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  1. I'm thinking of making 4x4 out of the 72 chevy pickup I got, I have two of the blazers and I think that I can maybe use the frame (need to be stretched) and axles from the blazer under the chevy. I noticed that the chevy molded-in frame is wider than the blazers and that the engine bay is different. Maybe taking the front of the blazerbody and move it over to the pickup cab to make it better. Any thoughts? Anyone done such a conversion before? I'm also thinking that I can maybe take the wide steelies from the blazer kit (the front ones with 6 lugs) and narrow it down abit to make more acurate steelrim for it. Maybe I can drill out the center 4x4 hub and replace it with a bit of styren and make a better looking rear wheel aswell. Would ofcourse cast them in resin so that I don't have to steel parts from to many kits.
  2. Special looks on these. What was the cooling like on the truck on the top picture without a grille?
  3. Well, I guess I chose a bad time to join the forum a few days ago So, I had to reregister and I'm writing a bit about myself again. I'm Gaute, 30 years old. Live with my wife and our 2 year old son in a small place called Ler some 25km south of Trondheim in Norway. I build cars and trucks, mostly 1:24/25 but also other scales. I have some boats and planes in my modelcollection aswell. I am just finishing of building the Nissan Sunny pickup from Hasegawa (will post some pics of it when I get the proper light to photograph it).
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