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  1. Does Kevin/Missing Link have a website? I could not find anything online other than his eBay store.I would definitely like to purchase this conversion.
  2. I tried sending Dominick a PM about the grills,but he has not responded back yet.Has anyone else had any luck getting in contact with him?
  3. Awesome work Kirk! 👍
  4. Just completed a trade with Khils(Kevin) Everything went smoothly and I would not hesitate to trade with him again.Definitely a good trader! Thanks again man👍
  5. Traded.No longer available.
  6. This is kit I want to trade for
  7. I have a Johan Rambler kit to trade.It is in mint condition and all the bags are sealed.I am looking to trade for a Johan Torino stock car in the same condition.I will include a Harts parts resin 69 Rambler bench seat interior to go with it.
  8. Who makes the Dodge short bed and do you have a link to purchase one?
  9. I got these three in the mail today.The Skyline was a eBay purchase and the Rivi and Super Bee I got in a trade with Oldcarfan27👍
  10. I just completed a trade with Oldcarfan27(Patrick) Everything went good and I would definitely trade with him again👍
  11. Looking forward to seeing this conversion.It took years for me to find a 74 Camaro kit/built up at a decent price.
  12. I would love to see that Wheeler Dealer Monte Carlo released but wasn’t that tool modified? I would like to see that MPC 71 Road Runner released too.
  13. I got these two kits several months ago.Although I liked watching the Munsters as a kid,I have no desire to build either one. Both are sealed. The cellophane is coming off the side of the Dragula kit.Looking for a Revell 68 Firebird kit and a Revell Nascar Dodge Intrepid kit( Elliot,Newman or Marlin versions).Either kit can be sealed or opened as long as they are complete.
  14. Some stuff I got in the mail in the last couple of weeks.Looking forward to getting back to building since I have been in the hospital for over a month for double pneumonia.I was released recently and hopefully I can return to building in a couple of weeks.
  15. I found the listing for the Reliable Resin hood on the Bay that already ended.I know and have heard about the long wait and excuses for his resin items.I tried bidding on a original Johan hood this week but it went for crazy money!
  16. Do you know who/what company is doing the hood in resin?
  17. I know this might be a longshot,but I am looking for this hood for a Johan 69 Javelin project.If anybody has one,let me know.I will take a resin copy also.Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the prayers Gator👍It has been rough.I hope to get back to building soon!
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