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  1. 2019 CBR - the Vannonball Run!

    I like it Pat. I'm doing the same kit. I'll be heading in a hot rod ice cream truck direction. I'm doing big/little wheels and tires, with a blown SBC from the Revell '30 Model A. Not sure yet if I'm doing a gloss paint job or another weathered ride. My last Cannonballer was weathered so I'm leaning towards gloss, red fenders with a white cab. I'm currently trying to modernize the suspension from the pasrt boxes. My normal go-to is to dig into another kit, but that habit has really increased my parted out kits collection to uncomforable levels lately.
  2. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    I quite agree. It looks much better. I was only throwing out options, not comparing them. A combination of the Vette engine ands parts from the others would create a fine looking piece indeed. If I had all three I would give that a try for my Quicksilver '60 Chevy. Ah heck I might try it anyway.
  3. Bill I could spend a day on your website. As always terrific work.
  4. Dodge Charger by MPC

    Quick question. Whenever I've seen someone do a vinyl top, they put the trim down first (before paint) with half round stock or whatever, but you did not. How do you plan to do the chrome trim around the base of the top?
  5. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    Hmm. I was pretty big on Monogram kits as a kid. These were some favorites that I built as an adult and still enjoyed. I'm also gathering up (slowly) some Johans that I liked a lot. Not built yet though.
  6. De Tomaso Mangusta

    There is a 1/20 Bandai kit and a 1/24 kit from Japan. Odds are these are out of production and would be expensive.
  7. 48 ford

    The paint, the engine, I dig it. The wheels, sorry no. The are rubbing on the wheel wells and the front wheels would be unable to steer. If mechanical correctness is a concern to you, then a change must be made. If you're just going for a cool shelf model and you like it, go for it.
  8. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    The Monogram '39 Chevys as well.
  9. 1970 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

    It appears in the photos that the front wheel isn't centered in the wheel well. Is there a wheel base difference between the '68 and the Snap '70? Terrific work. I recently did the AMT '70 for a friend and wasn't happy with it.
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I see stuff like this occasiuonally on the local Facebook Classified Page for my town. "I need X stuff really badly. But I'm a single mom/ disabled/ unemployed/ sick so it would have to be free." "I need a job. But I don't have a car. Can someone help me out with rides? Cuz I'm a single mom/ disabled/ unemployed/ sick so it would have to be free." "I need a new place, cuz my ex is abusive. Does anyone have a room? But I'm a single mom/ disabled/ unemployed/ sick so it would have to be free until I can get a job, but I don't have a car, so I'll need help with rides." ETC. ETC. WHO IS RAISING THESE MORONIC, ENTITLED, USELESS PEOPLE? My sons are 22 and 25 and they come to me with crazy stories of their peers. I weep for the future.
  11. Very nice. Keep it going!
  12. 1966 Thunderbird custom

    I dig it. Very cool Jim.
  13. how many models have you built?

    Not counting the glue bombs of my youth, I figure around 55-60 since I started really trying to improve my work, which I started around age 20. I have about 45 currently. A big box of early work was stolen during a military move in the late 90's. Unfortunately a good deal of them would be very expensive to replace in todays market. Due to other hobbies, work, family etc, I only built three or less per year.
  14. Monogram's 69 Camaro Series

    I was just planning on modifying the Monogram parts.
  15. Monogram's 69 Camaro Series

    We have kicked around this particular engine a couple of times. If done per the instructions the engine wouldn't work. Check out Accel Turbosonic stuff online to get fucntional setups.