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  1. I like pi pie. It’s the same, only never ending. My top 3 would be: Moonshiners, Delivery and Music-themed.
  2. Awry blend whiskey is what one gets when they fail to follow the mash recipe.
  3. It was a privilege. I’ll also echo the “thank you” to all who served.
  4. Spam texts of a political nature will continue for four more weeks because Tuesday neither major party senatorial candidate saw their shadows.
  5. Dithering nervously until the coast clears is a sure sign of a na’erdowell.
  6. Dang! I didn’t even see that. Good catch. Could be why it was pulled into a gas station. I was trying to order a biscuit at Bojangles and snap a pic at the same time.
  7. Saw someone hauling this ‘70 Riviera. Looks like they might have a cool project on their hands.
  8. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. I’ve been looking forward to this show since last year’s. It was truly a well run, first class event. I’ll be the long haired dude in the blue Mopar shirt moseying around with a look of wonderment in my eyes. Please, walk up and say “hi”, as I do enjoy meeting fellow enthusiasts in person. Til tomorrow… (oh yeah, a quick PSA for anyone driving in from N or NW GA and all points north: There will be Traffic Pacing on I-575 tomorrow. Plan accordingly.)
  9. Awake past 9 PM comes to an end in roughly 3 days- standard time can’t be gone soon enough.
  10. Decades have slipped by and my vices have fallen by the wayside, with the exception of the coffin nails and good, strong coffee.
  11. “No phone, no pool, no pets, I ain’t got no cigarettes.”
  12. Ago route is what a wide receiver would run if football games were aired on History Channel.
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