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  1. Nice color. Kinda looks like a candy orange metallic.
  2. I'd have to hazard a guess that all the cars are genuine. What's the point of a historical museum if there are clones in it?
  3. That would take some engineering to make hidden gears to move the gates consistently. But it looks like you've got it handled anyway.
  4. It looks way nicer than the one in the movie. Keep it up!
  5. Here's the conundrum, is this a WIP for a car? Or a truck?
  6. Try the wheels in the VW Rabbit, Golf and Scirocco kits. Although they're 4 lug and ICR if Corvairs were 4 or 5 lug wheels. Also, the wheels that were available in the Monogram 1/24 import series (280z, Porsche 924 & 911, Capri and Mercedes 450SL) would be perfect for your car, if someone has them available.
  7. After seeing the movie, I've got a jones to build the Ken Miles Le Mans version.
  8. Absolutely Amazing! I can understand why he doesn't sell or take commissions. Once you do it for someone else, it becomes a job and the hobby is gone. He even states, it's all for relaxation, not for fame or recognition.
  9. That's a nice Mercury, and it looks like you got all the parts and then some!
  10. Or maybe try this one http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/
  11. You'll like the Mustang wheels, they look great! Probably the best parts in the kit.
  12. At least 3. Original 60s issue, with lots of operating features. 70s. With some features simplified to ease assembly. 90s. 2nd reissue. I'd like to see a build up or parts breakdown comparing the original to the reissues. I've read that they eliminated the roll up windows and geared steering to make assembly easier. I still wish someone would make a good Auburn speedster to go with all the Cord and Mercedes roadsters we have. Alas, I think that ship has sailed.
  13. Although you did a great job on it, weathering for me is just as stressful as super-detailing.
  14. Well, they both came from Dean Jeffries, so...
  15. Send the old instruction sheets to Casey on this forum. He'll upload them to Public.Fotki.com
  16. Word has it the buyer is going to rat-rod it with candy flake paint and put some dub deuces with rubberband tires on it just to get a reaction.
  17. That and the wheel offset is too shallow. The ones in the Chevelles are deep and easily represent the 15x7.5 inch rims used on these muscle cars.
  18. That one's just a demonstrator, they'll get more on the next delivery! I think it's also out of it's warranty period. 😉 Besides, it has no Bluetooth, so I'm out! Looks like the story said that the buyer agreed not to resell it, so it's not going to be back on the market anytime soon. And where else are they gonna find another one?
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