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  1. I did a quick Google search and I can't find an example, so I figure only the fleetsides were duallys. So for you to do a stepside, your choices are add wheel tubs inside the bed and narrow the rear end, or add a tire width to the center of the rear fenders. As they weren't a factory option, I doubt anyone has popped them in resin.
  2. I bought some decal paper and printed them on my ink jet printer. Thanks very much. I'm hoping to get some time this weekend to get some more done.
  3. I've never cared for the baby fins on the '63.
  4. Jantrix

    Random Question?

    Testors One Coat White Lightning comes to mind.
  5. I might be down for that myself.
  6. This is the blown 409 from the venerable AMT 57 Chevy hardtop. A slight mod to the engine mounts and it fit very nicely.
  7. This one is on my hit parade too. I'll be following your lead I'm sure. My club did this. It didn't go over so well. Some members used it as a way to get rid of lousy kits. There were some upset people.
  8. I really admire the folks with the skills and patience to work in metals. To the point I think where I would find it a shame to apply paint. It's not something I would try, because I don't think my modeling ADD would allow me to put in that kinda time and get very far, regardless of materials. I probable put 30-60 hours in a build. Something like this would require hundreds. Nah, not for me.
  9. I love matte paint and this is a super clean build. Terrific.
  10. I found some decals I made for a previous build that seem to work well. Here's front bumper.
  11. Glad to see this back on the bench! Get er done!
  12. Well the image is already sort of faded and dinged up, so maybe just some grime? I'll print several and put one on a scrap body for experimentation. The front bumper will include the fairing like the 1:1 inspriation added to the super chunky front bumper from a 41 Plymouth. Not much scratch building. The rear one though. 😀
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