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  1. I also would trade with Vince anytime. Elvin
  2. I agree Bill, Dave at Model King told me about 3 years ago that the Plymouths and Comet were coming. I put it on the T.R.A.K. forum and was almost laughed off the forum you should go back and read the comments but here they are. I have done business with Dave for about 25 years and I have learned when he tells you something you can take it to the bank. Keep them coming Dave.
  3. Bill Model Car World in Burlington NC makes the Hayden Proffett for the Black 64 Plymouth. I have a set, they are not Slixx quality but pretty good. Elvin
  4. Great job! that is a beautiful car.
  5. Paul Gardner [gardnerpag44] great trader I will trade with him anytime. Elvin
  6. Great job! I don't remember when I have seen that kit built stock.
  7. Put me down for 4 or 5 sets. I will stop looking for the original.
  8. If you are buying from Michael's go on line and print AC Moore coupon because they will take that. AC Moore about 2 weeks out of each month has a 50% off and those weeks have 55% off on Wednesday. Some weeks they have 55% off all week.
  9. Good job so far on not such a great kit. The tire look good what are they out of?
  10. I bought a kit from AFX that went well. Elvin
  11. Did a trade with Larry Ray another good trader. Elvin
  12. Did another with Big Truck Ken is a great guy good trader. Elvin
  13. Traded with Gardnerpag44 great guy good trade. Elvin
  14. Anyone here going to Salisbury NC Saturday?
  15. Welcome! I am also from N.C. plenty of good modelers here. I learn something almost every time I get on which is every day. If you don't know Hobby Lobby has a 40% off coupon every week just go on there website and register and they will e-mail you one every Monday for that week.
  16. Good job Ken I would never have bought this kit but after seeing yours I may reconsider. It looks like it would be simple but fun to build. I like kits that take me back to the good old days. Elvin
  17. Steve they are all beauties I love your work.
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