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  1. Where or how did you make the pedals???? That's the cats behind there!
  2. Great job! I'm green with envy! Hope one day I can build them like that! Tell me, what is this "Silhouette Machine" you speak of? Please tell me more! Thank You
  3. Hello. I'm fixing to retire in August. Want to build the models I saved, Finish the ones I started and to re-build the ones I already built. Been awhile since I built one and from pictures I've seen of some of the ones being built now, mine aren't very good, lol. That's why I came here. I want to learn and need help. I counted and listed the ones I have. There are 112 I have to work on. By the time I get to number 112 I hope to have improved a bunch!. #1 is a 1962 Dodge Dart from Johan.I've attached photos. Want to take it apart and start over. The frame, exhaust and everything on the bottom is one piece. There is really no front end, will have to build my own. Will definitely need help on all of it. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you! I'll try over there. The pictures are of the Dodge, as it is now. Yes. want to separate frame and rear end and front end, which doesn't exsist. Real exhaust , etc. Plan on being on here a lot after retirement (Super28 <-----after Davey Allison)
  5. The dates here are about 4 years old. Anybody here? I'm fixing to retire in August and plan on building And re-building models. Need a good place to get help on issues as I go. First one is a Johan 1962 Dodge Dart. The whole frame and chassic is one piece. Want to separate and rebuild. Will need help in tp re-build
  6. Thank You. That really does help. Guess put in request for which ever you need and see if you get a response. Thank you for taking time to help me!
  7. I'm fixing to retire and thinking about getting back into model building. Got some questions for you pros out there 1. Looking at models in these magazines, where do they get the emblems and lettering on the outside from? ie: Impala, cross flag emblem on chevolets, ford ovals. If you paint a model , you lose that detail and you need it for the model to look good. 2. Wheres a good source to buy parts like this, or photo etched parts, after maket parts, ie: tires , wheels, etc? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
  8. Thank you. Where do you find photo etched lettering/ emblems? P.S. The Nova looks great!
  9. OK, I need some help from you. How do you get the "Nova" and "427" emblems to look so good?
  10. I'm fixing to retire and plan on doing some model car building. I use to do it on the side. I have some questions I would like to get answers to from people that have learned the answer to. ie: The lettering and emblems on the exterior of 1/24 or 1/25 cars. I've seen pictures of some of these cars that people been doing for awhile and the emblems and letters are excellent, ("Impala", or Chevolet emblem) . How do you do it? Is there a place that sells these?
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