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  1. I need figures out of the Round2 MPC 75 Dart and the Revell 59 Ford.
  2. Scott I think I have front and rear but chrome is dull. I will look for it.
  3. I am looking for one that I can use on a mid 60- early 70's diorama.
  4. Great job! Very well done!
  5. Thanks for the info but I am going to build a dirt track car so if I can't find an AMT hood I will rework the revel hood.
  6. I need a stock hood for AMT 64 Fairlane.
  7. I am looking for a built-up 63 Falcon convertible.
  8. Looking good! What did the rear tires come out of?
  9. I have a couple of AMT Petty Dart and Revell 68 Chevelle bodies I would like to trade for same chassis. They are all new.
  10. Great job! Missing Link has the chrome nub caps. I bought 2 sets and I am well pleased.
  11. I need front bumper & grille for Revell 55 Jukebox Ford.
  12. Great job! I saw many back in the day that looked like that.
  13. Great job! what kit did you use?
  14. Great job! All great builds but I love the Falcon brings back t of good memories. You did a nice job of de-chroming.
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