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  1. I figured there'd be some chat about this show, after I saw a couple episodes recently. I appreciate how nice you folks are being. It's clear that from a quality standpoint he's not on the level of most of us. But it's also clear he doesn't want to be. The fact that he twists off the parts and brush paints most of the model, makes that clear enough. But he's very passionate about model building. He likes the quick build, a few days at the most. I have been watching this fella on Barret Jackson for years and he has forgotten more about cars than most of us will ever know. He has mentioned model kits on BJ many, many times. I've heard that he does a LOT of hotel room building, so the unpainted folk art photos, I think stem from that. Steve, if you're lurking, keep doing what you do. Kits are meant to be built and to no ones satisfaction but our own.
  2. David, I have found employment but it's not what I'd call ideal. I've taken about a 30% hit in the paycheck and second shift bites it. And going from a bench tech position to something more physical has been a challenge. But I'm getting used to it slowly. A little less sore very day. Honestly the roller chain steering wheel is my least favorite part of the Plymouth. It was never going to make it to the model. BTW, also the visor will not be added. The Plymouth is unchopped so the visor looks good. But the Ford is chopped from the kit, and with a visor it looks rather silly.
  3. My wife surprised me with an Anycubic Photon Mono resin printer for Fathers Day and I've been perusing the most popular sites for model car .stl files but I've found almost nothing. And when I do it's very slanted towards the import car enthusiast. Does anyone know of a site site that might have more of a selection? I'd like both free and pay-for sites. Once I get good with this thing, I'm happy to pay for good files. BTW, whatever I print will be for personal use only. I've no interest in selling parts, I've little enough to time to devote to the hobby as it is. I'm interested in hot rod and muscle/sports cars.
  4. I've finally got a finish on the body that I'm happy with. A smooth flat black is harder to accomplish than I thought. I'll let it flash for a few days and get it finished.
  5. Very very nice. With some cool paint choices, you turned a somewhat dated 80's billet pro-street , and given it a modern twist. Well done.
  6. Hi guys. Spencer that red rocket is just amazing. As I've progressed with this Corvette, as I've never built one, it's sort of turned into, "if I was going to built a C3 Corvette for myself, this is how I'd do it". So lots of body smoothing. No side markers, no reverse lights, no bumpers, no door handles, no scripts or badges. Custom air cleaner. The color will be suede Testors De Ja Blue. Enjoying the build.
  7. My Vette is coming along very well. Happily, the racer kit comes with some of the stock parts, so I've added a stock exhaust system. I've debadged the body and got a lot painted. The body will be blue suede. I'll do some mild weathering just to show she's got some miles on her.
  8. Well the weber intake isn't gonna do it. Not exactly low profile.
  9. At least one of the Revell Model A releases included OHV Riley head and covers. A dual carb intake and a header.
  10. Thanks Dann. Here's the finished thread.
  11. Jantrix

    '49 Mercury

    That looks just terrific. Well done sir!
  12. Thanks guys. I appreciate the ataboys.
  13. I am ready to start my Cannonball Vette. I'm looking forward to this one. Although I have cannibalized many Corvette kits over the years, I've never actually built one. The John Greenwood '68 lends itself to this CBP very well. The interior is pure racing, and the engine is set up that way as well, BUT, the kit is based on the Revell '68 L88 2in1. So my Lee Greenwood '68 comes with the stock exhaust, bumperettes and a few other things, left over from the 2in1 kit. I'm going for a day 2 muscle car look. Paint finish is likely going to be a stealth matte.
  14. That's cool Pat. I like it.
  15. Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it.
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