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  1. Wow! so cool, great design and workmanship
  2. Fantastic build, the 67 Pontiac's are in my opinion the best looking of all the years, your Bonny looks perfect, a great addition to your collection.
  3. Custom C7 Stingray blended with C3 styling. Duplicolor Bahama Blue with several polished clear coats.
  4. I love Corvettes and when the new generation C7 came out in 2014 I liked but not a fan of the taillights. I decided to customize one to have the classic round C3 styling and went as far to change the rear window to the original "sail-panel" rear window. Lots of modifications including a completely new nose and grafted an L88 hood. Also filled in one of the three vents in the fenders, smoothed out the hip line and added rear wheel flares and grafted rear bumperettes like the C3's have. Some build pics show some of the major bodywork I did. Paint is Duplicolor Bahama Blue Metallic.
  5. Very nice custom. I can see all the work you did and compliment you on a piece of art you've created
  6. Very nice! I too attempted to build this as a kid in the 70's and lost interest due to all the finicky moving parts. I have one of these in my build stash, after seeing yours, I want to move it up the list to build, and I too will opt for non-moving parts build. Thanks to post this one!
  7. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, I'm having fun building these, I'll post more as I build them
  8. Thanks for the compliment. Yes, the white dash would not have been a factory color with the white interior. When I first built this model I was intending it to be a Hot Wheels tribute build, which has all white interior. I changed my mind to not make it an actual Hot Wheels tribute build after i had completed the model and could not change the dash pad to black color. here is the Cougar I actually made into a Hot Wheels tribute with the brown interior after this one was built
  9. Excellent builds, well done especially on the Cougar, love it!
  10. Thanks, yes the AMT 68 kit, actually not a bad kit overall
  11. Some of you may have seen previously my tribute builds of the original Sweet 16 Hot Wheels released 50-years ago in 1968. I purchased all 16 1/25 kits and have been slowly building them. I have 7 now complete, almost halfway! The most recent is the Hot Wheels Custom Camaro I have attempted to re-create as closely as possible the custom body modifications, such as the hood "bumps" as for this one and the "zoomies" are aluminum tubing. Wheels are Pegasus "T's" I've detailed to resemble the Redlines, using black and red Sharpies, pretty basic but for me, they look pretty nice. Paint is
  12. Another oldie I saved Custom "Streaker Vette" modified a lot!
  13. I love seeing everyone's old original builds! I was lucky to save some as well from the 70's This one is one of my most detailed, 71 Cougar XR7 I built when I was 13-14 Back when we used thread run through bees-wax for wiring Check out the air-shock filler and handmade ladder brackets. hand painted "Sweet Emotion" was the name of the car when I recall naming cars was a thing. Wish I could detail paint like that again. Back when having a beer in the car wasn't a big deal. That's a COOR's on the open glove-compartment
  14. I did a "what-if" the show was back on the air today restomod build of the Starksy and Hutch Stripped Tomato. Molded in the front bumper, added a hood scoop, custom wheels and low-profile tires and stanced ride height, recaro seats replace the bench seat and of course a total redesign of the big fat stripe.
  15. Bella! That is a beauty of a build, well done!
  16. Thanks for the update, I was just going to order tonight from his site directly. Sorry to hear he's laid-up and can't work. I'll look him up in the future.
  17. Fantastic! Thank you Tommy! I thought I had seen one available, just couldn't find who had it and of course, I forgot about Bandit Resin to search.
  18. I've searched this forum and about everywhere else, looking for info on a 1969 or 1970 Chevy pickup grill and bumper if anyone has cast one. I'd like to convert the 1972 kit to tribute a build of a buddies 1970
  19. Wow, Dann, this is outstanding. Really enjoying seeing the build in progress of this one
  20. Well done! Excellent craftsmanship with this build. A show-winner!
  21. Excellent build of this rare kit. Great restoration, you knocked it out of the park!
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