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  1. Thanks AFX. I love this guys reviews etc... he's superb! Revell is doing some very very nice stuff these days. I think they get some undue criticism at times.
  2. Hi, So I'm contemplating a first first model kit to start off with since I stopped building end of last year. The Revell Porsche 934 RSR in Martini livery looks to be a lot of fun. Could any one who has built it comment on the kit? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, Scott is excellent as are his products. Randy Ditton over at MBWH can also get his warez as well.
  4. I'd email them as Matthew over there has great customer service.
  5. Heck, I'd take it from any one. But it would be much better to me in styrene from every one we know and love. Or how about this;
  6. Yea man, wow. I'm hoping either gets kitted. I mean we've seen the Huayra, FXX-K, Ford GT etc... so why not?
  7. Hi, Wondering if any one in the know has heard of either the new Porsche 935 or DeTomaso P72 being kitted in 1/24 form? They are both lovely!
  8. Well, I've had no luck reviving a dried out nibs. I've tried soaking nibs in various fromage like alcohol, SuperClean, lacquer thinner etc... I ended up putting the remaining chrome in a small paint jar and just using toothpicks and paint brushes to apply.
  9. I see, thank you JC. This gives me a great starting point. Thanks again.
  10. Hmm, this to me is the critical component and sets up everything else. How do you pre-bend it?
  11. Hi and thanks Ace. Darn, was hoping of an easier option. Welp, I guess making the included engine of the kit better is what a modeler would do. So I'll plan on that. Thanks again.
  12. Hi JC, Man your warez look incredible. How close do you hold the part near the flame and for how long? Whats an indicator that the heated part is ready to bend? I've tried this and end up blackening and ruining the parts.
  13. Thanks Gramps. It's a cool looking engine but doesn't look close to the Howmet. Hoping some model aircraft guys would provide guidance as well. I was thinking of robing the appropriate jet aircraft model kit but unsure what would look close as there are just so many of those kits out.
  14. Hello every one, It's been a while and I'm eyeing building another AMT 1/25 Howmet TX CanAm (the cheaper one). The one that I had a lot of fun building was lost in the Woolsey fires of last year. The kit had a sort of lump for a turbine engine and was wondering if any one knows of a suitable well detailed engine or at least a nice base to start with? Resin or kit bashing from another car/airplane model is fine by me. A picture is attached for reference. Albeit not of the CanAm car but of a Howmet engine none the less. I believe that the experience gained from previous builds including my initial Howmet, that I can make a fantastic one now. A picture of my previous Howmet build is also attached. Boy I sure miss that little thing.
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