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  1. Aoshima kit. Testors Color Shift enamel Purple Fog. Carbon fiber decals on the ground effects are from Scale Motorsports. Applying them nearly got the better of me and they’re not perfect by any stretch, but I feel like my patience won the battle. I can’t say enough about the color shift paint. I love the look. Pictures, however, do not do it justice (at least, when I take them). With the naked eye it’s pretty doggone cool. I wish Testors offered it in more flavors. JDM stuff is really not my forté. I needed something different to break the monotony, so any and all comments, questions and critiques are welcome. As always, thanks for looking.
  2. Two Darts, two bullseyes! The fresh-from-the-factory look of the Hemi is perfect. Glad to see one done in such a manner.
  3. Wow! That is a thing of beauty. Top notch craftsmanship.
  4. BeakDoc

    67 GTX 6.1

    Very cool resto-mod! I love the color, too. Great choice.
  5. That is cool. Love the color and paint finish. Well built!
  6. BeakDoc

    1937 Chevy

    Gnarly exhaust. It looks loud! Great hot rod.
  7. 2 true beauties there. The steel wheels and caps on the Galaxie look awesome. Fantastic paint finish on both too.
  8. Very nice. Cleanly built. Great job on the wheels too.
  9. BeakDoc

    Cars in Songs

    “Daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge He bought it at an auction at the Mason’s lodge” Steve Earle, Copperhead Road
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