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  1. Jantrix added a post in a topic The Official 2016/2017 Lowrider Tour   

    Plenty of lowriders do not have spokes. Is this not a lowrider? My point is, if you wish to have a successful CBP, you must give the builders as much creative freedom as possible. The second you set a rule that limits their options, you lose peoples interest. And trust me, limiting wheels/tires is a BIG limitation to any car guy. I'd be interested if that rule was omitted. I don't do what everyone else has done, it's not my style. 

  2. Jantrix added a post in a topic Fuzz Duster - Round 2 serves it up LAME!   

    I think this is a must have for me. I love the unusual and the "seldom done" so this is right up my alley. I love the look of the whole thing. After reading the review I've be really tempted to try the AMT '71 Duster street machine chassis and engine in this.

  3. Jantrix added a post in a topic 1958 Thunderbird   

    I've two of these kits. I'll be looking forward to your build.
  4. Jantrix added a post in a topic '53 Chevy track racer - minor update 9/21   

    A quick update. Not much to show as the body is together but doesn't look that much different from the mock up yet. Working on chassis fitment right now. One issue I have been wrestling with is the width of the track. One thing I didn't take into consideration when I determined that the chassis was the right width for the '53 body was how the stock car body's wheel arches flare out allowing for a wider track. In the '53 body, the tires stick out about 3 mils. After considering all options, I've decided to change out my wheel/tire choice. I considered wheel flares, but I wanted to keep the body lines pretty stock. Instead of the stock car wheels and tires, I'm using the wheels/tires from the AMT '05 300C. They are 3.3mm narrower without being too narrow and are the about 1mm less in diameter. They look remarkably good inside the '53 wheel wells. Also because of the large diameter wheels I can likely get them a little deeper into the wheel wells. Lot's of fabrication to do. I have decided to keep this kit and my tools with me here as my family moves northwest, so i can continue with the engineering. If all goes well, I should be able to do a complete mock up sans paint before I leave, with everything fitting perfectly. 

  5. Jantrix added a post in a topic Dad got a new toy today......   

  6. Jantrix added a post in a topic I need a model builder for old nascar models   

    I recommend an Ebay search. Use the keywords "nascar pro built" in the search function in the model section. There are usually a couple of builders selling builds there that might consider helping you out. But be aware, a decently built model involves 30 hours minimum. Be prepared that you will have to pay for that time. 
  7. Jantrix added a post in a topic Will Slow Down of Cottage Industry Slow the Hobby?   

    Business like nature, abhors a vacuum. When there is a market, someone will step up.
  8. Jantrix added a post in a topic Model railroad parts?   

    Thanks very much everyone. I really appreciate it. This was a gift from my grandfather who worked and retired from Erie Lackawanna. I'm not going to restore it, because anything old should have a  little wear, but I would like to replace the broken/missing parts. I'll look into all these leads. You guys rock. 
  9. Jantrix added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Model railroad parts?
    We have a huge cottage industry for this hobby. What about model railroad? Is anyone creating refurb kits for older railroad pieces? I have this engine with HUGE sentimental value that I'd love to restore from what my childhood did to it. It needs handrails and a horn. Anyone got any ideas? It's an AHM piece.

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  10. Jantrix added a post in a topic custom 70 gtx   

    Interesting idea. Good color and wheel and tire choice. 
  11. Jantrix added a post in a topic How did you get started in model building?   

    Dad is a car guy and built models as a kid in the 50's. He still had a few and I was always interested in them. I grew up a Hot Wheels kid so at about age 10 dad bought me a slew of flea market kits and some glue and set me to work. It was a great way to get through Long Island winters when there's not much to do. I kept it up during my teens but by the time I was 18 or 19 I was starting to wonder if I should give up the kid stuff because I didn't know anyone who still built. Luckily, during a visit to a hobby shop I voiced my concerns to the proprietor, and he handed me a copy of SAE and opened my eyes to what modeling is about as an adult. 
  12. Jantrix added a post in a topic AMT 1949 Ford body   

    Well I have a customized one, that wasn't working for me stylistically, if you'd like it, you are welcome to it. It has a chopped top, b-pillar removed and stock added to give it a business coupe look. Custom trim and the rolled pans from the kit added front and rear. It does need some more work, slight dip in the roof, maybe a drip rail added.

  13. Jantrix added a post in a topic Impressive   

    Wow. I'd no idea that ebay took that big a bite.
  14. Jantrix added a post in a topic Impressive   

    Wow. That  is amazing. If he had 60 hours in this piece (which seems reasonable and likely), it would come to about $48 dollars an hour. Which is a pretty good wage. My hats off to him. It's an excellent example on what your skill/patience/notoriety level would need to be, to make a living at this. But I'm with Bill, I don't think this would interest me. It would become work.
  15. Jantrix added a post in a topic Impressive   

    "Highly detailed interior featuring simulated "Rich Corinthian Leather" 
    I love that. It's fantastic to see someone who calls their stuff "pro-built" who lives up to the name. When you wonder about the folks who buy this stuff, in a lot of cases it's nostalgia. "That's just like the one dad had." And then bang, the credit card is out. For others, it's the thrill of buying a piece of art from a real artist. If you are a car guy, and not into conventional art, this is perfect.