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  1. Something about the way oranges and yellows sit on Roadrunners is special. Very sharp build.
  2. BeakDoc

    '68 Charger

    That son of a gun is BEAUTIFUL! Wow!
  3. For real! I was mesmerized by how natural the plug wires looked. Beautiful Bee!
  4. BeakDoc


    I have these from the MPC ‘75 ‘Vette Roadster kit. Not sure how close they are to the B/M Camaro, but they’re yours if you’d like them.
  5. Revell ‘49 Merc custom has a beehive oil filter in it.
  6. I was fortunate enough to recently bag 2 of my grail kits: Jo-Han ‘68 Chrysler 300 and Jo-Han ‘70 AMC Rebel. Both complete (Rebel was still sealed) and both for wayyyyyyy less dinero than I’ve seen ‘em go for. Still on my grail list would be AMT ‘65 or ‘66 Barracuda, a few Jo-Han Caddy kits that always seem to sell for more than I care to pay and the MPC, molded in orange, ‘Cuda Street Machine with that ridiculous wing on the back. The latter, because that was the first model kit I built when I was a youngster.
  7. Dang! That is beautiful in that deep Fathom Green.
  8. Super sharp Shelby. Always been a fan of Petty blue on Mopars, but it looks really nice on that 🐍 too!
  9. Thanks David! That’s exactly what I was shooting for. According to the reference material I dug up those covers came standard on Imperial convertibles in ‘64. Thanks Roger! The Aoshima wheels are 19” Amistad Rotino. They are 2 parters. The beauty ring is separate. As you can see, I left it chrome. Really nice wheel/tire set (as are all Aoshima sets that I’ve encountered.) These are “stanced” though so I had to do a little work to “Americanize” them. Thank you to everyone else who commented as well.
  10. That is simply stunning! Sterling work!
  11. That’s really sharp! Gorgeous paint work.
  12. Diggin’ the Snake-Fu on that ‘vette!
  13. Bagged this built but incomplete AMT kit on tha ‘bay for a nice price. It had nary a speck of paint on it and to my surprise it wasn’t a glue bomb. I had it apart in a matter of minutes and didn’t even crack the glass. As the stock wheels were missing, I stripped the chrome from a set of Aoshima wheels and painted them to match the body (I like the monochromatic look for whatever reason) and upgraded her to disc brakes on all four corners. I had to scratch build the convertible boot tonneau cover. I had to touch up the chrome on both bumpers with a combination of BMF and Molotow. The color is Tamiya AS-8 USN Navy blue with Tamiya pearl clear and 3 coats of Model Masters ultra gloss. The OB built it with the Cross Ram intake so I swapped that out for the intake/carb/air cleaner from a Lindberg Dodge 330 kit, then added some plumbing, wiring and brackets for the alternator, et al. Comments, questions, tips and pointers are always welcome and thank you for looking.
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