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  1. That’s awesome! Eliminating the 3-putts is key. Drive for show, putt for dough! I remember the first time I broke 80. I needed a par on the par 5 18th for a 79. Nearly jarred an eagle pitch. Choked on the 3’ come-backer for birdie and made par. However, it’s been so long since I shot in the 70s with any regularity that the next time I break 80 might just feel better than the first time.
  2. Glad it wasn’t just me. Took a month of Sundays for it to load when I went to it. Dan, thanks for posting the correct link. I have no idea why I posted the news story that led me to it.
  3. Never heard of the manufacturer, but, they do know their product. LOL.
  4. Astounding! Your eye for detail is incredible. I enjoyed following this in WIP.
  5. Great looking classic black GTO.
  6. That’s a tough looking Nova. Great color and stance.
  7. Classic! Love the paint and them big ole fat white walls.
  8. I 100% support the “no politics/religion” rule on this forum. I have a Facebook account lying dormant because…. Well, because nausea. Also, I’ve been a member here long enough to see even the most innocuous topics fester into ugly, terminal infections. While I thought the video Bill posted was interesting, explanatory and very informative (and IMO, unbiased) I can easily see how such a topic; like it or not; tied so closely to politics could devolve quickly into a state of lockdown. That leads to the point I’m attempting to emphasize. It could have simply been locked. IMO, the topic being scuttled away with a black bag over it’s head is far more akin to “political commentary” than any of the replies I read prior to the blackout.
  9. The only Uber driver making money these days:
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