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  1. Jantrix added a post in a topic Taking photos of models   

    Some great advice here, but lets not assume you need a photo booth and a camera to share your work.
    These were done with my Samsung Galaxy S6 smart-phone sitting on a couple books, against a piece of poster board with some extra lights added.
    For an amateur they are pretty good and just for sharing with you folks I can't really justify spending more.

  2. Jantrix added a post in a topic Darlinton throwback paint schemes   

    IMHO, Rusty's black/gold MGD Pontiac was the best looking modern stock car.
  3. Jantrix added a post in a topic LHD Seven   

    Scale - Master indeed. Just amazing work. Each part is a model in itself.
  4. Jantrix added a post in a topic Nonsense.   

    This one made me smile. I don't mind Foose or anyone else too much, but in my opinion Sam was the man. His work was so custom, it didn't look custom, just gorgeous. This '50 Buick really trips my trigger.

  5. Jantrix added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    More chassis work. Getting the exhaust locations set.

  6. Jantrix added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Understand completely. The Charger has the potential to be one the best models I've ever done, and of my favorite car. So I'm gonna keep at it but I will not rush it to complete my Dec 1. 
  7. Jantrix added a post in a topic Foose Cadillac   

    So. After perusing the kit, reading the comments and staring at the body for a while, here's my plans for the kit.
    Caddy engine and wide whites + sombreros from the Revell '49 Merc. 
    Of the custom changes to the body, the swept back windshield and roof are the most unsightly. However they do bring to mind the roofline of the '53 Stude Starliner. So I'm gonna do some measuring and see if the Stude roof is a good donor. In my minds eye it seems a good option that will make this custom a bit less modern, yet keep the overall look of the car intact.
  8. Jantrix added a post in a topic 32 Ford Jet Rod   

    I once knew a guy that had one of these. 
    Looks fantastic. I'd love to know where you get a lot of your jet parts.
  9. Jantrix added a post in a topic How much have you spent on a build?   

    How do you get through life without managing your expenses? I don't normally keep track of every penny I spend on models, but when a model requires more than average resources, I tend to take notice. Not to mention the fact that I do keep a rough estimate of hobby expenditures keeps me in the black with my wife. So that when a new kit comes out she's happy to indulge me. 
  10. Jantrix added a topic in General   

    How much have you spent on a build?
    It's a source of pride for many of us how inexpensive this hobby is, compared to many others available to us. I spend more on handgun ammo yearly than I do on my models. Anyone into RC anything is the same way.
    Having said that, whats the most you have invested in any particular build? I know that large scale is more expensive by their very nature and aftermarket is much more hard to find. So for the sake of comparison, lets just keep the discussion to 1/24 or 1/25.
    Personally, my most expensive required four kits to be purchased and parted out using ebay, so about $70. A few aftermarket parts, evergreen stock, paint and other incidentals another $25. So all told, somewhere in the realm of $100 for my Cherry 2000 movie car. Most of my work is much less than that, perhaps half.

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  11. Jantrix added a post in a topic '35 Mercedes Benz Hot Rod - "Mad'am"   

    I have the roadster version that I'm also planning to hot rod, so I will be paying close attention.
  12. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell '70 Charger   

    New tool?
  13. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell 4 Quarter 2017   

    I noticed that too. The nailhead was terrific. I hope it's not gone for good.
  14. Jantrix added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    I finally have a roller. Lots of chassis work yet to do.