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  1. Welcome aboard, quality over quantity wins every time.....
  2. They Certainly have plenty of Palm trees in Japan, Tokyo, Okinawa and Kyushu have plenty of them
  3. Yes, between March and May, a sight well worth travelling there to see them,
  4. Although this tractor is the same era of the Porsche Junior I built, it certainly has a lot more levers and pedals on it,
  5. It's a cracking little model to build, and only 76 parts.
  6. Probably way too clean and shiny for some people, but like my car models, I build them to replicate a brand new vehicle sitting in a showroom waiting for it's first owner.
  7. The cardboard paint stand i built was just strips of corrugated cardboard glued together with PVA glue, the holes in the cardboard are just the right size to hold the bamboo sticks that I put small crocodile clips on.
  8. A little more work done on the little tractor, not as much as I would have liked to get done though
  9. Making a start on building up the little Deutz tractor, chrome Bare Metal foil used for the metal clamps on the air filter hoses instead of just painting them silver
  10. Welcome aboard, your models are very nice builds
  11. Only Lhasa green, Mars red and Helios blue and white Pirelli models in Germany were available with the colour coded bumpers,mirrors and wheel arch extensions, all other colours had the black trim and bumpers
  12. It was a dealer supplied accessory you could buy, it cuts down the drag and apparently makes your GTI a little faster and cuts down the wind noise at high speed
  13. Been a cracking day today weather wise, got the Deutz tractor primed and top coated, Deutz tractor green for the main parts, RAL 2002 (the proper colour) for the wheels
  14. I'm not sure if the AMT kit includes them or not, but yes, the Rabbit GTI should have the grille stripe, even the face-lift models had it
  15. I'm glad Amt didn't put any side windows in the kit, it would be a shame to hide the interior
  16. PM me your postal address, I'll pop them in the post for you
  17. Another tractor has hit the building bench, this time the Revell Deutz D30, all the parts have been cut off the parts trees and mounted on spring clamps ready for primer
  18. Airbrushed in Porsche tractor red for the body and Porsche tractor cream for the wheels
  19. There's nothing wrong with the instructions, just follow them correctly, don't glue the exhaust to the chassis frame at the front, as instructed, and pass the exhaust through the inner wings before gluing it to the manifold
  20. Apart from the few models I've got on the go, hopefully I'll be moving back to London in a weeks time, this time I'll be taking some models back with me, so I've boxed a few to take with me, didn't count them, but they keep me busy for a while.
  21. It did, I chose not to use them, just not keen on them.
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