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  1. Great job! It has the right look.
  2. I saw one at a show last week end and just as you probably thought it is a box of junk. If you like the box art buy it but that is all you will have . According to the guy that showed it to me the PE parts will not fit anything else.
  3. mredjr

    1979 Cadillac

    Another excellent job Peter I love your work.
  4. great job! I knew it would be beautiful car. I had a neighbor that bought one brand new 4 Door HT. I was only 11 years old but I wanted my mama to get one just like it but we was po. Elvin
  5. I disabled messenger by mistake. Can some one tell me how to turn it back on? Elvin
  6. Looking good can't wait to see it finished. Elvin
  7. Send me your address and I will get you one. Elvin
  8. If you have an Ollie's Discount Store they just got models in this week. Last year they got some great stuff not so good this year. Ours got Lindberg 64 Dodge stock and Color Me Gone, Mustang Funny car and a couple of other kits.
  9. Does anyone know anything about Randy Ayres site? I was on it one night this past week and about an hour later could not get on. The next day I tried at my office and could not get on and still can't. Elvin
  10. I was in Hobby Lobby today and they had the 71 T-Bird.
  11. I thought 62 was Chevrolet anniversary year. I had a oval frame gold tented wall mount bubble with a 1912 Chevrolet in the top and a 1962 golden anniversary Chevrolet in the bottom. It was given to me buy a man that had a Chevrolet/Buick dealership a got it in 1962 for the amount of sales he had that year. On the box it said 50th Anniversary.
  12. I am looking for pictures of Dick Harrell's 67 Camaro under construction and interior shots. I also need measurements of wheel base. I am looking for the steel car w/fiberglass door and front end not the all fiberglass car w/tube chassis.
  13. Can anyone tell me what to expect with the Lindberg Auburn Speedster or maybe show photos. Elvin
  14. Mr Stock you are wright but I ws looking a Moebius past of top quaility kits and axpected no less with the 65 Plymouth. I will do just as you said in the future. I have had a few friends to take some off my hands and I am glad that we have it and plan to build a couple myself. I just think that it does not cost any more to get it right. SteveG you are right all kits have there problems but some of the problems are easer to fix than others and some are easer to live with.
  15. The windshield is not correct on the Lindberg either Plymouth or Dodge. Another problem with the New Moebius kits Plymouth and Ford trucks is flush mounted windshields that don't fit.
  16. I got your tires ready to go but did not get hem in the mail today. A friend of mine died while cutting his grass so I have been over at his house all afternoon and didn't get to the Post Office. I will mail them tomorrow. Elvin
  17. Bill that makes the front of the top look better but since I made that commit I noticed that the rear of the top is arched also. It is a shame that a model company will show you a test shot and not listen to commits unless you are telling them how great it is. I have been waiting for someone to do that kit for years and I bought a case [16 kits] and I am sick over it. I plan to take the top off of a Johan kit it is just a shame that you pay a big price for a kit and then have to take another 40.00 just for the top. I really think Moebius makes the best kits you can buy but they missed the boat on this one. I have been modeling for over 50 years and am a pretty good scratch builder but I think the only way you can fix this top is to cut it off and throw it away. Elvin
  18. I have the 65 Plymouth and it is a very nice kit but it still looks like a 65 Plymouth with a 54 Chevy windshield. The body looks great but too much arch on the top of the windshield. I am still glad we have it and will try to get use to it but I tried to tell them when the first test shot was available but I guess they didn't listen. Oh well too late now.
  19. Great job! one old man to another I love the tail lights, every 69 Chevelle I see built that is the first thing I look at. You need to send that picture to Round2 maybe they would fix the tail lights in that kit. I like the decals under the hood as well. Elvin
  20. Looks great Steve! I went to a model show in Lexington SC today and someone had a real Starliner Red on Red w/white top it was beautiful. He told me he did a complete frame of restoration about a year ago and it was flawless. Elvin
  21. Great job! you are a better man than I am because I would have thrown it in the trash. Elvin
  22. Great job! Taht is a real bueaty Steve. Elvin
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