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  1. Interesting, that would be awesome if they re-released those kits... especially the mercs... one of my Grails. No the tooling wasn't lost, distroyed or gone missing. However, what got Pocher into trouble was the Mercedes kits, which they did without licensing from Mercedes AG.
  2. 004 (R18) not MIA owned by Kelly Morse USA, one of the few the factory doesn't own. While it was crashed its still out there somewhere. #1 in this photo
  3. and hopefully the last ... Wonder who bought them? Considering you could have a Lamborghini AND a Ferrari AND a Porsche for what costs. On top of the reduculous price tag which they LOST money on every single one, its still a Toyota that took 12 years to see daylight that lost money and served no purpose what so ever and was about as successful as their F1 Program. At least Lamborghini people want and it is in the black.
  4. I think its the HPC... I will have to look again. HP BCS for general paint work. I got an old Sears compressor. You can use anything that you can regulate down to 15 to 45 PSI
  5. Proabably in the ball park. I would just get a 40% coupon and hit up a Hobby Lobby for Iwata Eclips. That new little Neo I have heard mixed results about. I have several airbrushes, while the Iwata doesn't do everything it comes pretty darn close to being the perfect brush. Easy care and maintanence, great finish, and a quality brush, always works and never had to buy any parts for it, but to be honest, for that really fine detail and special techniques I still use a Badger 150, much higher care and maintanence required though and have a stock pile of parts to keep it going. Paasche are ok too, but I found them to me more like a Mack truck than an finely tuned airbrush, and if the Paasche is the Mack truck of airbrushes Iwata is a Porsche great performance, great relaiblity, no nonesene airbrush, Badger is a bit more like an old Ferrari, awesome when it works but in the shop often.
  6. its an old Protar kit with many flaws... Got it about 80 % sorted out
  7. <p>nah, something more untilitarian. You'll see.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p></p>
  8. Oh... No idea really. Are you talking the ones in the back of the cab? It is a 5 window cab. Yeah, these era trucks are pretty interesting for something different. Dont seem many around being built, which is kind of why I decided on building one.
  9. just photo etch them up.... not that hard to do.
  10. ok not nearly as insane a build as the Sedan from Oz. but an update nonetheless.
  11. Yeah I could never quite figure that out either. It does seem like Spaulding got the short end. The only think I do know is there wasn't much left of the tooling, and it would take tens of thousands of dollars to fix one of the several tools he ended up with. Spaulding has been dabbling with the little bit of stuff he has to work with and some resin replacement parts. But there is less than a 1/2 of a percent chance that Johan will ever be revived.
  12. Yeah Le Mans hasn't been good to the Lizards. In fact, Porsche in general didn't have a good Le Mans this year. The AM car was up to the 2ND place GT Pro car, but it all went away. I am not sure about that. Anthony said he was in pain and knew he was hurt got out of the car in a panic (he said it was all very strange after the car stopped... he had closterphobia) and laid down on the car's side pod. They probably just didn't know what to do with a hurt driver laying on the car, and were just waiting for the medics. Those boobs on Speed didn't know what they were talking about half the time.
  13. yeah Get Well Soon Anthony Davidson. Interestingly, the two huge crashed last year with the Audis were also involving Ferraris. Toyota was putting up a good fight up to that point. Toy Audi Toy after some mistakes by the Audi drivers and some tire pick up that stuck in TK's suspension on his Audi. Then it all kind of unraveled from there.
  14. It would seem the second Toyota is retired with a possible tub failure
  15. The Delta Wing has been killed by a Toyota. And the Toyota was killed by a Ferrari.
  16. yeah was raining most of today there. 70% chance of rain tomorrow. Looks good for Sunday.
  17. That is the way I figure it. What ever happens or doesn't happen in the hobby shop is all good.
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