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  1. With all that room up front seems an SBC will look small in there. Given any thought to a stovebolt from the AMT '51 or '37 kits? They both have some nice dress up parts. Looks like a fun project.
  2. It's the custom option intake from the AMT '69 Riviera. Some sort of fuel injection I think.
  3. Me too! I know how it will appear in it's final form, but finish? I've no idea how I'm going to paint this. I've got about 6 ideas and can't decide on anything. Suggestions welcome. Oh and btw, I've decided that unlike the real hot rod, I'm going to include the vent windows on the doors. For two reasons. One, I think the cab just looks more correct that way, more vintage perhaps. And two, I don't have to try to cut off the vent window portions of the clear piece. Which is always dicey. I'll also be leaving the side spears which I've always liked on these Chevys.
  4. I'll be following along. Very neat ideas.
  5. I'm pretty well recovered from the Covid. My sense of taste and smell seem to be on permanent hiatus, sadly. Got the fender wells, firewall and cab floor fitting pretty well with the engine. Very happy. Time to pick some seats.
  6. So this is my plans for the bed. A few years ago I came across a pickup at a Billetproof event who used parts of a Eat at Joes type billboard for his bed. I thought I'd spice it up a bit.
  7. Here's my two troublemakers. The black and white fella is Gomez and the smaller black one is Tish, his sister. Their mom was a black lab/weimer cross and the dad was great dane/boxer cross. Made for some pretty goofy animals, but we love 'em.
  8. That looks terrific. I dig it.
  9. I tested positive for Covid yesterday so I'm on 10 day quarantine. My symptoms are like an allergy attack. Not too bad. On the bright side, bench time! I've got the Chevy on all fours and the ride height is set. More soon.
  10. Lets be honest, as a group of hobbyists without new blood entering our circle, we're all getting older. I know many of us who have switched to large scale because our vision is getting worse, our hands shake or the old arthritis is making modeling more difficult. So is it a trend that more large scales are showing at the shows? Maybe, but it's likely a result of modelers adapting to changing health. In the past, larger scale options were pretty limited but 3D printing has changed that. The only constant in the world is change. Like Gunny Highway said, improvise, adapt, overcome. If you can't beat 'em , join 'em. Having said that, honestly I don't think it matters that much. I've competed at GSL and let me tell you scale doesn't mean squat when you are competing against builders of that caliber.
  11. I did a '69 Cougar like this nearly ten years ago. It was a lot of fun. Let me know if the photos are gone. I see them with the Photobucket watermarks on them.
  12. Specifically some extended control arms, front and rear, for some IRS and some fat nasty springs. I can't think of a kit that has them so maybe the resin/3d printed aftermarket? Any recommendations?
  13. Will do. But if I was only worried about how well a vehicle performs on my gravel roads and snow, I'd buy another Highlander. It's been a great car. The best I've ever owned. BUT, it's not built for the conditions I live in. It's designed to get the the kids to soccer practice and the folks to the office. I need something built more truck-like. So a V6 4Runner sounds like my best bet. In any case, I'm determined to get another two years out of the Highlander. I've just put $3K into the front end and I intend to get some use out of it as the engine and tranny are still going strong.
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