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  1. I heard reports that ONE postal worker had over 50000 pieces of undelivered mail hoarded in her home.
  2. What a shock. What a talent, funny, great actor. The world lost another great one.
  3. It's gettin close!. About 2 weeks away. Hope the turn out is great again. I need to get my stuff ready. Is it gonna be in Senior Center again this?
  4. I really enjoyed Stacey David's show, all of them. Still like watching the re-runs. How many you remember the car shows that were on the old TNN channel. Truckin' USA Inside Winston Cup NHRA Today American Sports Calvacade I know there were many more, I just can't remember the names of them all.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Been lookin at your builds you've posted, some very nice work.
  6. Here are a few shots this week, all taken the same day. The sunrise headin towards Vegas. Next these stacked boulders are the 7 Magic Mountains monument just south of Vegas. It was funded by MGM and reportedly cost around 5 million. If you zoom in, you can see people wandering around the base. These stand up to 7 stories tall.
  7. Sorry it's taken me this long to respond to your question Michael. The double double yellow, the road is widening at that moment to allow for a center turn lane.
  8. I hope for a full recovery for you Harry. I lost a close family friend to fricken cancer, it started same as yours and spread. Let's hope the best case scenario is what's in your future. Keep your head up, be positive. I'm a firm believer that if you keep your quality of life up and not let it get you down mentally, you'll come out of this fine. Like I told my friend, be stubborn, be positive, keep the attitude that your not gonna let it get you down and not give up without a fight. Modern medicine and some strong will, you come out of this.
  9. Truck Driver. Here Iam delivering a load to a community park in South San Francisco. Special kind of baseball field mix material is what I brought up from near San Diego. It baffles me at times how far people are willing to transport "special" dirt.
  10. I just watched Over the Top last week. I'm thinkin of watching it again. I love that movie.
  11. I put in for 680 Kenworth. It's modern, Paccar, would allow for aftermarket 579 conversions since they are very close in many aspects. I'd like to see Italeri tackle a KW.
  12. I have like My Classic Car for a long time, way back when it was on TNN, I think it was called that still. I remember watching all those car and truck shows on TNN. I really remember the Motorsports Calvacade, watching monster trucks, swamp buggies, drag races, hill shooters, mud drags and all that. Now I watch Counting Cars, I like Danny and his taste in things. My Classic Car, Jay Leno Garage, I watch Fast n Loud from time to time, I cannot stand Richard, but I like Aaron. I didn't like the guys at Misfit Garage, when they worked at GMG. Bitchin Rides is pretty good. I tried to get into Diesel Brothers, too much script, from the get go. I really liked Vegas Rat Rods.
  13. The one time I had an office, I did have my diecast transporter collection on display, with some of diecast heavy equipment. I wasn't building models at that time, so there weren't any builds on display. The funny thing is, I worked in a machine shop, department leadman. The main comment was, it looks like someone wants to be a truck driver. I quit that job to become a truck driver. So now, I cannot display in my "office". I do bring a large tool bag along from time to time so I work on a build at the hotel, when I have some extra time.
  14. My kits showed up while I was at work this week. Opened them up, all is good. I also went to my local HL, they had 2 on the shelf. I'm thinkin I may end up picking up a few from there just to have, for parts or what not.
  15. I'm fortunate enough to work for a small company, with an owner who looks at things this way....if we can't do it legally, we don't need to do it. I did work for a guy who ran like it was 70s (this was just a few years ago I worked for him). He saw it as, the suns up, keep going, nevermind he knew we started at midnight. I have my satallite radio, I have my Ipod, my music is covered. I use my phone for calls, texts, and internet. I also have a tablet for Netflix when I'm at a hotel and want to watch a show or movie. I have my Bluetooth, you will be hard pressed to find me lookin at my phone while driving. Now the weekend...that's another story. I might look at it 40 times, but I look at it for minutes at a time. Mostly the forum and news feeds. I'm not on any of the popular social media outlets, Facetime, Instatwit, or any of those. No tattoos (yet). I do my best to empower a no phone rule while eating, home or restaurant.
  16. The trucking industry is embracing the smart phone. There are apps for electronic log books, that are wirelessly connected to the truck, satellite located, and communicate with the main offices and shops, to track location, manage and update the E-Log and keep the shop updated on the daily vehicle inspections. What this sounds to me like, a SERIOUS distraction. That we need out on the road is more distractions. I have a smart phone, that's my main Internet access. I do not look at it while driving unless it's to see who's calling. No texts, no internet, no movies. I seriously doubt I look at it 88 times a day, I think 30 is on the high side since I spend around 12 to 14 hours a day working, then I'll eat, watch some TV, then go to sleep. I only have about 10 to 12 hours out of the truck to rest. I try to get as much sleep as possible and just don't have time for looking at my phone. Now, does the industry need every truck, every driver, to have all that going on in the truck, NO! The law makers and law enforcement need to crack down on the "4 wheelers" who have that phone glued to their eyes, people putting on makeup, reading the paper, eating a bowl ceral (yes I've seen it), playing the guitar (i really wish that was a joke), and just out right bad driving (passing trucks on the right, cutting us off....). Sorry, got a little on that soap box. It's amazing how attached to phone society has become, in such a short amount time. I still know how to read a Thomas Guide, read a map and find my way without issue. I use the GPS also and find it more depressing than anything since it gives me the estimated time of arrival. Friday, on a holiday trying to head east out of Santa Monica at 430 in afternoon should say enough. I don't need to know there's a 3 hour delay. I already know it's screwed, it makes it worse having something starring at you saying it.
  17. The law states you must have 2 FCC lights on each corner of the roof. Unless it was manufactured without. So... it's kinda personal preference since law enforcement isn't gonna go through all the work of tracking down the spec sheet on trucks. Horns on the roof are optional. All the law requires is an audible warning device, either air or electric (car horn).The trend for awhile was 4 horns, right now, it's none. Incase you were wondering, the 3 green center lights are legal on trucks, I believe it's 67 or older, it might be even older than that. There are guys runnin the green on newer trucks and haven't got hassled yet. My prefrence, is 7 lights on a Pete or KW, or none. A cabover..9 or none. No horns, ever. Now, on a build, it depends on the the look I'm going for.
  18. Yes, Blackdog, Maximum Overdrive, Big Trouble In Little China, Armed and Dangerous. I was just tellin a buddy about Armed and Dangerous yesterday..... climb on in here Slim!
  19. Oh man.....there are a few besides the ones you mentioned already. Highballin, Moonfire, Breaker Breaker was ok..
  20. My kits showed up monday, of course I was out all week again. Just got home and checked, my kits are all good.
  21. Here's a needle nose highway Logger I saw yesterday. And a pic of my 579 transfer all shined up ready for the day.
  22. Kurt, Double Take Replicas has some. Did you try him also.
  23. Hope mine are waiting for me when I get home tomorrow. It's been a long week. I'm ready to spend my weekend looking at my kits.
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