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  1. Indeed I did, Mike. It was my first attempt at that method. I think with more practice I could fine tune the technique and get a better result. It is certainly less time consuming than applying Molotow with a sewing needle. Less strain on the eyes too.
  2. Johan USA Oldies kit. Exterior is Scalefinishes Olds Ming Jade w/ Testors Wet Look clear. Interior is Revell Reddish Brown, thinned and airbrushed with different lusters of clear. Comments, critique, questions, tips and pointers always welcome. Thanks for looking. Namaste.
  3. Really nice looking Merc! Great color choice.
  4. Way cool and well done, Tom. Pretty danged imaginative.
  5. Looks pretty darned good to mr, Gene. Nice GS.
  6. Gareth, you have built yourself one beautiful Belvedere. I like the blue one blue. Great work.
  7. Really fantastic build, Nigel. One of my all time favorite cars.
  8. That’s outstanding! Great concept, great execution.
  9. I like it. The white top on black is a good look. Bummer about the lack of decal contrast.
  10. Classic red on silver…what’s not to love there? Very clean, crisp build.
  11. Beautiful Riv. Sharp details.
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