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  1. Very cool garage! I’ve been following along. I just recently started construction of my own garage. I’ll certainly be borrowing several of your ideas. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  2. I haven’t accomplished squat at the bench in a few days. Just wanted to take a moment to voice how much I enjoy reading this topic. It has become a daily must-read. Catching up on everyone’s progress is interesting and serves as a great motivational tool to get my butt to the bench, even if just for a few minutes of “me time.” Kudos to Snake45 for launching this thread. 👍
  3. Outstanding in every way. You nailed the execution of an extremely well thought out build plan. I really dig those bumpers too!
  4. One of my all-time favorite kits. Well done!
  5. So nicely done. Smooth and clean. Great color choice too.
  6. BeakDoc

    62 Impala

    Beautiful paint work. Love the overall look of this one.
  7. I sprayed Duplicolor Inferno Red over Tamiya pink primer on this “Little Red Wagon” build and was thoroughly impressed with how the two worked together. Prior to going full-bore, I did test it on the stock engine cover from the very same Lindberg kit because I knew I wouldn’t be using it in the build. I try to stay away from mixing manufacturers paint/primer/clear, so this is the only example I can produce as evidence that Tamiya primer and Duplicolor paint can coexist on styrene.
  8. Awesome looking winged warrior!
  9. Wow, Anders! Your builds never disappoint! This is just stunning. Great color choice, as usual.
  10. Very sleek! Nicely built. Great work with the mill swap.
  11. BeakDoc

    Butter 32

    Beautiful. I love the monochromatic look when it’s done well- like this. The wheel treatment is terrific. Gotta love happy accidents. If this is an example of “diminished” skills then we should all be so lucky some day. Super classy deuce!
  12. I also think late 40s early 50s Power Wagons would be a gold mine. The possibilities are bountiful. M-37, Field Ambulance, Dpt. of Forestry/ranch truck/civilian versions that could include parts trees with appropriately themed hand and PTO driven tools and decals. Even a SEMA-esque custom version with a Cummins Turbo Diesel would be cool.
  13. With you 1000%, Bucky. My first vehicle was a ‘71 D-100. It was a retired Virginia DOT truck. My dad bought it in 1981 for $300. It sat on blocks in a man’s yard that was on his route to work. He named it Herman. I bought it from my dad in ‘91 when I got my license. Most of the time when I read the following words on the forum I think it’s hyperbole, but I would literally buy a case of them.
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