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  1. Tim the 56 looks great but I love the USAC car in the background. You did a great job on both.
  2. I have the JNJ set PM me if you want it.
  3. Gregg I fixed my PM thanks anyway.



  4. Gregg I turned my PM off by mistake how do I turn it back on?


  5. I turned my PM off by mistake what do I do to get it back on? Elvin
  6. I just missed the parts on e-bay thanks for your help. I have the last issue of the Big-T and I found out that it has the turtle deck so I am good there. I do need a floor pan or a pattern. I also need the roll bar kit new or used and I need the blower kit new or used. I don't car if the chrome is good or not but would like to have good restorable parts. I also need Big Drag Instructions or a good copy. Thanks for any help you can offer,Elvin
  7. I can't wait for it to come out I want it as much for the box as I do the kit. Round2 would be wise to do the Forty Coupe in a box art like that. That is the most exciting box art I have seen in a long time and I have been building model cars off and on since 1961.
  8. I have two new Pro-Track stock car rolling chassis w/motor that I would like to trade for parts kit that the bodies have been taken out of.
  9. Beautiful!!
  10. Yes and I like the way he separates everything so if you are looking for a ford picture you just go to that section. Look forward to seeing your car built. I am like you I love these old cars and you could go to the drag strip on Sunday and see a car you loved then go to the dealer on Monday and buy that same car. I friend of mine that lived down the street started taking me to the drag strip with him when I was 14. He had a 63 1/2 fastback ford that ran A/stock it was 427 w/2/4s and 4 speed. He would drive it to the drag strip put slicks on it open the headers and race it then he would take the slicks off and drive it back home. I really miss that time it was a lot of fun. I got to see most of the greats of that day run. Of course Ronnie Sox was my hero and now his son [Dean] is a customer of mine. Dean has given me a couple 8x10 pictures from back in the day that Ronnie autographed.
  11. Well Tom I wasn't' much help it does look like the interior is red in that picture.
  12. I thought I had a picture of that car that you could see the interior but I have gone through my pictures and do not have. You are right they are hard to find. A good source for A/FX and S/S is George Klass Remembers. I really don't think that car had red interior because you can see the stirring. Wheel and it is not red.
  13. Tom after looking at that picture a little closer the stirring wheel is not red. I think it was light blue and that was an interior color in 64.
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