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  1. ethical situation

    If you had a fellow model builder who is incapacitated and has a collection and you found out that other persons have confiscated his collection and are selling it off would you tell the model builder? You do not know what situation he has placed himself in in regards to his assets but he believes his collection to be intact. What would you do? greg
  2. Good looking build, Would like to see more of your work, Isn't it a shame that this company is now gone along with a lot of great badges of the past. greg
  3. Original Bullitt Mustang Rediscovered

    Guess I'm just skeptical. The letter is interesting, I googled the autograph's of Steve and it's close, and in the letter it states 'again' wonder what happened to the first letter? greg
  4. Original Bullitt Mustang Rediscovered

    Here is what I could capture of the front bumper dent and grill dings I think those would be obvious scars that I would use to authenticate the 'real' car greg
  5. A 1925 T-bird? The Thunderbucket!

    Pretty neat build, always a 60's t bird fan, My thought would have been a 'tilt wheel' greg
  6. If your not into exactness you could use the Dodge 4wd axles from the pick up kits, I think there is an after market pop of it somewhere greg
  7. Joe Martin Craftsmanship Museum *PICS*

    Thanks for the pictures, You helped fill a little niche for the Tom Showers fire engine inventory with the picture of Tom's FDNY pumper greg
  8. Decals

    You might try diecast police cars http://www.policecarmodels.com/ or this party has one generic sheet of 1/24th decals http://inquarters.com/Fire_Decals.html greg
  9. I was hoping to finish in time for the NNL theme in October but had some delay with working the figure and the Black Shadow,. Inspired by the famous picture from 1948 of Rollie Free setting a world land speed record The Figure started out as 'Adam' figure from Prieser, added shorts, and head from construction worker with modifying his hard hat to be a helmet, shoes from the trophy holding MPC figure. I had to rework the arms and hands, felt like Dr. Frankenstein cutting arms and adding putty The Black Shadow from IXO museum collections was modified with a die cast bicycle tire from an unknown blister toy. shaved the brake lines off the front fork, removing the stock seat and modifying the rear fender, found the flying wing for the tank off the AMT 289 cobra decal sheet. Base is Hobby Lobby stock plaque and baking powder for the flats Since the photo was in Black and White I conjectured on the colors, the helmet was noted as blue or red in stories of the ride greg
  10. Another movie car done......32 Ford

    OK, I give up what movie? Nice roadster greg
  11. What kit did these jacks come from

    Yes the MPC Dodge truck is where that jack came from, Another floor jack was in the Revell part pak hot rod display items greg
  12. need to understand (( Update 11/15 ))

    Once found a missing part from a model my brother brought to me 2 weeks later in my gravel driveway! Suggestion if you have a hose type vacuum cleaner insert a piece of your wife's old hosiery in the hose to form a pocket in the hose and vacuum the area, the hosiery will catch the parts the carpet monster upchucks greg
  13. How about a reissue of the AMT chevy II wagon? greg
  14. 1967 International Loadstar 1600

    I am always amazed at your work, Not sad because it's not red but it does have a gumball. Just one question, Where'd you get them mirrors? greg
  15. drive in diner tray

    Thanks for the directions, My mind is still on the right side of earth, Used custom headlight bezel filled with AMT putty and racing headlight covers to make a burger and shake for my tray greg