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  1. I have been trying to force myself lately to just finish a model.... I have a bad habit of loosing interest, after getting heavily involved in the build, and putting it aside, for lame reasons. Needs parts or paint(which I tend to rob from half finished kits), work on a simpler build for awhile(this one only needs paint, NO MODS on this kit), just got a new kit and I need to start buying stuff for it....Its horrible. Ill eventually finish one though. Just as soon as I get all the parts, paint and tools, while Im still interested in the kit.
  2. Thank you Ralph. I have been watching some of your builds, as well as some of the other guys building the 1/12 and 1/8 camaros. I emailed TDR and the said they werent making them, and were way too busy to take on any projects. I searched for days, and finally found that link. But, as my luck goes, I forgot my login and password for shapeways, and Im waiting for them to email back, and unlock my account. I suck with computers anymore. But I do want to get one of those LS3s. That will fix my engine needs..... Now I just need some 1/12 and 1/8 wheels and tires....
  3. I have looked around and tried to contact Ralph, with no reply. I did happen across this today... http://shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties I havent orders one yet, but they seem to have an LS3 and a FAST intake, among other parts. Has anyone bought, or used one of these engines? They have a lot of 1/12 scale stuff on page 2.
  4. Thanks everyone for the input. I can get CAD files online for some things ( at places like 3dcadbrowser.com.), but not everything Im looking for . I guess Ill just have to find someone who can print them. I inquired with TDR about printing an engine, but they are very busy. I guess I need to go directly to Shapeways, or another 3d printer. I think TDR also has wheel and tire files. To be honest, I have been in a situation several times where it would have been good for me to know CAD design, but Im old, and stubborn, and I put it off. I tried to learn once with a friend when I was applying for a patent, but he was very good, and got over my head very quickly. I used googles sketchup, and adobes 3d software for awhile, but never got good. Any more I am learning to hate technology. Im fascinated with the things that can be done, but I feel dumb trying to learn how to use them. I guess I need to get over it, or find another hobby.
  5. What I have seen happen, is the owner of a company will stand for or against something for as long as they are alive, against the will of the other board members. Then when they pass, the company is left to individuals who have to make decisions based on financial common sense, not sentimental reasoning. Think of what it costs to keep the car insured, and kept in a climate controlled building, with a curator, etc... I have seen several examples of this in the auto industry. The board of directors are left having to make hard decisions. To them its just a car. It is costing them money. It will go for a lot of money, that will take thousands in costs from the red column to keep the car up, to millions in the green column for the sale. Its just business.
  6. I have been struggling, like many of you I am sure, with the lack of aftermarket parts, especially for larger scale kits. I know a lot of you make your own, and I am in awe of the skills displayed here on the forum. I dont have those skills.This creates a problem for me. I try to build every model, like I would build the real thing, If I owned it. And everything needs to be modified. So, I start a project, building like I would a real project, then I hit a wall. I can make some things, and I am working on my skills, but when I hit these walls, the projects go back in the box, and I go to another project. Most never get finished. My most recent stumbling block is wheels and tires. What a mess it is trying to find wheels and tires for any scale other than 1/24-1/25. I have a 1/16 bug, and a ducati project that both need custom tires, and I cant find any. Not to mention my 1/8 iroc that is driving me crazy. I have so many plans for it, and there are not a lot of available parts. I need a way to make parts. I contacted a few places about 3d printing an ls1 engine in 1/8 scale. They said they couldnt do small runs. I know you would need a 3d file, but shapeways has 3d files on a couple of tires, and I am sure I could find a file. I found one for the ls1 (with help from a member of this forum). Would it be practical to get a cheap 3d printer? I know nothing about 3d printers, so I dont know if the detail would be sufficient for 1/16, 1/12 and 1/8. I am planning on taking some classes on cad, but life gets in the way a lot. I would be willing to spend maybe around $500 for a good 3d printer, if it would allow me to print some tires, and wheels, and maybe that 1/8 ls1 I have been drooling over for the iroc.
  7. 71 Barracuda Lamborghini Countach Ferrari 355 Ferrari Enzo Dodge Viper (any of them) Dodge SRT10 truck (standard cab, 6 speed) Dodge charger hellcat Cadillac CTSV GMC syclone There are a lot more I would love to have....But these are the cars I would buy today, if I had the money.
  8. I agree. If thats what your friend wants, its no big deal. Typically they use nylon ratcheting straps on dynos, to position the wheels exactly where they want them. I also just remembered, wheel chocks for the front tires. The dyno is a great idea. I might make a mobile one on a trailer, like you see at car shows.
  9. Looks good. I like it. Dont forget to add straps and anchors to strap the cars down. Maybe a large fan also, and exhaust ducting. Not trying to ruin what you have, because I like it, and might build one myself, but I dont think they dyno funny cars. The engines make way too much power( Matco reports they use a torque measuring device in the rearend of their top fueler, that has spiked at 12,000 ft lbs), and the conditions would be very dangerous considering the potential energy the car can produce at full power. They might run the engine alone on an engine dyno, on alcohol, but I think they use other measurements, and calculate approximates. Still very cool.
  10. I have a sheet of metal taped down to my desk. It wont move. The pain is, if I switch projects for any reason, I have to move all the parts from the jig. Im still working on a system that will work for my situation. The magnets work, once I get them placed, but switching projects stinks. Maybe itll keep me from switching back and forth so much.
  11. To be honest, I dont like the chopped roof. It might be the hood blisters, or the scoop, but the roof doesnt do it for me. I will follow though, because I was so impressed with the work on the J. And that red falcon you posted is amazing. I prefer stock body lines, with subtle tweaks. But this isnt my build, so good luck. Also, sorry about the J. That has to be hard to stomach. I have been following you and a few of other guys here, and trying to learn a few tricks. I guess this helped me too. I wont be putting any frames on a mobile jig. Im also getting ready to try some brass soldering.
