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  1. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Multibrand Dealerships in 50s and 60s   

    No too many multi brand dealers, but I remember Lincoln/Mercury, Plymouth/Desoto dealerships and here is an interesting site listing Ohio dealerships that also had 60's muscle car connections.  I think Spitzer had multiple dealerships with different brands but not under one roof.
  2. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Ohio State Highway Patrol Car Color   

    From my OSP source it is Chrysler silver metallic with clear coat, PS2
  3. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Ohio State Highway Patrol Car Color   

    They did have one that was a drug related property confiscation

  4. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Ohio State Highway Patrol Car Color   

    I will get you the real color from some of my contacts, What are you using for your model, The Lindberg Dodge is an older model and the OSP had that year as a test and they were white units. The light bar is all blue and Tamiya transparent is what you want to use, There are two different brands of light bars being used.
    here is the 2015 body

  5. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Tucker: The Man and His Dream   

    I liked his choice in dogs- Dalmatians
  6. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Toy Find: 1966 Batmobile 1/24th scale   

    So, sorry, My trifocals failed me, It is 1966 on the license plate from Gotham
    amended the header
  7. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic BETTER OFF DEAD CAMARO - Wanna race the K2?   

    Great build, I liked the movie, 'just go real fast then turn'  great lines both in the movie and on the car, If your interested PM me if you want the skis and poles from the old MPC poncho kit?
  8. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Toy Find: 1966 Batmobile 1/24th scale
    A friend found this at Marshall's dept. store. Measured up against Batmobile kit, $19.99 price tag, wheels don't move,
    NJcroce, La Verne, CA.   # DC 3930
    Don't know if this as been discussed before, new item to me.,rrbqkrgrggksbtqxwbfrddsrftbss,vi/tdbbbqbsxgqtwkrffxrgdbtrwkg/8/3457628/13265735/P1040323-vi.jpg,rrbqkrgrbtkffwgxwbfrddsrftbss,vi/rdgsqskwdxrgdbtrwkgxgtbfwtkf/8/3457628/13265735/P1040325-vi.jpg
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  9. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic 1:24/25: new here,tips on bashing a Mack Bull Dog into a tandem rear axle w/later wheels...?   

    Dennis I would contact Charlie Rowley, he is on this site, He may be of assistance, If my memory serves me right I recall some type of funny show car model that had dual chain drive system, The dual chain drive system consist of 4 chains all together, The two drive chains then a second chain on the wheel sprocket to the other axle sprocket which was the same size as the front axel sprocket. The first axle had two sprockets on each side, one for the drive and the second one for the rear axle.   O=O >*
  10. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Chimneyville Decal- AMR ambulance   

    Disregard,  I found a set on Ebay
  11. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Chimneyville Decal- AMR ambulance
    Looking for AMR decal set from Chimneyville.
    will buy or trade something
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  12. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Beany's Drive Through   

    Just to tease you with some eastern USA culinary roadside delights, not drive-ins, but another lost part of Americana
    It's a little long, but will wet your appetite.
  13. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic AMT American LaFrance Aero Chief   

    Greg, those look great. I especially like the tandem. What is the correct tandem suspension set up for one of these? Is it true dual drive? Single drive with a tag? Walking beams?
    I used the duals from the AMT Ford LNT trucks, They seem to have the right width and track, I just had to extend the frame to have the tandems sit right, If you like the frame will come out of the body and I can show you my modifications. I researched what I have and believe that the duals were both drive axles, There was no mention of tag axles in the literature I have, There were two rear fender variations on the trucks, one like I have and another with the wheel openings making a curved 'm' shape.
  14. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Phantom Yenko Tahoe "what if" shop truck   

    Looks good, better throw in a clutch pedal!
  15. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic "Long Term Parking" better than Cadillac Ranch ?   

    Here is a 'Bing' translation of the description from the website:
    He says the "Guilquipedia" that the artist who devised and completed this work was called "Arman". Baptized by his giving of air as Armand Pierre Fernandez in his native nice, Armand, then known as "Arman" developed most of his career as an artist in the United States. He died in 2005 and the work that stands out for our hosts fierreras, this work entitled "Long Term Parking" which lies somewhere in France since 1982. 
    Twenty tons of reinforced concrete and some dozen other French cars make together a work of intense value than from its almost eighteen meters high overlooking the viewer and reproaches from his opulent texture. A small series of postcards topped the brief explanatory text of midnight with work during your pregnancy. 
    Nothing more to say in these days of low harvest of our pages. We said goodbye and continue it tomorrow.