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  1. I have a 72? Mercury Monterey that I will one day do something with when I get bored.
  2. Do not know where I got that 4 speed.
  3. Picked it up minus the engine so I picked up a junket pre painted 58 Edsel so I grabbed the FE out of it and added a 4 speed.
  4. I have never seen one and only heard about them,power could have been exaggerated some.
  5. It was the police interceptor engine and had solid lifters and I think header like exhaust manifolds.
  6. Cut the auto trans off the Edsel FE and got a 4 speed ready to go on,the other FE is 3/4 there so I will gather the parts to make it look like a 360 HP 352 for the next project.
  7. Forgot I had a junker 58 Edsel so that is what the 57 is going to get and will find the 60 kit when I build a 56 kit,time to use up what I have before buying anything.
  8. Is the trans on one of the engines in that 60 kit have a 3 speed o/d,the one I have had that trans that I used on a Y block. I do have a couple 390s from the 34 p/u kits but want one a little more detailed.
  9. I am building a AMT 57 Ford that I would like to build that had one of those 352s swapped in,I have a really nice FE that I do not know what it came from bit missing parts so what kit has a nice FE engine I could used.
  10. Picked this up at a swapmeet this weekend,did not know a 4x4 version was made and built the 2wd version back on 78.
  11. I am going to have a bunch of parts and projects/parts cars I will not be needing and will post pics when I am able to go through all of it..
  12. I picked up a rebuilder and was thinking about making it 2wd so could they have came that way from the factory,would like to make it stock and even thinking about using the Chevy II six and make it a cheap version. I know the 73 and up could be 2wd but do not ever remember the early ones coming that way.
  13. I have one in my many bags of parts.
  14. A friend keeps on getting me models and parts so today these two were in the bunch,a AMT early Blazer and Chevy van so if I can find a hood I am thinking about taking the suspension from the van and making a 2wd Blazer. Other then the hood all it needs is front springs and a transfer case.
  15. The regular wheel Matchboxes could be played in the dirt without bending the axles.
  16. Gave up on Hot Wheels and started collecting Matchbox again.
  17. I have gotten most of the parts.
  18. Did not make it this year but its a very good customs only show,was hoping the Golden Sahara would have been there after it got restored.
  19. I picked up this kit and would like to build it more stock,I found I have the suspension and tires but will need a hood,front bumper and rear roof section. I do have all the pulling parts except for rims and tires I can trade if anyone wants to build a pulling truck
  20. Did some digging and I do have tires and a stock 4x4 suspension but need one rim and need to find the rear roof and a front bumper and hood.
  21. A friend dropped of a few boxes of kits to use for parts,none are complete and some have been started. Unfortunately most are what I have no desire to use so will fond homes for them,this is the only one I will build.
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