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  1. WOW!!! Looks smooth as butter. Very very nice! Looking forward to my hybrid of sorts Creos PS 290.
  2. I found this link very helpful; http://paulbudzik.com/miniature-spray-guns/miniature-spray-guns-pg-3.html
  3. Thanks Steve. I actually prefer this as less is more in my book.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, it helps quite a bit! I'm going with the Creos 290 as I'm sure that's what Steve meant. I've been eyeing it for a while now and might as well pull the trigger (pun intended). I still have my H&S Infinity which is a great art work type brush that I've used on my models before. But the over spray and narrow pattern even with a .4mm tip doesn't suite me well.
  5. Hello, I've been watching some of Paul Budziks videos where he mentions spray guns being a better choice for scale modeling then air brushes. His reasoning is very logical and compelling. So I was curious if any one agrees and how you adjust your spraying for things like Splash Plaints, True Color etc... which specify air brush needle sizes and PSI.
  6. Thanks Geoff, I did see those but have grown particular about my glues. I've found that both Zap and BSI are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of CA. However I'm wondering if a very small amount of print toner would do since I'm desiring a minor tint.
  7. Hi, I've a wonderful bottle of thin CA (Zap) that I'd love to have some sort of tint for application control. What I've read about tinting/coloring CA is that it either causes them to get thick, stringy, weak etc... Would any one happen to know how to do a slight tint so that I can more easily see it? Any color would do. * And Happy Fathers Day!
  8. Thanks Mike. Darn they sold. Oh well, kicking myself that I dropped mine. I'm looking at a pair of highly rated Gundam nippers. Thanks Chris. I've read that the GH are the gold standard. However a bit pricy for my budget. Thanks Joe. Welp, I don't have those but suspect I will once my honey do list requires them to do whatever my boss needs
  9. I dropped mine and they fell just right or just wrong depending on view point. The tip bend pretty darn badly rendering them useless. Attempts at repair has rendered them worse.
  10. My beloved Dspiae 2.0 sprue cutters broke. Would any one happen to have a U.S. source for them?
  11. Hi, Curious of any one has a good contact info for Paul Fisher. It seems that fisher@fishermodels.com is no longer valid. Thanks in advance.
  12. Now that's a marvelous idea, thank you sir!
  13. No worries, thats actually what I was planning. I've emailed Paul Fisher but don't expect a reply.
  14. Thanks JC. I was looking at them as was wondering what their nut side diameter is. Would you be able to measure?
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