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  1. Nice photoshop work... I like without the roof too... Thanks to do this... Yes, thought at first that was the way to go, then decided to fully capture the car / van concept. At first I thought about making this a full detail build with opening doors on the Belair and iinterior of the 57 and a van "cockpit" area. The more work I listed out I decided to make this a curbside no opening doors or details.
  2. I like this! Very creative customization, well done!
  3. Nice save and recreation. I have the AMT Ironhorse kit from the 70's that looks like it was cast to be similar model replication or tribute to this original Mach 1 Do you know if this started as the AMT Ironhorse?
  4. Sparkly Blue for sure, matches the Magazine cover and it fits the time era plus I imagine likely what Pete Phillips may have chosen at the time to display like this.
  5. Wow, looking awesome... Seen this car on Google images for awhile looking for a future build ideas, now I see yours, you nailed it.
  6. Had a wild idea after looking for van build ideas and saw a car painted on the side of a van. That gave me the wild idea to play with plastic and blend the side of a car body on to it. It's only plastic right! Decided to us ethe front grill/bumper on the front but of course it is about .60" wider now, so I had to section and splice it to make it longer. Just threw on some color, kinda liking the high-contrast on this crazy concept so far.
  7. No worries, I wasn't suggesting you spend money on hiring a Patent attorney and applying for a Design Patent, in my opinion they are not worth it because they are so easy to design around. The only value is if you want to protect yourself with a specific design from idiots like this guy on ebay. If you don't have IP (Intellectual Property) rights then you can't defend yourself from copycats like this guy or others. It's my suggestion to let this guy alone and focus your time and efforts casting what you claim is a superior cast. Let go of the idiots who want to mess with you, I learned that lesson finally after a copy-cat of one of my best selling products was copied by him. I was spending so much time trying to bad mouth him and down play his quality that I lost focus on making my own better product a best seller. Today several of my products sell on Amazon as Best Sellers in the Catagory and his, not even ranked in the top 50. Giving him your spotlight to others is sending someone to his shop to look around and see what he's offering, honestly I clicked on the link you posted and looked at his "store". Nothing excited me but I don't know him or you any different, other than you're on this forum and I would prefer to support members first as I always do and have ordered lots of cool products from people who post a link to their or someone elses from this site. Good luck Jeff, I'd like to see what other cool stuff you have, do you have a link to a site?
  8. Jeff, First I just now came across your post, I have no reason to post anything in favor one way or the other, than to give another forum member a little advice based on my own experiences over the years with design and copy-infringement. I own a company that I design and market products. Two types of product Patents; Design and Utility, both very different, you would be looking at a Design Patent for your castings. You can apply for a design patent for your work, it's about $3500 through most IP attorney offices, they do the work, but you must be specific to your design and that its different than other design that exist. There is no "%" assignment, that's not truth at all to be awarded a Design patent. There is a huge difference between a Design and Utility Patent, this can only fall under Design with your application. If you are awarded a Design Patent you can defend your "design" against anyone trying to exactly copy your design. However, the only value of a design patent is the specific design you have. Anyone can change one part of your design and argue in a court that it's different than your design, a jury or judge would determine if an infringment exists based on what is a noticable difference in market perception. Lots of Cases around this stuff. Example, take a simple pencil... it has specific shape, with two ends, usually an eraser sticking out one end embeded in a metal type surround and painted with some type of colored paint, perhaps a specific color that you created and makes your pencil unique. Whatever components or "call-outs" you apply to your unique design is what you may be awarded with from the US Patent Office. I can take your design, change the shape, length and eraser just slightly, even change the color shade by a small difference and market safely around your Design Patent. Oh, you want International design protection, then belly up to another $10k for that. I've dealt with this for over 10 years with my products and designs, they are basically worthless unless you want your very specific design protected, but expect copy-cats, they are everywhere and nothing you can do about it. I'd be careful slamming anyone unless you have some design copyrighted property, you can be sued. I've had this happen both directions over the years. Do you have specific features/design elements with your casting that is yours and only yours? Have you advertised publically this design longer than a year? If so then the new US law doesn't permit filing a Patent. Now, he who files first wins the selection of award to a Patent, careful sharing any unique ideas with anyone. Please take my post as a helpful advice with wanting to help another business owner with navigating with this stuff, it can become time consuming and messy for everyone.
  9. Wow... More than faithfully reproducing someone elses 50+ year old build. It's a work of art and top level craftsmanship to pull off what and especially how you building what appear an exact tribute to the original who used very different material than we use today. Hats off to you for this build
  10. Fantastic builds. I enjoyed looking them over
  11. Looks great and to picture both together is perfect, 50 years of automotive design displays a huge difference
  12. RestoModGuy

    Viper Cuda

    Wow! Stunning build... nice work detailing shows in this one
  13. Nice work! I saw the actual 1:1 at SEMA 2016 on the floor, you've done an excellent tribute to it
  14. RestoModGuy

    68 vette

    Nicely done... Love these C3 Vettes. Clean build
  15. Thanks everyone for the nice cooments and feedback. Update 3/6 - Finally... in one-color primer 3/6... Primary body mods are complete, next is custom racing chassis with ground effects package, splitters, air-dams and rear diffuser
  16. Looks awesome Tim. Keeping the entire paint job matte looks cool, I've yet to do one like this... I'm liking this a lot
  17. Wow! Just awesome detail work, very impressive. Will be following this one all the way through
  18. Very nice build... I like all you did to it and the color combo choices are spot on for this one in my opinion.
  19. Thanks... I'm toying with a removable top... maybe... Yes, the wheels are from a 1/24 Monogram 56 Chevy kit. I slid the rears into Pegasus 19" aluminum sleeves to give the big-little look. The tires are old 70-80's MPC Goodyear's
  20. Orange peel is mostly due to low pressure in the can or compressor and spraying too heavy of coats when the paint isn't flattening or curing fast enough. You can sand this down like Snake suggested and put down a few more clear coats since you also cleared over your BMF, not sure why folks do this, real cars you would never spray clear over chrome, no reason to, BMF is durable and does not peel off without effort. WARM the can of paint in hot running tap water in the sink or a bowl for 5-minutes before you spray out.... You should ALWAYS do this with any can of paint, the heat will increase the pressure in the can.
  21. Started this project last summer with a simple angle chop to a 34 ford coupe body. Reformed the front fenders from the wrap around wheel to the sweep of the 32 fenders I like better. Decided it needed a bit more attitude and angle-sectioned the body for a lowered stance. So far I'm liking the direction its going. This is a snaptite kit, but only using the body, will fabricate a chassis and install a motor with opening doors and trunk. Started with this After
  22. Well done... Always a fan of the Firebird TA and Formula. You did this kit justice, good work
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