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  1. YEAH! It's a fire truck, Nice job, greg PS: by the way 'Scale Firehouse' web site is down right now, but Chris is working on it
  2. Now that would have caught Robert Mitchum!
  3. Nice work. great build greg
  4. Congrats on a fine build, I am glad I got stuck in fire apparatus, construction equipment would have been my next hurdle, thank God for the AMT D8 cat to put a stop to that. Always wanted to do a Gradall XL4100 excavator. greg
  5. I saw both movies, I am not a movie goer, last seen movie prior to last week= "Top Gun." I enjoyed both movies. Can't believe you Quaker Commonwealther didn't support a movie about your fellow Pittsburgh icon. Suggest you read the original "Esquire" article. greg
  6. Fantastic job, Curiosity has this cat wondering what is on the lowboy back in the distance on some of your shots? Isn't that a grader already? greg
  7. GLMFAA1

    Actors and Models

    I have a Dallas cheerleaders van from Revell greg
  8. GLMFAA1

    Actors and Models

    I will add, Hogan's hero jeep and the monkee mobil.
  9. Went and saw the movie, It was enjoyable, I had a private screening as I was the only person in the theater and being a 'golden ager' and a matinee cost a whole 7 dollars. Recommended must see. greg
  10. Looking for some parts that were missing from kit, I might have truck parts you want. PM me greg
  11. I apologize as I was part of the GLMFAA group that at first displayed in the vending area under Herb Jackson and later was given space by John to display. In the club house we had other displayers as group 25, a NASCAR, and a military displayer. Had no idea he charged you I should have known since you charged admission. greg
  12. And Mattel made the toy car
  13. Thank you for the trip down memory lane, Was there any appreciation to John Carlisle for him providing space for the NNL and years ago the GLMFAA club to display during the Toy Fair? Howard keep in touch with the 'buckeyes' greg
  14. More photos: https://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/nnl--40-last-toledo-show/20191012-193012.html#media greg
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