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  1. Before you get too far on that hood, shouldn't the grille slope back a little more? Looks too vertical too me.
  2. I'm sure you can find 4 cans of some kind of spray paint that you'd be able to use. Even if it's just primer, air freshener, deodorant or hair spray. Just be creative, you'll find something that will work.
  3. I have a suggestion. If you have an AMT 72 Nova SS and a way to copy or cut out the hood vents - they look a lot like those very same vents! Make the rest of the hood with squares of sheet plastic.
  4. That Bushwacker reminds me of the one I got as a birthday present maaaanny years ago. I love that boxart! I hope they reissue it, someday.
  5. Thanks for the tips, gonna improve the Camaro immensely. My suggestion for the window trim, bevel the trim to the glass and make the transition less noticeable. Question I have is, is there a way to improve the taillights? They're just too boxy and don't look right at all!
  6. Actually it would be perfect to put a PONTIAC into a DeLorean!
  7. I seem to remember reading about someone using small spray can caps cut down to make fenders like you're looking for.
  8. I have the 37 Ford pickup, but its the first issue stock one. Pm me if interested.
  9. Plus, if you don't succeed, it's not like you ruined something new.
  10. Ditto! Restoration is more fun than starting with brand new for me. It's like finding old treasure and bringing it back to life.
  11. Snake, How does the Krylon foil compare in sheen to Molotow? As reflective or no?
  12. Can you post pics of the interior? I want to read the mileage on the odometer.
  13. See, this kit CAN be made to look good! A lot of builders write this off as a bad, worn out kit. But in the right hands, it can shine!!!! Congrats on the great job.
  14. This one reminds me of an exact Olds bomb that my friend had acquired from a kit show way back in the 90s. I was jealous he found it first. By the time I bought his collection a few years later, he had sadly tried unsuccessfully to take it apart - all to no avail. To this day, I only have a few of the decrepit pieces he had kept and the memories of the one that got away. 😟
  15. I'm glad you posted pics of a REAL Tbird, but when are you going to show us the model! Seriously, that car looks amazing!!!!
  16. Scott, picture this... A phantom 71 Daytona, with aero nose and giant wing! But shorten the front, or that beak will be gi-normus.
  17. Scott, if it were an original annual, it would be worth saving. Since it's just a common issue, I say "parts or custom" How about a junkyard diorama?
  18. I minimize that problem by gluing many of the subassemblies together before painting them (engine, chassis, suspension, body parts, etc. That way I can keep rebuilding and separating the major components as I build, so they don't change or move around. Plus I don't have to worry about those parts coming apart later from incompatibility with glue/paint. I always dry build many times while I'm working and I try to find or make locking points for the major parts so they have a positive location to fit into. That way everything fits BEFORE I paint anything. Less chance of misaligned parts later on.
  19. Thought of another peeve of mine, but it probably doesn't bother other people, because I see it on real cars too. Factory original engine compartments are not all glossy paint! Look under the hood of original, unrestored factory built cars. Very little, to no glossy paint - most of it is flat, eggshell, satin or semi-gloss finish. In a scale model the gloss finish detracts, and makes the compartment too reflective - resulting in an out of scale look. In 1:1 size, it just looks custom or like somebody sprayed Armor All on everything! Oh, and OEM used minimal chrome (if at all) under the hood. And they NEVER installed chrome alternators, carburetors, fuel pumps, brake boosters or headers from the factory either! But it probably only bothers me, because I see it a LOT!
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