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  1. Thanks David. One thing that gives the Plymouth such a low aggressive look is how low the front end is. I think the chin spoiler is a bit over the top, but the front bumper is low. So I removed the bumper mount and added a faring. I used a '40 Ford panel roof. I'll use the same piece to create the visor later. And I've decided to go with a classic Buick aircleaner.
  2. Engine shot. I will not be doing additional engine wiring and detailing. This reprieve has given me an opportunity to get some modeling done and I'd really like to get one done.
  3. That's the hard part for me, is that I was fired DESPITE the outstanding work I'd done in the past. My logical mind can't get over that. It was jaw dropping on Monday, and still is. But on the bright side, I have some good leads and a likely interview next week.
  4. Welcome back Tom. We've missed your fine work.
  5. Some suspension work. I like the ride height I've achieved. This kit was definitely not designed for a modern V8/tranny so I ended up shortening the radiator and pushing it forward on the chassis to make room for the engines length. I've added the X frame, tranny mount and front/rear suspension from the Monogram '37. Looking good. More soon. Oh and BTW, my employer was recently bought by a new parent company who assured us nothing was going to change, then promptly fired 16 of us this past Monday. Quite the gut punch. I've been laid off before, with near three months of heads up time, but never "get your stuff and get out" fired before. I'm bouncing back and forth between rage, depression, fear and "oh look, modeling time". And the real stinker of this is, this really was the perfect job. Decent pay, zero OT/weekends, great commute, good managers, great team, and a position I excelled at and was appreciated for. It lasted near four years. Oh well, thanks for reading.
  6. After some measuring it seems it's easier to adapt the '37 suspension to the '48 chassis than the '37 chassis to the '48. More soon.
  7. RRR, we are doing really well. Enjoying this area so much.
  8. Last year I spotted a really neat 50 Chevy duallie pickup online and I was super inspired to build something similar and my model turned out great. Last week I spotted this wicked 47 Plymouth built by Charles Darmanjian, and I'm off and running again. https://m.roadkillcustoms.com/charles-darmanjians-47-plymouth/amp/ I've decided to go forward with the Revell 48 Ford Custom. It's already got a rather aggressive Cobra Merc-esque chop and I think it's close enough to the Plymouth. I've nabbed the lowered chassis from the R-M 37 Ford coupe and the modern wheels and tires. The fender width is spot on, but the chassis will need to be shortened about a quarter inch. The engine will be a Monogram 97 Ford Nascar unit. I've dubbed it Stark Raven as it will be flat black like the Plymouth. But rather than adding the gloss elements, I'm gonna go with a titanium color. Starting this weekend. Can't wait. 😀
  9. I've decided to use a Monogram Ford V8 from the 1996 #88 T-Bird in a upcoming project. Where can find data on the engine? Displacement, torque, horsepower? I'm sure it's fast as heck, cuz it beat Earnhart that year, or so I've read, but I'd like to know more. Is there a website or other source for that data?
  10. The hard part for me is the act of parting out a kit that I paid retail price for. Like the Foose truck or Caddy for instance. I have a million ideas for those chassis' and powertrains, but parting out a kit I paint $30 for is tough.
  11. I really like this. The old school gasser racer with a carbon fiberhood, is kind of neat. The decal issue is likely a print shop faux pas, but I like Steve's idea and I'd go with it.
  12. Man, that's very impressive. Terrific work.
  13. In the quilting section of your local craft stores you can find printable cloth swatches. That's not what I used in this instance, I used lint free cloths like you might find in a machine shop or clean room, but they aren't cheap or easy to get. The printable quilting swatch should getcha the same effect.
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