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  1. Interesting that the 'eggbeater' was used by the air force, marines and navy , but I don't see any reference to the army using it. If the army did use it I wonder what indian designation it was given. The evolution of this copter turned into this: greg
  2. I'm not a rail hobbyist but I believe the large stack was an attempt as a spark and ember arrester. These engines were wood burning. Nothing like 'burning your bridges' or cars, track, stations, passengers, and forests (which was needed for fuel) greg
  3. There was a AMT Ford LTD off of the galaxy, Revell 1963 Dodge MPC Dodge various releases. Goon Car The Yodel cop cars, greg
  4. GLMFAA1

    Modeler's Scars

    I have a permanent scar in my left thumb from cutting a model with a razor blade which were my xactos for years. When I got exactos I put plastic tubing on them so that my fat fingers could hold them better. Fortunately I never shanked myself, but have had many stick in the floor mat. easy to pick up when they are vertical. greg
  5. I'd have to add any of the vertical take off planes, Ryan x3, Convair xfy 1 'pogo' , etc and they had models of these aircraft! greg
  6. My choices would a Mack B model, White COE and a GMC cracker box as retro trucks. To have these done as models with details not included in cast replicas. In my specialty of models would be a generic fire cab ala TCM ( truck cab manufactures) fire cab with no name blank body shell and various add- ons to make manufactures plated cabs. greg
  7. Very nice job and great gift idea, just have to add my two cents: side windows and windshield wiper clean area on windshield. Happy Holidays greg
  8. Who will be the first to wire it up and make em work greg
  9. Thanks for the info, Never bought that version of the kit, They almost look like scale art deco salt and pepper shakers greg
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