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  1. I am looking for the complete front wheel set for this kit including the tire,caps etc.Im also looking for two sets of Johan Pro Stock Firestone Drag 500 front tires.I have other stuff to trade for these items.Thanks.
  2. I’m a big fan of 70s and early 80s NHRA and IHRA Pro Stocks,so I have a lot of those cars I plan to build someday.One in particular is this 73 Dodge Dart Pro Stocker driven by Stuart McDade.I pretty much have everything to do it.I have several MPC 76 Dart kits.I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to make a 73-74 Dart Sport grille and tailights.I picked up the Slixx Don Carlton sheet which has most of the sponser logos I need.I will need to have someone who custom makes decals to do Stuart’s name on the doors.
  3. Very nice work!👍 I like the way you adapted the AMT T-Bird front clip and rear trailing arms/rear end to the AMT M/C kit chassis.I have a couple of Monte Carlos and Chevelles I want to do that on.
  4. Looks great man! I can’t wait to see it finished👍
  5. I got mine yesterday too
  6. Awesome work Steve! All the details you added makes it one of the best 442 Olds models I have seen!
  7. Nice work so far! I was wondering if this kit has the full windshield included and is this the same kit as the street burner kit?
  8. I have all three of my holy grails so I’m good😁
  9. Just completed a trade with JC Reckner(afx) Everything went smooth and he is a definitely good trader.
  10. Guy,I hope you post up some pics of your other drag models.You do some killer work!
  11. Very nice work! Is the hood or scoop a resin item?
  12. Very nice work Tim!!!
  13. Thanks for the info guys.I think the ones in the 1st issue Monogram GT-350 kit are closer to what I need.I didn’t realize Scenes Unlimited made resin Crager G/T wheels.I actually need them for another build.Thanks again.
  14. Is there an resin aftermarket source or a older kit that might have had these wheels as a option?
  15. Yes.That same air cleaner is in the AMT 66 Jenkins Nova too.
  16. Found a soap box derby stand.Still looking for a stock chrome air cleaner from the AMT 66 Nova kit.I have other parts to trade for it.
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