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  1. While surfing web came across this: https://www.vintag.es/2019/05/mod-top.html There really were AMT "flower power" cars Has anyone built a model? If so please post a pic. greg
  2. Great work, wouldn't expect anything else. Just a thought- maybe a black line around the door edge to simulate door gasket, greg
  3. What a shame that it comes to an end. I enjoyed the beginning years with Gary Schmidt and I was always an advocate to have the magazine sold through hobby stores to make the readers support their hobby store. An article was written about me and I also contributed an article to the magazine. I have not bought the magazine in years due to the changes after Gary's time at the helm. Ironically I get numerous email notices to subscribe even to one yesterday. Hope I can post the cover picture that was used for the article. Historical trivia it was the first cover with a face to appear on the cover and was the last black and white cover. If the author would have submitted the color picture it would have been the first color cover. I had to be posed in that position to cover the damaged compartment that was on the real truck. God! The September/October 1980 issue 40 years later and it will be all over. greg
  4. I had the opportunity to plumb air into my basement when I built my house, I used PVC pipe. The compressor is in the garage with a Y leaving an outlet in the garage and regulated before the pipe, I have had no problems, another regulator at the end before coupler for the airbrush. Line ends at my spray booth. greg
  5. *always liked the detective in 'Attack of the Giant Tomatoes using the Motorola radio in his car with the microphone backwards, talk about product placement. *Jet streams in Westerns *Coiled cord phone in the 30's *What is new are the gutted cars (no engine, gas tanks, etc.) that can be seen then exploding *showing the explosive discharge tube under the car as it rolls over. *seeing the ramps used for the car flipping off a parked car Happy Fourth! greg DON'T HAVE A FIFTH ON THE FOURTH!
  6. Now if Moebius was smart they fix the front piece and sell the unit separate as back in the days of the AMT and MPC trailers and parts packs. There are enough trucks to use it on. My opinion is the RangerDetail kit is the one to get greg
  7. Would like to make contact with John Ackerman from Arizona. Last email address I have does not work greg
  8. How ironic is that we landed on the moon with racial/war strife on earth and again we have a successful space mission among turmoil in our country. I pray for the recovery of our space explorers and our country. greg
  9. The two different mirrors could be from Jack Webb using stock footage from the other trucks. Sometimes the shots from the interior to the front show the older style hood from the 70 squad. I found this photo with the rear with the fire extinguisher, note the different license plate. The equipment that was stowed in the catwalk was the result of making the paramedic right side of the squad. BTW: That is not the way to put on a hare traction splint! Just a photo of another one of my squads. 4 door used for training greg
  10. I am no NASCAR know it all but I had a friend that was and he always mentioned something about front and rear steer front suspensions where the steering box is either ahead or behind the front wheels. Could this be the reason for using the front clips? greg
  11. Has anyone built or attempted to upgrade the Revell kit into a Defender? Would the Welly die cast be a base to work off of? greg
  12. Nice job on kit, radio needs antenna greg
  13. I resolved my sump problem with matching sump pumps, one is a spare, My quick change system involves a union on the drain pipe where I can easily disconnect the pipe . The one way valve is between the union and the pump, When the pump fails I just swap the pumps that are pre plumbed with the same height of pipe to the one way, put the one way on the new pump, reconnect the union end of the pipe to the one way and submerge the pump, reconnect to the union, plug it in and let it do its job. Have an alarm system to alert to high water in the tub. greg
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