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  1. Jantrix added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What do you do when they ask?
    Build a model for me?
    Friends, coworkers etc. I have no problem turning down. But family? That's harder. My mothers first cousin had for a long time, a '66 Chevelle. Bone stock. He loved it, but there was something wrong with it. A paint job just wouldn't last. He'd have a paint job done and in just a few years, it would fade out. No matter how well he took care of it. On his last try he had the whole body media blasted to bare metal and resprayed by a very well thought of custom shop. He took out a bank loan to pay for it. Three years later it faded out again. At some point he just assumed that there was some sort of impurity in the metal. and sold it off.
    Now he wants me to build him a model of it. He asked me privately once via Facebook, and I politely turned him down. This time he asks me in front of the entire family at a party. All the while going on about how much he likes and respects my work. Man, that is a low-down dirty trick. What a snake.
    I'm thinking that I should build it with the faded paint, just to spite him. How do you guys handle it when this occurs?
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  2. Jantrix added a post in a topic How About An Old Survivor?   

    Tom, I think that one should be set in some sort of rustic "forgotten hot rod" dio-base and left as is. Don't clean up anything. As Wayne Corrini would say, "that's good dust".
  3. Jantrix added a post in a topic '49 Ford "Shoebox"   

    I've been waiting for someone to have a go at kitbashing those two kits. Very nicely done.
  4. Jantrix added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Pickup - Updated 8/27   

    Hmm..........................tell us where you got those bed rails. A groovy idea. Looking good so far.
  5. Jantrix added a post in a topic 1960 Chevy Wagon   

    Very nicely done. I like everything about it.
  6. Jantrix added a post in a topic V16 question   

    Granted this is a V12, but you get the idea. Your V16 would look awesome behind some big COE.

  7. Jantrix added a post in a topic How to do mild weathering?   


  8. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell '29A Hot Rod Roadster QuickBuild UPDATE #4 - Final Photos of Completed Kit and My Final Thoughts   

    The exhaust system (mufflers & tailpipes) would only be used when the caps are removed from the elds of the headers. Think of them as manual exhaust cut outs. Cap the headers, cops leave you alone. Take them off when it's time to make noise.
    Looking good Tim. nice work.
  9. Jantrix added a post in a topic '77 Pacer Wagon sleeper   

    Thanks guys, I'm real glad you like it.
  10. Jantrix added a post in a topic dodge super bee 1970 pro street   

    Just remember that ignition wires aren't rigid, so they lay like in Andy's photo rather than arc over the valve covers.
  11. Jantrix added a post in a topic '77 Pacer Wagon sleeper   

    Honestly my ideas aren't all that unique. Most are inspired by whats been done before. I just put my own spin on it. 
    I will say this though. I do spend a lot of spare time thinking about and planning my models. I take notes, I do research, I take measurements, I ask advise. So before I start clipping parts from trees, I have what resembles an outline on what I want to do to the kit, the parts I need etc. etc. Spending that kinda time on a kit, you are bound to come up with some cool ideas. Sometimes it takes a while. It's been four years on the Jolly Roger Merc, and I've only recently figured out how I want to finish the body. She'll be back on the bench this weekend.

  12. Jantrix added a post in a topic How to do mild weathering?   

    I did this with an weathering kit I purchased at my LHS. It uses a chalk that has some sort of self adhesive in it. As you burnish it the chalk adheres more. I don't remember the company right now, but I'll check it out when I get home from work tonight. It was easy to use and I used a flat clear over it, no problems.

  13. Jantrix added a post in a topic Revell 56 Ford F-100-Interior Progress 08/25   

    Just keeps getting better. Gonna be fantastic when it's done.
  14. Jantrix added a post in a topic Plasti Dip on Models   

    To what effect? What use do you imagine it would work for?
  15. Jantrix added a post in a topic '77 Pacer Wagon sleeper   

    Yep.  Zzzzzzzzzzoooommmmmm. 
    Thanks guys.  I appreciate the ataboys. Chuck, I also came close to buying one with a V8 back in '92. The tranny slippage during the test drive and the play in the steering warned me off but I sure did like that car.