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  1. The bumpers look like they were never installed.
  2. In with the models from the thrift store was a box with some parts and the Imperial bumpers were in it along with a 61 Comet front bumper and grill so it looks like I have two more to find that.have missing parts.
  3. I need to find hoods for both so who made them.
  4. I will try to save all of them but need parts,since I have a couple stock 57 T birds this one will be built as a gasser with a 427 SOHC. This is the oldest batch he has found.
  5. A friend keeps finding me models at thrift stores and todays is the best so far,will restore the 60 Edsel and find hoods for the 65 Fury and Coronet and get them both restored. I should have the parts to build the 40 Ford coupe and will try to make one 36 Ford and maybe do something with the Buick and Lincoln.
  6. If it does not get built as a wagon it will be built as a retired ambulance.
  7. Duh I have a Revell 57 Nomad that the body was too brittle and broke but missing the rear seat but might have other usable parts,I really like the 57 Ford wagon interior so I might get one but it would be nice if a 59 GM wagon was built.
  8. I am going to take the Ghostbusters Caddy and make it into a wagon so other then the 57 Ford wagon are there others I can take parts from to build a Caddy wagon.
  9. This kit was given to me last week and thinking about building it as a wagon like Hess and Eisenhart would have made one back on 59,H and E was a company that made limos and other speciality vehicles and in the mid 50s did make some Caddy wagons. Now to find a wagon rear seat and do have a late 50s Caddy engine with no intake so I might see if I can get it in there.
  10. Not sure on the color and need to see what I have in stock.
  11. Front axle was not glued on correctly so might get the dropped axle.
  12. Picked it up partially built so thinking about building it mostly stock but with a Y block under the hood.
  13. I made some like that and need to go through my parts and maybe build one again.
  14. I am going to use what I have in stock before buying any new,i expected the paint to go up but not that much.
  15. I think so and everything I buy in the grocery store went up too.
  16. I want to use automotive paint on a truck I am building so off I went to find a medium blue,the last time I bought a can it was 7.99 but today its 12.99 so I am going to look into a alternative. Some automotive swap meets are coming up so maybe I can find some there but not giving almost 13 dollars for a can and I dont have enough in a can to paint it.
  17. Looking for the glass for this kit.
  18. If anyone makes any I would be interested in many sets,i have seen on trucks what looked to be rams horns on a FE and those might be something to make too.
  19. To this day I do not understand why I painted the original body,the black it came in looks good.
  20. I knew of two 56 big trucks sitting in a woods thinking it should have the rams horn manifolds and it did but had the Lincoln engine,there was also a 54 or 55 F450? but it had the normal single exhaust manifolds.
  21. I built it in late 74 and had been in the attic since the 80s,the hood warped in the heat so I found one that was white and was going to try to match the paint and replace the missing spare tire but it was missing more parts. I found one that had never been painted on Ebay and since I messed up the body by painting it I just used the complete body from the parts car and used my chassis and interior. This one will never go back in the attic and my old body is going to be used on a custom project.
  22. Here is what it will look like,it will have 60s,70s and 90s parts.
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