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  1. Jantrix added a post in a topic stallone's Mercury Cobra   

    I've seen three or four builders take a shot at this movie car. Frankly, you're the only one who hit the mark.
    It's a great build that really captures the look and attitude of the Cobra Merc. Well done.
  2. Jantrix added a post in a topic Why brass?   

    Okay, I see what this boils down to. It is obvious that those of you working in metal are demanding of yourself a higher level of detail than any molded part can achieve. Pete's unboxed frame for instance is something we've never seen in a kit and would be a pain to achieve with styrene. Even when these details are difficult or impossible to see in casual observation. That whole mindset is as alien to me as breathing underwater. For me, if you can't see it easily, it doesn't matter. Paint the kit part, glue it in place and carry on. 
    Also my biggest issue about building with brass, is the regularity of seeing it unpainted. We build models of automobiles that for the most part have not been built using a great deal of brass for 90-odd years, and for the most part have little to no unfinished surfaces. Pete has machine turned the plate on that frame. it looks great. He obviously doesn't intend to paint it. At that point is sort of stops being a model of a car (to me) because it's not finished. Although it's masterfully done, it doesn't look any better (to me) than someone who builds a kit perfectly, but completely unpainted.
    Again this isn't intended as a rant or an attack, you told me your reasons, I've told mine. It comes down to two very different approaches to scale modeling, and there's plenty of room for all in this hobby. 
  3. Jantrix added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Why brass?
    1. This is not a rant. Rather an honest question.
    2. It's meant for those guys that do a lot of building with soldered brass and turned aluminum.
    What is the draw of working with metal? 
    We have a lot of guys here that show what magical things you can do with styrene stock, completely scratch building entire vehicles. Plastic is easy to work with. It glues well. It cuts, scribes, bends, very easily. Anything built from metal can be built in styrene in a fraction of the time, with a minimum of equipment.
    So. To all you masters of the soldering irons, lathes, and metal brakes, whats the draw? Why work in a medium so difficult to work with? Not to mention, it looks so good in most instances it seems a shame to paint it.
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  4. Jantrix added a post in a topic 1963 Lincoln Continental HT - Updated 7/29   

    Looking good. I'll be following along.
  5. Jantrix added a post in a topic Real or Model #234   

    Yeah, I don't know of any modeler that adds the wheel well trim screws. I think it's real.
  6. Jantrix added a post in a topic The Man with the Golden Gun AMC Hornet   

    One of my all time favorite car chases. That river jump was astounding. Oh yeah, the model.
    Bill that looks spot on perfect. If I'd have found that kit, I'd have built the same thing. Well done.
  7. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell GTX Hemi question   

    I'm sure there will be a few adjustments to be made but they are the same scale, and the same engine. Get some white glue, glue the major engine parts together temporarily and see how it fits.
  8. Jantrix added a post in a topic Pacer racer - update 7/26   

    Okay this one is back on the bench. It's gonna stay until it's done. Got the roll cage finished up. The bars aren't invisible but with the rear windows tinted they'll be darn hard to spot. First primer coat. Wheels and tires for the Cannonball sleeper version of this build. More soon.

  9. Jantrix added a post in a topic mad max/ apocalypse car   

    Very nice! Well done. Those vehicles can be great slump busters. Much of what we do in this hobby needs to be as perfect as possible. So building something where the opposite is a requirement is very freeing sometimes.
  10. Jantrix added a post in a topic My finished rat rod 1966 Shelby GT 350H   

    That is what we referred to as "a beater". Nice work.
  11. Jantrix added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Pickup   

    I think you did a very good job on a tough kit. Good color and stance. The mis-matched tires is my only gripe.
  12. Jantrix added a post in a topic Scratched windshield   

    I just did one like that for my '57 and just used some McGuires compound on a soft rag.
  13. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell Honda Civic tuner - need a favor   

    The white decals are still on a portion of the decal sheet. I would have to cut them meticulously away and scan them and hope inverting got me a decent image. If no one had a set to help me out, that would have been my last resort.
  14. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell 1932 Ford Sedan   

    Thanks Jason, That is an amazing Rod. The attention to detail is amazing. Good luck with your build. If I were you though, I'd find some sort of dual 4barrel engine and create some sort of cross-ram just to stay with the original theme.
  15. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell 1932 Ford Sedan   

    This is some very good work. But I gotta ask, what kind of engine is that in the 1:1?