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  1. Same here. I expect it's a cost savings measure.
  2. I've had it leave a residue. I hope you don't have that issue.
  3. I recieved my parts last week. Pretty happy. I will start this one soon.
  4. Slowly but surely. She's finally on all four paws.
  5. Thanks Claude. The original plan for this was something of a super rat rod. When I decided on the kart idea, it was easy to switch gears. Dennis Neal, a friend and terrific modeler on my Facebook modeling page suggested the 3D printed injectors after he'd done one. It was a no brainer really. I'll hit the interior parts with some dullcoat today.
  6. A little work on the interior.
  7. Gary, glad to see your work on the forums again. This looks terrific. Well done sir.
  8. This kit is double tough to get low in the rear. I added lowering blocks between the spring and axle and ended up with the axle nearly on the frame. And it's still not low enough. I thought the rake looked cool so I left it. To get much lower will take some chassis surgery.
  9. This is my WIP for the Chevy. There really isn't a huge mystery technique. Layer your body color paints in thin coats. I stagger my primers. Grey in one area, red oxide in another. Then two body colors, one over the other. When dry, wet sand gently in the areas that will weather the most either by salt, sun or water. This is the important step. The sanded surface is rough enough to catch the wash and create the surface rust appearance. I just thin down some burnt umber with water, create a wash, and brush it on, using more in the areas that will rust more. If theres too much, I wick it off with a paper towel. If your not happy with it, a toothbrush and water will take most of it off, and try again. Enjoy.
  10. Thanks guys.I'm glad you like it.
  11. I thin them down with water and use them as a wash when weathering. Very effective for the surface rust type of finish.
  12. Sadly Rich hasn't been around in a couple of years.
  13. Thanks Dann. I'm not looking forward to masking off the windshield for the black border.
  14. Well, perfect would involve someone else doing all the work while I stand by with a cold glass of porter. 😁 But yes, things are pretty good on our little ten acre farm. I've a chicken coop, full of these odd little animals that leave little butt nuggets all over the place. Four goats that never seem to get enough food or attention. A garden that is doing very well. Our first heifer will arrive next week so I'm very glad I got the fence finished. I just turned 52 and the plan is to pay off the place by 63, and be on solar and wind by retirement.
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