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  1. Jantrix added a post in a topic Cal-Trac Traction Bars   

    Very simple to scratch up.

  2. Jantrix added a post in a topic Rags   

    I've used the same trick with paper towels to create, el cheapo seat covers in a beater, and on 3" shotgun cleaning swatches too.
  3. Jantrix added a post in a topic Cartoons to return?   

    $40 for digital only sub? That's only bi-monthly? I can understand that they are just starting up, but man that is steep.
  4. Jantrix added a post in a topic 55 Cameo Pro Touring build UPDATE 2-7-16 BODY PAINTED   

    Very nice! Paint looks super smooth. Well done.
  5. Jantrix added a post in a topic When a hobby goes too far ?   

    Oh I agree completely.
  6. Jantrix added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    My detailing usually has to do with whatever is going to stand out most on a model. The body? The interior? The engine? Almost never all of the above. Whatever is likely to pull the eye on the model. This keeps me from taking forever on builds.
  7. Jantrix added a post in a topic Glasspack Mufflers `60-`70 vintage   

    Quite right. And they are pretty nice.

  8. Jantrix added a post in a topic Dipmobile? Build idea? Anyone?   

    I'm sure theres a wacky Thom Daniels kit that you could do a version of this with. Something with a tank on it maybe.
  9. Jantrix added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Testors & Model Master Lacquers - no candies?
    Has anyone seen any candy or transparent colors from Testors One Shot Lacquers or Model Master Lacquer System?
    I have not. I wonder why considering the popularity of candy colors in the hobby?
    Is there a chemical reason? Maybe lacquer is a poor paint type for transparent colors?
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  10. Jantrix added a post in a topic Anything Good at Harbor Freight?   

    Yep. But for the relatively gentle use they get at the hobby bench, they do fine.
    I've bought clamps, calipers, files, sandpaper, needlenose pliers and flush cut diagonal cutters. 
    Also for one or two time use tools I recommend them. I needed a socket big enought to change out a heating element in the my hot water heater. I got a whole set of them for $15. You can't beat it.
  11. Jantrix added a post in a topic '41 Plymouth Gasser Barn Find - Updated 2-07   

    Looking good ............um bad.....................but in a good way Bernard. 
  12. Jantrix added a post in a topic For Trade - Monogram 1966 Mustang GT 350H 1/24   

    A deal has been made. Thanks folks.
  13. Jantrix added a topic in Trading Post   

    For Trade - Monogram 1966 Mustang GT 350H 1/24
    It's the Revell Motor City Muscle version. Still factory sealed. I'm told its a pretty good kit.
    I'm looking for hot rods and muscle cars from the 20's to the 60's. No real pressing needs just shoot me a PM with a list of what you have trade.
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  14. Jantrix added a post in a topic Dupli-color paints   

    1. Are they more toxic than tamiya TS acrylic paints? Would it be fine if i spray Duplicolor outdoors with a mask (not respirator)?
    Yep. Wear a respirator. Your health is the most important thing.
    2. Would it be okay to spray Testors gloss enamel over it?
    It should work, best to test on a spoon or spare hood or something. 
    3. Would it be okay if i use tamiya primer under the dupli color?
    Again, it should work. It's hard to do better than Duplicolor primer. I usually put it under everything.
    4. Any other advice on using Duplicolor?
    Get a good clear. Most every Duplicolor I've used, dried matte. I'm sure some of that is the humidity, but it polishes out fine and then I use the Testors Lacquer Wet Look Clear.
  15. Jantrix added a post in a topic Mud Flaps   

    I have a build that will call for them shortly. I was planning to try plastic medical tape, with the adhesive removed with acetone. A little flat black should take care of the rest. That's the plan anyway.