  12. That is correct. It is most noticeable in the top fuel, and funny car applications. They can grow to almost 6 ft tall at the finish line. This decreases the contact patch area, but increases the roll out, making the car travel farther for every revolution of the engine. They use multiple clutch set ups, that bring in another clutch plate, every few milliseconds, that allows them to feather in the power. Its a fine line between the clutch plate engagement, and the decreasing of the contact patch, which reduces traction. It has all been factored in to the equations they use to determine set up. As the tire gets taller, it gets skinnier. Thats why you see some guys blow the tires off at mid track.
  13. ^ That is what broke the auto industry, and it will break the education system as well.
  14. Haha. Yes, I sidestepped it. I tried working with a few CAD programs in the past, and didnt have very much luck. I just cant get excited about CAD. I know its necessary, and this 3d stuff is crazy, but I dont want to spend hours in front of a screen building a digital picture or file. I spend enough time looking at this thing already.
  15. Perverts. I asked my son to look into this, and help. He looked at me like I just climbed out of a cave. He said its simple. I just need a computer with solid works, and a 3d printer. Im going to look into this more. I emailed a company about having an LS1 engine printed. And my son says with solid works, scaling is easy, so I could have a 1/8 scale, and a 1/12 scale, and a 1/16. Plus there are a bunch of engines and things on that site. I could even get the ford coyote 5.0.
  16. So, Im not too good with this 3d stuff, but it is possible to get these files in the links above, and then have these parts printed at a 3d printing service? Is it really that easy? I was also browsing at TDRinnovations, and they have dimensions for "print it yourself" tires. Not a 3d file, but if you found the engine files that fast, the tire files should be there also, right?
  17. How hard is it to make a 3d file for printing an engine? I know very little about 3d files. I know I had one made when I filed for a patent, and it cost me about $2500. I provided all the dimensions, and figured out all the issues, he put it in the computer. But if a person wanted to have a 3d file made for, say an LS1, or any engine, how hard is it? I have searched for a 1/8 scale LS1, and even PMed a guy who used to cast them, and cant find them. Im sure there is a demand for this engine in several scales, as well as other engines. There just seems to be a lack of options for aftermarket engines, especially in the larger scales. BTW, Im not trying to complain. Im willing to pay for one of these engines. I have seen 3d printed bodies going for over $1k, and most engine cost $150+ in 1/8 scale. I did find a 1/12 die cast, in a triple engine pack. I thought about buying that, and casting a few for other projects. But I really want one for the 1/8 iroc. I would pay $150, give or take.
  18. Nice project, and very different. I like it. You say you might use Micro Nitro wheels...But he is retiring. Has the new owner started taking orders? I am dying to get a set of 1/16 wheels for my mustang project, and dont want a cheap set.
  19. Wow. Drum brakes, and a pull starter. Crazy.
  20. He must have had to use the third kit.
  21. Thanks guys. I went out and bought some 16 gauge steel, 12 x 24 from lowes, and scribed it at 1/2" increments. Now I can use magnets to hold things straight, and square. Plus I can solder, and glue on it without worry. $20 for the metal, and a few packs of magnets. Ill need some different magnets along the way, but no big deal. Here are some pictures of a couple of kits I am working on. First picture is the drag week mustang chassis, starting point. You can see the scoring on the metal, and the magnets. Here is the body on the chassis. Its in the beginning stages, obviously. Here is my current wip. Still early, but I have all the parts. Just need to get off the 12 hour shifts, and I can get back into it.
  22. There should be a music mute button, like on video games, where you can turn off certain layers of sound. Sometimes the music fits, and it works. Most of the time, it seems its just the musical preference for the videographer, and thats where we have problems. I have a very narrow range of music that I will listen to. And its rarely what you hear on a youtube video.
  23. It really depends on scale. A lot of popular stuff is available in 1/24 scale. The bigger scales, not so much. There are a few options, but you are limited to the most popular engines, SBC, BBC, Hemi, and maybe a ford 427. Rare engines will have to be fabricated. Unless you can go the 3D printing route. As for what I would call a crate engine, it would be an engine that comes from an engine manufacturer, usually built in several stages, from long blocks, to turn keys. I use the following companies, as they sell engines in several scales, and several different configurations: Future Attraction Teds modeling VCG Resins BNL Resins (Ebay store) Clearly Scale And dont forget Ebay and there are some on Facebook as well. I also stumbled upon picclick.com, too. It has some good stuff.
  24. It really is unfair. I just ordered some bolts and rod ends from rb motion, and when I got the bag, I thought it was empty. I struggled putting the rod ends together. I dont know how you get some of this stuff together. Incredible.
  25. I have been working on building a few tube chassis for some kits. Im obsessed with outlaw/dragweek/street legal racing, and want to build a few tube chassis cars. I have always just kinda faked it, adding bars to the model kit, and making it look like a chassis, from a few feet. And sometimes, that works. Now I am trying to go full on, tube chassis. Only the body gets used. The really fast guys are running tube chassis. I have attempted a few, and learned a lot. I am lurking, and following some of the great ones here, and trying to learn all I can. My first few attempts were on graph paper, but they didnt work out so well. But I am learning. And one thing I have learned is; I need a frame jig. I looked at a few, and I want to make my own. I want it to work with everything from 1/24, to 1/8, so I am looking at a sheet of plate steel, .060x12x24 inches. And Ill use some of the magnets with plates on either side, so I can square things up. Maybe even get some actual squaring magnets like the ones they use for welding. So, let me see some of your frame jigs. I know some of you use wood, and thats cool. Im looking for ideas. Wood, steel, rubber...doesnt matter.
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