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  1. Pretty sure that's what they used for the original car. So do it like they did!
  2. Blasphemy! California is the world savior, they would never do anything dishonest!
  3. Best thing to do would be resin cast the originals and be done with them.
  4. "Don't worry, I put Fix-a-flat in it. Should be filling back up any minute!"
  5. Shouldn't be a problem. I painted a 71 Cuda this color and it struck me as perfect. The only issue I had was it kept drying a little gritty, so after it completely cured, I spent time color sanding it and polishing it out. Very durable and ended up becoming a gorgeous, smooth finish. I was proud of it until I tried to put the black billboards on the side, which were translucent and cracked. Then I tried to fix them which made it worse. Back into the box until I can figure out what can be done to it. But the color is excellent!!!
  6. Last week, just picked up a Revell 69 Chevelle and a F&F GTX. Didn't need the 50 Chevy pu, 50th anniversary Camaro or the Street Heat Concord. If there was anything else, I missed it. I was hoping to find the 68 Chevelle or the Supernatural Impala, But alas...
  7. Yeah, but they're all 2 door cars. Even today, the 4 door sedan versions of those cars barely get saved for more than parts cars for the sportier models. Nowadays all the cars are 4 door sedans, so they are hardly anything special.
  8. It's not Tamiya, but Krylon Citrus Green is a perfect match to Curious Yellow. To my eyes anyway.
  9. It would be a kit you don't build, just plug it in and done! 😎
  10. I didn't buy it, It just caught my eye as a cool SS class car with period decals wheels and stance. Along with the fact that it says S/S on the rear quarters next to 990. Was "The Sled" a real car from that period, or is that bogus too? What didn't seem right to me was the mods that indicates a far deviation from a stock drag car. Which is why I asked. I'm no expert.
  11. Saw this car on Ebay. Looks like a cool build of a vintage Super Stock drag car, but the chassis and suspension don't look right to me. I'm not knocking the build, I just don't know enough about the rules to know if these mods are correct for Super Stock. Blower, roll cage, front suspension cage, rear tubs and fuel cell legal in 1962?
  12. I have a clean built-up of one of these. No box, no decals, no wheels. Not a glue bomb. PM me if interested.
  13. Initially when I read Johnny Lightning, I thought it was going to be a 1/64 scale. But this is much larger. What scale is it?
  14. I've got a body of one of these that could use some parts. Let me see what I can find for you.
  15. I saw a write up that said the real movie car was bought afterwards and kept but not preserved. Tell me if you don't think this car fits the description. Look at how the damage matches the repairs!
  16. I think he means the flush (Charger 500) back window.
  17. Yeah, but what a perfect parking spot for a view of the ocean! Very romantic.
  18. Looks close enough to Highland Green to me.
  19. I was just going to say the same thing, John. As well as, ACCURATE authentic Centerlines ACCURATE kidney bean wheels. Like in the Monogram Street Rat Chevelle. American Racing Daisy 200s wheels And can we please have deep backspacing, PLEASE!!!
  20. I think it's the wheels, no way a stock Ferrari ever came with Michelin TRX tires new from the factory! The ones he's added are a giant leap forward for this car!
  21. Was it a REAL one?😆😅😂 Seriously, was it a wooden kit? Never seen a plastic kit of a Conestoga wagon. Sounds like it would be a fun one to build.
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