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  1. Yep, what he said. When I am at a swap meet with $10 kits available, parts are my main focus.
  2. That's some very clean work right there and a terrific paint job. Well done.
  3. I completely agree. I'd hate to face off with this on a contest table. Really well thought out and executed.
  4. I wouldn't go so far as say drudgery, but I'll agree with everything else Bill said. I'll work for hours in the early phases, but when it's time to paint and assemble, I like to do a little bit at a time. 20-40 minutes here and there, paint and assemble the last pieces painted. This usually keeps my quality high because I'm not rushing.
  5. Another Idaho builder! Very nice. I'm in Mountain Home. Have you contacted the local model car club? Check out the Treasure Valley Car Modelers on Facebook.
  6. Eric, Bob thanks very much. I'm gonna scratch the coils and as they will be nearly invisible in this chassis, no need to do much more than hold the wires. Chassis is painted. It's a Krylon color that I really like called Oiled Bronze. In still trying to decide if I should do GTS blue, Viper red and their corresponding two tone interiors, or come up with something atypical for Vipers. Rear wing is in the works.
  7. Thanks. I've plenty of gear for the dio. I've seen those sets and wasn't impressed. I'll be back at it soon.
  8. So lately something called Vette Karts have been popping up on my Instagram and Pintrest. It's basically a C4 or C5 Corvette that's been stipped down to it's lowest common denominator. From what I've read it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing. Some say they existed before those Roadkill guys did one, others say it didn't. In either case, it looks like a helll of a fun thing to do with a car that isn't all that collectable or valuable, although I'm sure there might be some that are, for whatever reason. I've seen them built for the track, the dragstrip and off roading. Pretty crazy. So I thought that building one for my club corona build off would be fun. However, the only Vette I had that wasn't a picked over parts kit, was the Monogram Calloway. After perusing the kit, it was clear it was not going to be very suitable for the project. But I did however have a WIP Viper, that was sort of already being stripped down, so I busted it out and went further with the idea. First pic is the a Vette cart, the rest are the Viper (Revell GTS) from start to current status. I'm going to use the stock interior pieces, but cut up to look gutted of stereo, climate controls, etc. Stock wheels/tires as the stance is very good. I'll be adding a rear spoiler. Comments, criticism, and insane ideas are always welcome. More soon.
  9. My son is 27 and he loves these things. There are really well engineered, the fit/finish on them is phenominal. The go together REALLY well. For those on Facebook, check out a page called Weathered Models and you'll some folks doing amazing work with these Gundam kits. As the scale auto section of my local hobby shop has shrunk, the section for these has tripled in size. I'm with Ray, whatever gets folks building.
  10. Likely the nicest build up of that kit I have seen. Well done.
  11. That looks terrific. Nicely done. I hope to get back at mine during this Covid19 stay at home fiasco.
  12. This looks great. Right there with ya. I like everything except the headlight wings.
  13. Call me cold hearted if you want, but that's natural selection at work folks.
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