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  1. Bill I will trade you a Johan Sox & Martin 71 Barricuda for the turtle deck and flat floor pan out of the Big T.


  2. Great work!!! Did you post finished photos?
  3. Great job!! I built that car back in the sixties needless to say it didn't look that good.
  4. Great job!! I would like to know more about the gas station. Was it a kit or did you scratch build it?
  5. Does anyone know where to get bolts smaller than double zero?
  6. I just wish the model looked as good as the box art.
  7. Great job!! That is what a 57 Chevy should look like.
  8. Thanks Bill you were a pleasure to deal with as well.. Elvin
  9. Nice build!! I like the Camaro but I like the shop wall in the back ground.
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