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  1. Where did I see a supercharged Ford before? Oh! yea that's it. You got the fastest responders besides F+B Ambulance. greg
  2. How to make yourself feel really old. The TV show "EMERGENCY" premiered on NBC this week 50 years ago. WOW. time does fly when you're having fun. In commemoration of this landmark of the adventures of FF/P Johnny Gage and FF/P Roy DeSoto this buckeye fan of the show would like to present some of my models dedicated to the show and the LACoFD. My first squad 51 in 1972 based on MPC Dodge pick-up kit, plastistruct butyl plastic rescue box, hand-made TwinSonic, IMC Dodge mirrors, Aurora ALF tires & wheels. Johan cop car stuff, Letre set dry transfer letters. Paper punch silver tape for slam locks. A reproduction of Squad 10 used in the pilot movie for the show. An actual borrowed LACoFD squad before studio built squad 51 was used in the series. Johnny Gage was only a FF working the rescue squad and wanted nothing to do with paramedicine until he met with Dr. Brackett and Roy DeSoto. Pictures is producer Jack Webb in front of squad 10. My 3 Dodge squads. In 1995 when Dodge change body style I fictionalized if "EMERGENCY" was to have a revival would the squad look like this? Finally, squad 151 a Pinecrest 4 door casting from the Monogram pick up, The 4 door squads are used as training vehicles enabling them to take 'probies' for field training at actual emergencies. Thank you, Randall Mantooth (Johnny Gage) for your contribution to EMS through the years. greg
  3. Does this look better? Also have line leak detector to go on rack. greg
  4. Got the Ford with the service bed 2 years ago, I copied the service bed parts onto sheet styrene and built a clone. I used Dave's slam locks, Tamiya dark green brushed on, fabricated ladder rack with Evergreen stock, Ladders from AMT fire truck. No real complications in the build, easy assembly, Hardest part was deciphering which part goes to which year of truck. Might have to replace long ladder due to warpage. Missing release handles on driver side when photo shoot was done. Still had to have a little 'red' on it. greg
  5. Interesting that the light pods are period correct, I never really paid attention to those, Usually the bullet taillights from the Caddy were used for roof lights, The pods first show up in McPherson's book in 1961. then in 1964 the aircraft revolving corner lights (JoHan style) were introduced by MM greg
  6. Like the color, Nice conversion. Did one years ago with the MPC Dodge pick up 4x4 drive train, The van kit had a mid-double engine option that I used the rear lift kit, Tires are from a Jeep kit, wing logo is upside down 7 trimmed. blue gumball from JoHan cop car.
  7. Nice vingette, Like the cast, "another fine mess you've gotten me into." These figures are a good pair to have, When I did my forest service scout car I stuck them in it as a gag, I used 'gangbusters' violin case for Hardy to hold. greg
  8. I have discovered the Tamiya glue and now combine half and half Tamiya and Weld On3 for the best of two worlds, Still get capillary action and stickiness and slower set up of the Tamiya glue. greg
  9. My mind went the other direction and I copied the dump truck crossmember. I do have a spare piece of frame you can have if that will work, I don't have the fill parts. Another suggestion is to make 5th wheel frame guides greg
  10. Let me check the Ford LNT tub o parts. greg
  11. Answer to both replies: I should have waited longer for paint to dry. I used arcylic paint from bottle. Lesson learned. greg
  12. I'm working on a p51 Mustang and painted the landing gear with Tamiya aluminum and then used Molotaw chrome to do the cylinder part and the pen over the aluminum never really dried. It became soft and melted into the paint when I touched it. Anybody else have this happen? greg
  13. This one was built years ago, lots of evergreen plastic. curbside with no details. 72nd 1/F4phantom wheels for dolly. Nice to have cad this was done with T square and triangles. I think there are after market steps that are available instead of the round over the road tanks. The gas v8 from the C Cab kit will fit. greg
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