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  1. Me thinks the gods will be pleased. Fine looking models, each and all.
  2. That’s one fine looking Monte. Very clean, very tidy. Love the finish of the paint, too.
  3. Fantastic year, Lee. Each one crisp and cleanly built. My favorite is probably the 914 as I had no idea that one even existed in kit form. Well done, sir and a happy new year to you and yours.
  4. Four beautiful models, Greg. The Jeep is super cool and all, but the red roadster seems to jump off the screen at me. Bravo!
  5. Nicely done, Oliver. I’m digging the subtle flame job.
  6. Jeepers, Gareth, you have been on fire this year! I missed a lot of these as they went up in real time. Great work on the big rigs. The weathering of the stacks on the Mack is out of sight! Also, the stuffed elephant (from the AMT Grand Prix kit, if memory serves) bungee corded to the grill is an awesome touch. Cheers and Happy New Year to you, good sir!
  7. An inspirational line up as usual, Anders. The 250 GTO, E-Type and 300 SL are true standouts to me. I’d be thrilled just to have put the surf boards under glass!
  8. Sakes alive! That’s a busy 2021. The customs aren’t something I could make myself do, but I sure do enjoy looking at them when someone else builds them well.
  9. Great work on each one. The Dart may be my favorite. Impressive drag strip as well.
  10. Outstanding work on all of our them. You managed to cover nearly the entire spectrum this year. Quite impressive.
  11. 3 killer models! Your detailing under the hood is spectacular. I really dig the Olds, from concept to finish. Well done, sir.
  12. WOW!!! Stunningly beautiful Z!
  13. Super sharp looking Edsel, Gareth! I’m gonna have to scoop up one of these very soon.
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