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  1. The Prisoner Lotus 7

    I hope it is the photo and not a pink interior, Great build, always a ACBC fan. In my youth I had a an old VW chassis that I wanted to build into a rear engine Lotus 7. greg
  2. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    Thanks for the info, Really nice build greg
  3. 1963 Corvette Z06 "Tanker"

    OK I'm an old 'vette' fan and never heard the term "tanker" Please explain. It's not a plane, ship, or stein I'm so confused greg
  4. Easy to do, here are some of my old original release van the was fortunate enough to have the windows. Cut the roof above the gutter strip use evergreen plastic sections to make the side risers Some tubing used for the warning lights, use the roof for the top some putty will be needed greg
  5. Gary Schmidt

    So sorry to hear this news, Gary was a pleasant person who gave me the opportunity to publish articles in his magazine, He gave a voice to the fire modelers. Was always a pleasure to talk to at the Toy Collector's fair in Maumee Ohio. I was fortunate to be the first face on the 'other' magazine and he was always positive about the car model hobby, May he rest in peace. greg
  6. Way back when, I took the Blazer roof and modified by sectioning it narrower to fit the dodge and shortened the bed to make a replica of my Ramcharger
  7. Plan 9 from outer space

    Did anyone notice an April 1st release notice? greg
  8. I know when I first saw the problem, in my mind that little voice said that's an easy fix, I am not knocking the kit but just wanted it to be noticed and maybe it could be fixed before release, Do we know what the release date is? looking forward to many builds off this kit greg
  9. Going to be a little 'picky' with the utility bed. If you look close at the lower corner of the utility body the door has no lower side of the cabinet, I appreciate the fact that the hobby is getting new stuff but hopefully this can be fixed before production. greg
  10. Thank you for the time to take pictures and sharing them with us that could not be there, Great lure to get us there, greg
  11. Here are some posted shots of some of the entrants to the contest held March 31st https://public.fotki.com/GLMFAA1/south-hill-modelers/ greg
  12. Question for the AMT historians

    Thanks to all who presented this historical achieve. What fascinating procedure of model production, Thank you for your work in providing me with many hours of joy of building the models, What a surprise to see the Squirt ALF project. What was the projected year for production? They must have really second thoughts when they had to offer the three kits at $5.00 a piece. What interesting facts regarding the management and actual production with the injection (pardon the pun) of Lindsey acquiring AMT. greg
  13. Will there be food concessions? greg
  14. Question for the AMT historians

    Interesting Luc is that the re-releases have numerous Ford C cabs and Loiusvilles in different configurations with decals and the construction dozer has had rebirth, maybe back then when there were a plethora of truck movies out the big rigs were popular but not space friendly. Interesting to hear about the Garwood, greg
  15. Question for the AMT historians

    When AMT had a strike and was in the middle of announcing new kits of the Ahrens-Fox pumper, the Garwood trash truck and the LinkBelt power shovel had these proposed kits ever gotten off the drafting board? How close to production were they and if they made it to the die production are they still around and could they be produced today by the remanufactures? The rumor I heard way back when was they were having trouble with the long arms of the power shovel as much as they did with the ALF AeroChief. greg