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  1. ‘67 442

    I ordered them from Hobbylinc.com. The biggest issue was self-imposed as I messed up the paint.....twice. As for the kit itself; the decals would not stick, anywhere, to any surface. As soon as the microset dried they’d fall right off. I ended up using a dab of Elmer’s clear paste to hold them in place. The two-piece vent window/frames were anxiety inducing because the tabs were microscopic and I dreaded the thought of mucking up the paint job with glue. Also, the angle did not match that of the A-pillar. The front bumper/grill/roll pan is all one piece on the chrome tree. (I found that odd since it seemed Lindberg went out of their way to give me a headache with so many other small parts and sub-assemblies.) So that required extra paint prep that I feel was unnecessary. The front assembly was also the worst fitting part of the entire kit. I did a lot of sanding, trimming and shaving to get it mated up properly. The forced air intake hoses had to be heated with a lighter and reshaped to follow the contours properly so that the hood would close completely. I know it’s all part of modeling. No kit is perfect, and frankly, I like a good challenge. Everywhere else this kit went together like a dream, but the bad spots were so shockingly bad. Thank you to you and everyone the compliments and for looking.
  2. Revell 56 Chvey Dleray

    PM sent
  3. Desoto Silver machine

    I like customs when they’re not completely over the top. I love this one. Great looking build.
  4. ‘67 442

    Built from the Lindberg kit. Paint is Tamiya Light Blue Pearl over white primer with Testors Ultra Gloss clear. Interior is the same paint over white primer and gray primer on the insets of the seats. Wheels and tire are from the Revell ‘56 Del Ray kit. Disc brakes are Pegasus. Not my best effort for sure. Very fiddly kit that tried my patience more than I’d like to admit. As always, comment, questions and suggestions are welcome.
  5. Ferrari 288 GTO

    Another fine Ferrari indeed. I have that kit in my stash and it looks like a beast. Great job on it.
  6. 1970 Dodge Challenger

    Really nicely done! Diggin’ that color too!
  7. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    Sharp sharp sharp! Great color choice. Really nice build.
  8. '69 Dodge Charger

    Perfect. From the vinyl roof to the red lines. Just perfect.
  9. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    Nicely built. Few things in this world are sexier than a clean 2nd gen Charger.
  10. Pro Touring “ Supercharger “

    That is one gnarly looking Charger! I can picture it screaming down the highway with some old school Misfits blaring from the speakers. Well done!
  11. Great Traders List

    Recently worked a trade with jeffdeoranut. Everything went smoothly. Would trade with him again in a heartbeat. Also, he’s an all around good guy in general.
  12. Reveal your user name origin

    “BeakDoc” is a tip of the cap to the Plague Doctors or Beak Doctors that emerged throughout 14th century Europe during the Black Plague. It’s a moniker I’ve used in some form or fashion online for years.
  13. 1970 Dodge Superbee Restomod

    That is one mean looking restomod! And, superbly built!
  14. 1970 Superbee

    Well done!
  15. '34 Ford Coupe

    Really cool hot rod build!