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  1. Snake to build the Jenkins car use the Butch Leal kit and you can build it right out of the box it is a true A990 and that is what Jenkins car was.
  2. I took the chassis out of the AMT 62 convertible and with very little work put it under the AMT 63 and it looks like is was made for it. I cut the inner finders off the 62 body and glues them to the chassis and if fits the 63 perfectly.
  3. Beautiful!!! Love the color combo.
  4. Scott8950 is a great trader and I will trade or help him anytime.
  5. Great job!! Not such a great kit but yours is the best I have aver seen. But knowing you built it I knew it would be.
  6. Another nice build John. Great job!!
  7. That looks great Jason what is that #
  8. Could be the dull coat, I have bought 2 cans lately of Testors dull coat that will not dry flat and I ave been using it for 40+ years and have never had that problem. looking at your picture it looks like yours has a shine to it.
  9. I hate to say it because I use to not buy anything but AMT but now they are just selling box art the kit inside is junk. even with the discount at Hobby Lobby you are still paying 18.00 plus tax for a box of flash and warped parts. You can pay the same and get a nice new tooled kit from Revell. AMT has great selections but need to work on the tooling and QC. I will say the new tool AMT kits are great. I am through venting Happy Modeling!
  10. Thanks to all of you for your help.
  11. Does anyone know what color Harry Gant's all green Monte Carlo was?
  12. mredjr

    AMT Go Kart

    Great job!! looks a lot better w/o that old bulky seat. That looks like the 60's.
  13. Well I do just an over site.
  14. I need a couple of sets of the Drag 500 slicks out of the new AMT 69 Chevelle.
  15. I need a couple of sets of the Drag 500 slicks out of the new AMT 69 Chevelle.
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