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  1. Very cool subject matter. Awesome build as well. The rake, stance and gently rolling and rising horizon lines give this Alfa a very Tom Daniel feel. Very cool!
  2. Dang, that’s a gorgeous Caddy!
  3. Fantastic build! The fine detailing on the wheels in concert with the wide whitewalls really drives it home.
  4. That’s doggone cool! And a stunningly clean build as well.
  5. Beautiful Charger! Ma Mopar would be proud!
  6. Very clean representation of an all around sharp Nissan offering.
  7. Gareth, you cranked out a beauty there. I would have never thunk to put red interior into a light blue car but it works...... no, better than “works”.....it’s a real eye grabber. Very eloquently done, good sir.
  8. That is super cool. Nice detail work.
  9. BeakDoc

    1965 riviera

    Cool looking Riv! Nice color choices.
  10. Really nice work. Fine looking 442 indeed..
  11. BeakDoc

    Ferrari Enzo

    Thanks, gents. Phil, it’s the Revell kit.
  12. BeakDoc

    Ferrari Enzo

    I decided to stray from my comfort zone to try my hand at a supercar. Really a nicely done kit, cut to tight tolerances. The whole way through the build I was worried that it was going to turn out looking awful. In the end, I’m tickled with the finished product. It’s pretty far from perfect but pretty from afar. Built straight outta box. Color is Tamiya Bright Orange w/ Testor’s Wet Look.
  13. Awesome! Nice, clean build. Great paint finish too.
  14. Way groovy! My grandmother had a red ‘75 Road Runner. Only it had a white roof and a white stripe that ran down the side and swooshed up the sail panel to the roof. Nicely done.
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