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  1. Thanks so much, all comments are appreciated! I have no idea. I built the kit strictly OOB. It is a wild mixture of Revell and Humbrol metallics, mainly copper, gold and grey.
  2. So many kits, so little time, this is my first finished model for about a year. Not much to say about this Italeri kit, it is almost perfect, even if the typical Italeri multi-piece cabs are nothing for beginners.
  3. Another masterpiece, the tanker looks immaculate! Good decision, the Lindberg tanker is junk. I am eager to see more, what can we expect next?
  4. I saw your model first maybe 10 years ago on the Wettringer Forum (when it was Europe's largest forum, now it is stonedead). This is still one of the most perfect truck models on the web!
  5. Very nice colour choice, the missing sleeper makes the model really interesting!
  6. Interesting model, I like the very cubic look!
  7. Nice work, the missing sleeper gives a very different look!
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