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  1. Nice! Did you have those custom made by Polecat? They are not on the website.
  2. Sweet! I will definitely purchase the Willy T Motorcraft version when it comes back up for purchase again.
  3. This pic is of a speed shop that was in downtown Greensboro,North Carolina. I don’t remember the car but I do remember that place.
  4. I was at the Auto Fair this past weekend in Charlotte,North Carolina to look for some parts for my 1:1 project I am working on and ended picking up the Chevelle and Bronco instead.I picked up the MPC Wheeler Dealer M/C,chopper and trailer in a trade with a fellow modeler.Been looking for one for pretty good while. Definitely a bucket list deal for me👍
  5. That is NICE! I followed the WIP on it.Super clean work👍
  6. Really nice work on both Luminas Neil!👍
  7. I got the engine a week ago and it is nice! I will definitely order more stuff from you soon!👍
  8. I got a Dodge Resin short bed from Trailer Trash customs a couple of months ago and it is nice.
  9. Nice work! Reminds me of the 1:1 my friend sold several years ago.Here’s a pic of it
  10. Super clean work and I love the stance👍
  11. I have a 5.9 Cummins diesel engine/trans coming from Texas 3D Customs.I will post pics of it when it arrives.
  12. Nice work Chris!👍 Who made the exhaust dumps?
  13. Nice work! Are the quarters from the Johan 69 GTX?
  14. Nice work! The color looks great on it👍
  15. My fault. I guess I don’t know enough about Diesel engines🤦 I found this one on eBay made by this company. It even has a transmission included.I decided to purchase this one.
  16. This weeks haul from the mailman.The Salvinos Petty Charger has the vinyl wrap instead of decals and the California Street Vette is one of those bucket list models for me😆
  17. You are right about that.Thinking about modifying a 3D printed or resin 5.9 Cummins Diesel engine to get what I need.
  18. Does anybody know if this engine is still being produced? Looking for one for a project.
  19. I built that same kit a couple of years ago.Other than some problems with the interior going into the body I didn’t have any trouble with it.I was looking forward to seeing your Elcamino finished up.
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