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  1. Please see add for Fred Cady - Clark Dwyer #17 Hesco decals.
  2. Thanks Bill, I like the foam but I am going to make the base 48" x 42" and want something under it but I to keep it light.
  3. Thanks Michael, I sell building supplies and we sell 3/4 1" and 1-1/2". After seeing what Bill did I am going to use the 3/16 corrugated plastic and cover it with the 3/4 foam.
  4. Thanks Tom and Bill, I was planting to use 3/16" corrugated sign board for the base because I an using 1/2" corrugated for the building and cover it with brick sheets. I though it would be easer to glue the building to the plastic board. I was planning to build a light weight wood frame to go under it.
  5. I am getting ready to start on a diorama of my teenage hangout and was wondering how to make a weathered asphalt look? Elvin
  6. Great job!!! That is the best look build I have seen of that kit.
  7. Robert that is a beauty!!!
  8. Great job!!! The best I have seen of that car.
  9. Great job!! I had a 67 SS 396 Chevelle that was butternut whit a black vinyl top. I wish I had it today.
  10. Great job!!! You better put snow tires on it.
  11. I am working on the same thing but I used the 427 Fairlane chassis and motor. I am building Hubert Platt's car and it had 427 wedge.
  12. Great job!!! that my friend is a very nice Hot Rod and really looks like back in the day.
  13. Great job!! really looks classic.
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