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  1. The fit of the rear fenders to the body can be kinda wonky. Some judicious sanding around those areas is recommended. Also the inline 6 from the Monogram 53' Chevy fits very nicely in there. Enjoy.
  2. The grey roadster was a personal challenge to come up with a deuce the way I would want one if I had the means. So this is the Revell roadster, channeled the width of the frame. The flathead that came in the sedn kit, and '39 Chevy headlights. The grill was made from two pick up truck rear fenders sandwiched together and then had slots cut. Wheels and tires from the Revell '29 Model A pickup. Paint is Duplicolor Graphite and Testors Wet Look Clear. The blue one is a late 80's build when I was 18 or so. AMT kit, slightly lowered with an SBC.
  3. Thanks Glenn, I'll look into both.
  4. I'm stil looking for this part. Please PM me if you can help.
  5. I commend you on your experimental, throw-away-the-box thinking, but what was the main thought here? I'm intensely curious. Why not just use a modified 51 Chevy or Charger plastic body?
  6. I have this kit and the custom AMT set aside. I'll be taking notes here. Good work so far.
  7. I do like the LT5 though, nice choice to get it Cannonball ready. As late model engines go, it's a good looking engine.
  8. In the past I have "dictated" the theme for at least the first six runs and we had some excellent runs. I think the Vannonball was my only faux pas in that regard. We didn't start polling for the theme until quite late in our 14 years. In the end, it is your CBP and we have had some good response to the idea. There are a LOT of kits to choose from and lots of options. Whats available from Fujimi and Tamiya alone is enough to make your head spin. My $0.02.
  9. Thanks very much, everyone. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks guys. Tim, great to see you on the forums. I miss seeing your work at the Florida contests.
  11. I'm doing new photos of some of my older builds, so I'll post them up as I go. This is the AMT '65 Lincoln. I used the station wagon parts to create a four door pick up, used a lot of the custom parts from the kit, then scratch built the racks and the boards. A fun build. The boards may seem too long on the model, but for an old school long board they are pretty correct to scale.
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