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  1. What Irked You Today?

    When you are being instructed on something new by person "A", and you're a bit confused but you have the gist of it, and dismiss person "A" so you can read over everything and come back with questions. Then person "B" comes over and says, "Don't listen to what he said, this is how ya do it". And then procedes to transform what was once a semi-cohesive idea into a possible aneurism. I'm positive more murders are caused by this than are actually documented.
  2. AMT 32 Ford Vicky A/G

    Man, that is REAL nice. Very authentic. Well done.
  3. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I picked up this Fujimi garage kit. Ordered it from Japan (via ebay), transported on the slow boat, and it was delivered for a whopping $20 and change. I'm very pleased with the kit, it has much more than I need and the quality is excellent. I'm going to use it in my shadowbox diorama.
  4. Honest opinion on my gangreen nova

    Mark first off, it's a great looking model. Second. Ease off a bit and come up with a plan for each model. This was a hard won realization for me about ten years ago. They can't all be super-detailed-scratchbuilt everything or else it would take forever to build each and every kit. And for me that was a huge source of stress. Finally I realized that I needed to make a plan for each kit. Make the plan acording to each kit's strengths or the availability of aftermarket parts. AND THEN STICK TO IT. This sounds like your issue. You are looking at this thinking what else you could do/could have done. Stick to the plan. For every detailed, modded, scratchbuilt model on my bench, I have three kit's that will be built very simply. That will ensure models are being completed, while work continues on the big project. Without the stress. I'll step off my soap box and answer your question now. The body is painted and assembled. Scratchbuilding a chassis requires an incredible amount of test fitting. Not a good idea in my opinion, on an already painted and built body. Always best to do this before you paint the body. The Nova's kit chassis is pretty good. Nothing to be ashamed of. Stick to your plan.
  5. Name That Tune....

    Rooster - Alice in chains I'm a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doomI kill conversation as I walk into the roomI'm a three line whipI'm the sort of thing they banI'm a walking disaster
  6. New for 1953

    They look great. Add a '53 Stude Commander in the mix and you'll really see some design differences.
  7. I don't mean to be a jerk here, but you did call this a TRoG style build. I've looked at a lot of TRoG photos researching my own builds, and I don't recall seeing one in modern flakes or pearls. You might consider rethinking your paint choice if you want to do something traditional.
  8. Shadow box garage diorama - Fujimi garage set

    Got some new parts. I've been looking forward to this for a real long time. These pieces look terrific. Can't wait to get started.
  9. AMT Challenger Funny Car body

    Anyone have a spare body to trade? The rear glass would also be helpful.
  10. Check it out. I've found it in two kits bought a thousand miles apart.
  11. I have this edition. It is a favorite. Anyone else have this version and have the one carb where the jets are skewed by 40 degrees or so? I'm assuming they fixed it in future versions?
  12. difficult question

    Another option is to contact a local chapter of IPMS and donate your kits to the club. You are less than 4 hours from St. Louis and Memphis. Between those locations there are 5 Chapters. I'm sure someone from those clubs would be happy to pick them up. Clubs use donated kits in raffles and the like to raise money for the club which is then spent on shows and contests. This way, your family isn't burdened with "disposal" and you have the knowledge that your collection will be in the hands of adult modelers who will appreciate them and build them. That's my plan when I go. https://calendar.ipmsusa3.org/chapter-map
  13. Monogram Vega Mini-Van

    I'm trying to find the last of my favorites from when I was a kid. If you have a complete kit, please shoot me a PM. I will want some pics.
  14. DeTomaso Pantera GTS (1/24 scale by Fujimi)

    That is some top shelf work right there. Very well done.