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  1. One of the retail sites is now taking pre-orders. Supposed to be out April 2020.
  2. Yes to any of the above. However, I would like to cast my vote for any or several 1946-1959 Power Wagons. I may have put wayyyyyy to much thought into this, but I can see how Moebius could easily put out upwards of ten different versions off of 2 core molds plus a few auxiliary molds of extras that they could use for variations of other kits down the road. 1. A late 40s civilian Power Wagon 251ci flathead. 2. Custom version of the same kit with a modern Cummins Turbo diesel. 3. Farm version of same kit. Add in a a tree of hand tools and maybe a pto driven plow or reaper or post driver. 4. Dept of Forestry version of same kit. Add a neat decal sheet, same tree of tools and maybe a water tank/spool of hose or a pto driven wood splitter. 5. Late 50s WM-300 with Red Cross decals or military livery. 6. Custom civilian version WM-300 with stock mill or modern turbo diesel. 7. Same late 50s model Power Wagon truck, civilian, stock. Maybe it’s not as feasible as I think. Maybe I’m alone in wanting a kit of the grandfather of 4x4 trucks. I’d sure as hell throw my money at Moebius for every single one of rhem.
  3. I may be wrong; and if so, feel free to correct me; but didn’t the Miami Vice Spider come with an 80s style car phone? I have two rotary car phones in mu parts box from amt ‘64 Merc and ‘65 Grand Prix kits, but I don’t think that’s what you’re after.
  4. Built from the Revell kit. I wanted to try my hand at ghost flames. While they’re not perfect, I’m pretty doggone happy with them and if I do them again I know better what to do and not do. Using enamels in December and January was an exercise in patience. (Although, waiting for paint to gas out between steps afforded me time to build 3 boxes of garage equipment for a diorama.) All the paints on the body are Testors enamels. Candy Red over metallic copper and Inca gold with some silver and dark red for effect. I omitted the chrome trim around the windshield. The rest of the window trim is BMF. The wheels and whitewalls are Pegasus DeSoto crossbars to go with the DeSoto grill. I also used the Stromberg 97 intake setup on the Caddy mill from a Revell Parts Pak. Thanks for looking. As always, comments, questions and pointers are welcome.
  5. That is cool. I’ve been learning a lot about the rat rod scene lately, and while I’m certainly no expert, it seems like you nailed it. Awesome weathering too.
  6. Looks awesome. Those decals had me pulling my hair out too.
  7. Great looking build. To this day, I think that is one of my favorite kits that I’ve built.
  8. BeakDoc

    1960 Nomad

    Something ya don’t see everyday. Great job polishing out the plastic. That’s something I’m itching to try some day. Foil will definitely make it next level.
  9. That really is a very nice, super clean build. I like how neat and tidy it is under the hood too.
  10. Wow! That is an incredible transformation. Perfect color and I really dig the accessories.
  11. I appreciate the nod, Bo. You were a joy to deal with yourself, sir. Should the occasion arise, I would not hesitate to trade with you again.
  12. Looks like this thread needs the old gas drained, tires inflated and battery jumped. I’ll claim Bucky’s Catalina and offer up this ‘63 Impala. It was sealed when I received it but it looked like an accordion. I broke the factory seal to check the goods. Other than some of the fruit having been shaken from the trees it is unmolested, complete and still sealed in it’s bags.
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