wobble! greg greg
  3. Went to a local Menard's the other night and came across a display with Testor's paints. Wonder how the Acrylic paints are? greg
  4. Ok now for all you movie geeks: "the 7ups" chase scene has the "Bulitt" soundtrack. Poncho that sounds like a Mustang. greg
  5. And another thing: The chase is going to be very quiet in electric vehicles. greg
  6. I got mine when I was a Chevy fan and the Aurora kit was repackaged with WWII fighter livery. Started but still not finished, never could figure out the bottom pan color as seemed to change. Nice build. greg
  7. Here I thought you were going to say your mom got "Saving Ryan's Privates" the porn movie😲 greg
  8. What would he think of someone remaking "Saving Private Ryan"? greg
  9. Need to add an extra base. Add recording of Slim Whitman and make the helmet a snow globe with green snow that cycles when Slim is played. ACk,ACK,ACK greg
  10. I have used weld-on 3 for years. It has priced itself out of my hobby budget. The last I had ($28.00/8oz. at local plastic fabricator) I mixed with Tamiya thin cement. Got the best of both worlds: quick adhesion, capillary action, and strong bonding. Local fabricator was BYOC. (Bring Your Own Can back for refill at same cost) greg
  11. My condolences to all the families and to the aviation community for this loss. As a side, this was the first wok movement I saw and heard about as it went from Confederate Air Force to Commemorative Air Force. Just like 'Smokey the Bear' changing from forest fires to wildfires. greg
  12. Just one of the influences that got me into the automotive hobby. One of my mother's customers had a green MGTC and took me for a ride as a young child. My first sports car ride. Her next car was a 55baby blue T Bird. The second sports car ride. Nice job on the build. greg
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