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  1. Need to give this a bump. Stil looking. I'll trade for a full kit/partial if I need to.
  2. Just a heads up. My building has ground to an absolute halt. Work on the farm sucks up most of my weekend and evening time. I'm planning on completely dismantling the hobby room and getting things set up and organized, to include an indoor spray booth and parts storage. At this time I have no plans for Cannonball 2020. I am hoping one of our usual suspects like Mike or Bruce will take the reins for next year. The last time I let a relative newcomer run it, he was a no-show for the full year and I ended up taking over. I need someone who has the time and interest, to run the whole enchilada to include choosing the theme. Please shoot me a PM, if you're interested. I will finish this run as admin, start the completed builds thread. Hopefully Mike will agree to do the poll again. Thanks guys.
  3. Well Jim I definitely think you get the "MOST UNUSUAL CANNONBALLER" award pretty much sewn up. And with guys like Mike, Bruce and Ralph in the field, that's saying something. I like what you accomplished. This is the ONLY build of this kit I have ever seen. Period. Based on that, I can imagine the quality of the kit. I think you did an admirable job. Ataboy.
  4. I'm also a fan of this car. I've got the kit and I'm planning on building it, just not sure how just yet. The dated engine, is an issue.
  5. This is an issue. We turn off a fair amount of modelers here, just by not commenting because we don't want to ataboy a deeply flawed model. Posting a model, getting 300 views and 2 comments is a real soul crusher. I have had club members tell me that this forum is full of snobs after having a bad experience with this. I've seen this many times both online and at contest. There is nothing for it sadly. I've been reported to admin for my comments.
  6. I was going to add both points.
  7. Jantrix

    how far we've come

    I owe SAE quite lot. When I was about 19 (1987) I was still putzing around with models. When I brought one out to show my dad, my mom chimed in, "Aren't you a little old for toy cars?" I thought about that quite a lot, because it had already been bouncing around in my mind. When I spotted my first issue of SAE in the hobby store, and saw the level of work from ADULTS(!!!), I felt completely vindicated. I saw those little plastic kits, not as toys, but as the canvas for art. I bought that issue and many more in the years that followed. It is likely I would not be a modeler today if it were not for that magazine. As for the things that have changed, it's all been for the better. So it's all good.
  8. I need 10 for a current project. I'm not going to pony up $20+ for two sets of aluminum ones. I'd prefer to make them if I can. I'd like to hear any methods you've come up with the properly flare the ends of either styrene or aluminum tube. Thanks.
  9. Terrific build. How did you accomplish the metallic gold numbers? They look like gold leaf.
  10. Very good work, but I'm not understanding the wires. If they are meant to be air lines or something, some matte clear brushed on will make them look more realistic.
  11. Ah. Thanks. I didn't know they did that release.
  12. Question. You specifically called this the Suicide Squad Batmobile. The kit is from BvS if I'm not mistaken. What was different between the two that you are trying to show?
  13. Man I really like this. I really like the look of the y-block. Classic hot rodding at its best.
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