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  1. Started on the Riv. I have a junk body on the way to create a mild flare to the fenders. Thanks Pat. I'm going to remove the front license plate holder and smooth down the bumper so that it meets nicely with the Challenger fairing.
  2. Congrats Kurt, a terrific model. I have saved an image to the Cannonball winner file. You are in good company.
  3. You know what's been bugging me about this build? Whether to build the fresh and clean at the starting line racer or the mid race, kinda thrashed and filthy racer. The dirty version would be more realistic perhaps but that's the sort of thing I do a lot of. I'm quite torn to be honest.
  4. Bill I always look forward to your year end build summary. Tremendous work as usual.
  5. Looking good. Most old trucks came with a black floor mat as far as I know. As for the seats most folks still driving an old truck with nasty seats would throw an old blanket over them. Maybe try something like this. This is a printed pattern on cloth. Check the quilting section in your local craft store for printable swatches.
  6. Jantrix

    12 for 21

    Terrific stuff. A collection to be proud of.
  7. Tremendous work! Great paint and execution. 1st place winners in any contest I've been to.
  8. Guys, thanks very much for the ataboys. 2021 has been rough on the old homestead and things finally seem to be going our way. I've a new job that is better in every way possible, so I'm hoping to get more modeling done, as well as more done on the farm. Ya'll have a good New Year. Our best wishes to all.
  9. Patrick, I'm sure someone is doing it. During my research for the build, I came across a few adds for stripped down Vipers, for sale, that were suggesting that very thing. https://tamrazs.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/giving-roadkills-vette-kart-a-competitor/ With the power the Viper has, it's not a stretch to think there are many that were wrecked by drivers foolish enough to put their foot into one, without some sort of racing training or experience. I saw a hot rod show (Speed is the New Black?) that went to an engine shop that specialized in rebuilt Viper V10s. So the secondary market for used parts is strong I'm sure.
  10. My wife and I caught Disney's Jungle Cruise last night. Another Disney World attraction brought to life if you will. Its a lot of "turn off your brain and just enjoy it" action, that probably would have worked better as a completely animated film. It is entertaining, but don't expect any Oscars forthcoming. A fun story and good characters.
  11. A terrific group. Well done.
  12. Great stuff. I know what you mean about homesteading. I've never had less time for modeling than I do now and that includes my time in the service. I just need to get as much modeling as I can while there's snow on the ground.
  13. The Olds has to be one of my favorite for the year. Everything about it just works so well. Ataboy.
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