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  1. Great job! I love the interior. What did you use for the door panels and gauges?
  2. mredjr

    1/25-24 Figures

    Thanks Matt and Dave but I am trying to find figures that came in kits. I have over 200 but a very few are suitable for my 60's diorama. I did see a couple on that wed site that I could use but most are 10-12.00 each. I would like to find a couple of sets of campus friends.
  3. mredjr

    1/25-24 Figures

    Looking for figures out of 1/25-24 model car kits with street clothes no racing figures. I also am looking for campus friends or other street figures. I have kits to trade.
  4. Looking for an un-built Chezooom Corvair kit.
  5. Great job! really has the classic hot rod look.
  6. Lee are the decals to scale they look a little heavy? I ordered a couple of sets and hope they fit.
  7. Does anyone know where to buy 1/24th scale plumbing pipe fittings?
  8. Great Job!! I am not really a Bubble Top guy but that is great job.
  9. I am excited about it for my Goodie Shop Diorama.
  10. I traded some kits for screw bottoms whit Scott8950 and he is an excellent trader everything he sent me was better than what he told me they were. I have traded with Scott a couple of times and look forward to our next trade.
  11. You know they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with the Rabbit. Can we get a Coca Cola version?
  12. Scott8950 is also a great trader, I will trade with him any time.
  13. Dave if you do get the Prestige kit or the Model King in the white box they are the same kit but don't have all the sink problems. They are not perfect but far better than the last issue.
  14. Is it just me or does anyone else think the same thing. Lately all of the old tool Round2 kits have a beautiful vintage box with a box full of junk inside. I am not a box collector and wish they would clean up the tool before they re-pop them. I love the box are on the 63 Chevy so I bought one and it is a total mess. I don't mind the simple kit but they could have spent a little money and at least made the body usable. I hope it is just me but I really don't think so. I will say that their new tool kits are great and highly recommend them.
  15. I don't have it yet and it may not be very bad but thanks for the tip.
  16. Does anyone now how to fix minor warping on old promos?
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