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  1. How Many Do You Work On At Once?

    I always have multiples in progress but NEVER more than one on the bench at the same time. That way lies madness.
  2. Like most of us, I've dreamed of building a hot rod in my garage. I live in a dry climate and there are project cars to be had. However, last fall, my wife and I bought and moved out to a little 10 acre farm in a canyon. We have a creek that runs through it, it's a little slice of heaven. However, it is ten miles off a paved road. Once you get in our canyon, the roads get a little rough. Not something you'd want a low slung hot rod bouncing along. So it occurs to me I might have to tweak my hot rod plans. It might end up looking more like this. My current WIP. AMT '40 Panel, chassis (slightly modified) and engine from the Monogram 4x4 Ranger, with a few Ford engine goodies from the Revell '32 5 window. Wheels and tires from the AMT Jeep Commando.
  3. '50 Ford dual cowl

    Very unique. Great planning and execution. Well done.
  4. 36 Ford coupe rebuild

    I like it. Nice work.
  5. Okay. This build is now number one on my hit parade after finishing my Willys. I got some time this weekend to finalize the wheelbase and carve up the fenders.
  6. Scale Engines that run...

    Perhaps its the difference of time vs. reward. If my models required thousands of hours to accomplish, for a static art piece, I'd never crack open a kit. These functional motors, 99% of the time, are static art pieces. And the 1% of the time they are turned on, the have no purpose aside to make noise. No doubt they are amazing from a workmanship and aesthetic standpoint. But if I'm going to spend thousands of hours building an engine, by golly, it would have a purpose beyond making noise and consuming fuel.
  7. Scale Engines that run...

    Am I the only one who don't really get the point of building such a thing?
  8. AMT 57 Ford Hardtop News

    We're gonna have to agree to disagree on that. This is the bomb.
  9. Battle damaged B-17 G (1/64)

    Good effort. I think you could take the realism further. Torn metal would show siver in places where the paint was removed. Scorch marks also. As you can see from the bottom pic, there's a lot more going on in the structure of the plane than just torn fuselage. Add some wiring and cables and really bump up the realism.
  10. 3d printed wire wheels

    That is very impressive.
  11. 1966 Country Squire in resin. First photos

    Understandable. How will you be able to protect the woork? It seems to be the bane of every resin caster out there. And what kit would provide the engine / chassis?
  12. 41 Willys patina rod

    Thanks Jim. Much appreciated. Thanks. That was a big reason why its there and why it has a turbo. I just gotta be a bit different.
  13. I'd agree, but man that was a lot of work compared to building a taller pipe rack.
  14. 32 5 window 494c

    Excellent work, I like it.
  15. Hood straps?

    Excellent advice thanks guys. Bill that looks pretty good.