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  1. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Painting gauges   

    Old aircraft builder trick, paint gauge black then use prismacolor white and red pencils to highlight details
  2. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Coverage of the 38th NNL Nationals   

    Thanks for the coverage, Didn't get to finish my project for the early racer theme.
  3. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster   

    Nice job, great stance
  4. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Two "De-militarized" Willys jeeps   

    Tells us about the tires
  5. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Yellow Headlights for Race Cars   

    There were yellow trees in the older AMT truck kits that had various size lenses and marker lights
  6. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Ollie's has big car kit sale - see attached ad.   

    Went today as supposedly first day of sale, well the manager of the Warren Ohio store got the shipment in two weeks ago and put them out then, So pickings were slim and not very many choices
  7. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Looking for spoked front drag racer tire/wheel 1/25th   

    Found what I was looking for, Got one off an old MPC custom chopper kit
  8. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Toledo Toy Show and NNL is October 10th   

    Well let's update this message:

  9. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Trading Post   

    Looking for spoked front drag racer tire/wheel 1/25th
    Needed for a project that has a front brakeless motorcycle. Need spoke wheel without a brake drum chrome preferred. Needs to look like motorcycle tire and wheel in 1/25-24 scale
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  10. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Maisto explorer reworked
    Reworked Maisto police interceptor explorer into new YFD battalion chief car

    Removed push bumper and spotlights, had decals made, used Molotow chrome pen to dress up wheel covers, aftermarket decals to upgrade lights and valance scoops.Lightbar from policecarmodel.com, small evergreen strips penned and cut for small grille lights

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  11. GLMFAA1 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Ford 5 spoke hubcaps
    Looking for newer 5 spoke hubcap that are used on Ford explorer interceptors. Needed to upgrade Motormax die cast.

    Yes, I've looked at policecarmodels.com and if they are there send me a link
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  12. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic Galion Two Drum Roller Complete!   

    Very nice job, Watched the build, thanks for the insight, I can smell the hot asphalt as this rolls by,
  13. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic attaching a model to the clear bottom of a display case   

    If the display case has the pegs and holes for rubber banding the model down, use Goody hair bands as they come in clear.
  14. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic American LaFrance Dump Truck   

    Not to difficult smash, The AMT American LaFrance pumper and AMT Ford dump truck. Just a mock up and maybe a model in the future. I would leave the jump seats out. make the gumball lights green and yellow, keep the bell just for some bling

  15. GLMFAA1 added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    Charlie : Vacuum form the first windshield, cut to size, place on mold w/double side tape and shot another windshield, this will give you a smooth surface on the windshield as the grain is on inside of the windshield. When I saw the putty on the first on I was going to tell you that would show