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  1. Like most of us I think, I have about 12 models in some sort of work-in-progress mode. After a while though, I tend to look at some of them and say, "I'm over it" or "I was really in the wrong direction here" or finally, "Man, I really screwed this up". Then they go from WIP to parts kits. I figure this is healthy for me, keeping me creative and good parts don't sit unused. Also the thought of the WIPs just sitting there is a bit of a downer making me less inclined to build in any case? Anyone like me or are you a "I'll finish it eventually", type and it will wait on the shelf in perpetuity?
  2. Very impressive. You did a remarkable job.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I love oddball engines and this is right up my alley.
  4. Wow. You traveled quite a ways for this show. Southlandz is always good. I'm not a fan of public vote contests, but Delaun and his crew do pretty well. Always a good swap meet too.
  5. I have created a Completed Builds thread. Please post your best photos of your build. Again, I apologize for my lack of attention and participation. It's been a crazy year. As I've mentioned before, I do not plan to run a 2020 CBR. I just don't have enough build time lately. If someone else wants to, you have my blessing.
  6. If you have completed a build for the 2019 Cannonball Run CBP, please post it here. Please give a us a good description of the work done and models used and a maximum of six photos that show off your model to it's best advantage. As I've said before, NO ONE has ever won this with lousy photos. If you've just come to look, please leave no comments. Please put your atta-boys in the main build thread. Let's leave this clear so we just have photos to peruse when it comes down to the voting. Thanks.
  7. I do plenty of flat paint jobs. BMF is no problem over it. However as using BMF requires a lot of handling, you should use a flat clear over the body first to protect the flat paint or else you risk getting shiny spots from handling, resulting in a real blotchy and uneven finish. I speak from experience.
  8. My favorite muscle car are the first gen Chargers. When HW released this in 2000, I picked it up and I've collected every variant of it I could find since. I have about 20 so far. That's the extent of my collecting.
  9. It is my understanding that the kit is originally AMT. Somehow it ended up with Lindberg for the longest time and now Round2 has all. I love where you are going with this hot rod. I'll be following.
  10. Jantrix

    1970 Firebird TA

    Very slick. Great color choice and a super clean build. Nice work.
  11. I try to keep it right around 80 kits. It's a managable number, they stay in one location and within arms reach of the work bench.
  12. Looks like the two closest IPMS chapters to you are Salem and Lebanon.
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