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  1. The best looking vintage Keystone wheels you will find are in the AMT 40 Ford coupe and sedan delivery they have the K in the cap.
  2. No way a 63 Comet, 63 Falcon and a 59 Ford would have changed to the next year they and totally different body styles. It would have cost more to modify the tools than to make new ones. I agree that the 64 Falcon became a 65 and others but they were minor changes.
  3. Great job good color combo. Beautiful job on the interior!
  4. mredjr

    '29 Roadster

    Nice clean build great color for that build.
  5. They have my vote but I would mold them in white and maybe color also.
  6. Not resin but I didn't know where else to put it. If anyone is interested I am working on Magazines, Shop Manuals, Parts Catalogs, Shop Clocks, Thermometers, Gas Station Signs and Shop Signs in 1/24-25th Scale mostly from 50's & 60's some newer. I am hoping to have them done in the next couple of weeks. I have the masters done for about half of them it is sort of a pain to get everything to work out the same size but I am getting there. It will be around 250-300. Elvin
  7. Thank you david for a great trade, anytime. Elvin
  8. I traded with Ognib [Ray Haines] and was very please with our trade. Good trader thanks Ray. Elvin - MrEdJr
  9. Ken Krawiec Bigtruck also always great trader. Thanks Ken
  10. Does anyone remember a post on a 51 Fleetline with chopped top and how they did it? Elvin
  11. Does anyone other than Modelhaus make 5the spider hub caps? I ordered 2 months ago from them and I am told it could be a year before I get them. I am going to leave them on order but need some before then.
  12. Steve Guthmiller is also a great trader,got my kit today. Thanks Steve!
  13. Hobby Lobby has the Lawman Plymouth now.
  14. Great job! Love the color combo.
  15. Great! so far looks like an early 60's Gasser. I started going to the drag strip in 65 and you saw cars that looked like that but had SB Chevy or 409. They were not all beauties in those days. Can't wait to see if finished. Welcome to the board.
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