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  1. Hello, i build this Revell Nova quite out of box beside some motor-wires and hoses this metallic-gold doesn't forgive any mistakes, so the paintjob isn't 100% flawless , but ok for me and some additional pic with "Vitamin D"
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    entzückend! very good, i love it!
  3. hey John, amazing what you made out of this old Kit i remember i build the ESCI 190 as a boy in the 80s the result was not very good... but yours is outstanding!
  4. oh wow, thats sick! great peace of art! the pictures almost look like a painting!
  5. i love Station Wagons and this a stunnig one - great build, very nice model!
  6. that background scene is fantastic the car is not bad either , fits perfect you have awesome weathering skills!
  7. oh, thanks a lot for the kind words
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    this is not scale modeling, this is ART! very cool!
  9. to be honest, this is not my kind of car but you build it that superb it deserves a compliment
  10. sweet "little" Panel , great Model
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