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  1. I remember back in the 80s, AMT/Ertl would have someone build a resin or vintage kit to display at their show tables to test the waters for potential interest in an upcoming future kit. They did this with a 50s Cameo p/u promo and a 62 Bel Air resin kit. They also did it with the Petty Road Runner, but I guess that one didn't gather enough interest to continue. They didn't tool up anything, they just displayed something that was somewhat available to see if buyers wanted that kit to be done.
  2. I don't know, I find the AMT 25 T double kit a very fun project, and it dates back to the early 60s!
  3. I think someone said that Model Ts back then were everywhere and were dirt cheap, whereas 32 Fords were made for 1 year and were already enormously popular. IE: supply and demand. Nowadays, you can buy either as a mass produced kit car. So if people have a choice.... Add to that the fact that Model Ts have limited legroom and cabin space and that we tend to be larger than we used to be - well, you get the idea.
  4. Love the wheels! 66 Malibu street machine? I have a long term project (they all are!!!) of one of these Kammbacks. Yours makes me want to get back and finish mine. Mine doesn't have a rear bumper so I'll probably have to make one. Mine's gonna look like this - someday.
  5. Nice. Reminds me of a T/A I looked at with my dad when I was a kid. Same blue with blue velour interior. He was going to buy one of these or a Z28 in a similar color - until he found out about the insurance! He bought a Ranger instead. Thanks for the memories.
  6. Try posting your wants, explain your parts box situation and always be willing to offer to pay shipping at the bare minimum. Or offer other resources instead (tools, magazines, decals, etc.). Folks here are very kind and supportive for fellow builders. Usually, it's not about the money. Someday, you might have something that another builder needs and you can help them out.
  7. Or bass wood. A little firmer wood, less likely to swell or warp.
  8. I can only hope it's this one. The first kit I ever built. I absolutely love this box art! It'd be cool if it had the lightly tinted blue windows like the original did.
  9. I'm interested in it, even if it is a snap. I like the subject. I wanted to buy the Greenlight "Lost" diecast as a stand-in for a kit, but now if I can get one of these, I won't have to.
  10. Makes sense, but why are there many mounds of gravel behind it, and yet the wagon still remains unmoved? Personally, if I was working there, I'd have gone and picked it up just to see what it was or what condition it was in. It doesn't look like it's been disturbed in decades.
  11. Why not try carving and sanding one out of a lightweight wood. Looks like a simple enough shape to start.
  12. You would be correct about that, I forgot about the wheel base difference. Still like to dream, though.
  13. Some much needed reference material: While I hated it when I was a kid, a friend of mine had a kit built up on his shelf and I never forgot it. Years later, I stumbled across one sealed for $5 and something clicked - where am I going to find another one? Someday I may build it, but for now, it's a flashback to my childhood. Snake, I like your idea of making it a wagon. I might like to do a Monkeemobile-type phaeton, convertible top and all! After all these years, it's kinda grown on me. At least it's complete in its execution, not a mish-mash of various parts, like this disaster....
  14. Sorry to be Debbie Downer. Now if we're talking Hurst editions, my vote would be for one of these - And they could base it on their Cutlass chassis, and go from there.
  15. Not enough sales to justify the cost. Can't do Lowrider or Donk variations with this tool. Very limited outcome. If only one had been done way back in 1970, we might still have it today!
  16. Impressive! Those wheels look great on there. Even at 1/18 scale, they balance out the cars lines.
  17. FYI, that wrecker body looks A LOT like the tow rig in the "Midnight Cowboy" kit. If you want to save time scratch building all that!
  18. Oldcarfan27

    Ice T

    Do those headlights flip up? Never saw one of these close up before.
  19. I have to wonder how and why did it get there? Very strange.
  20. Definitely improved a lemon! The chopped roof just completely ruined that kit. And they're never going to fix it, so any way to eliminate that roof is welcomed!
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