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  1. Japan GP turned out to be a great race. RB is not Invincible
  2. That was halarious, DW screaming l;ike a little girl. I never heard his voice go so high pitched before.
  3. I am sure it was all part of the deal to bring V8 Supercars to the states. I am sure they want to get people interested before they come 2013. First round of V8 Supercars will be hosted in the states for at least five years if everything goes according to plan. And it's on of the absolute best series around at this ten seconds.
  4. Oh yeah, I been counting the days. V8 supercars, that is their biggest race of the year. LIVE. F1 from Japan Live also this weekend.
  5. Yeah, never save receipts, receipts are evidence ... if my wife knew half of it... well okay she probably know about half but that's it.
  6. Nope! keeps me out of trouble and the missus happy that I am out of trouble. She squeaks a little when I drag a new kit home but just a little.
  7. Thousands, I am afraid to even try and figure it out. 430+ plastic kits. 30 resin figure kits at $100 or more a pop. 1 1/2 huge plastic boxes of resin bits 21 RC electric helicopters 1 RC .50 nitro heli with all the bling, probably $2000.00 to replace. 5 RC electric heli kits 5 RC air radios 1 RC ground radio 3 RC cars 1 of which has every up grade known to man and was over a $1500.00 investment alone when it was all said and done. 15 RC airplane kits many expensive scale kits 35 laser cut stick and tissue kits 1 small lathe 1 small mill 1 drill press 1 dremel press 1 full sized paint booth 3 work benches 3 tool boxes full of tools photo etching equipment and resin casting equipment oh and last year my wife decided I needed a train so I have a few hundred dollars wrapped up in a small N-scale layout. about 10 years ago it was estimated at $14,000.00 replacement cost for insurance purposes. It has grown considerably since then and there is a $40k clip on it. I too, don't get anything at full retail. For many years I worked in the industry and go a lot of stuff at employee discounts, and since I have used coupons, buy used, or discount things. So the actual cash investment is a lot less than the retail replacement value.
  8. John Force after his 92 Memphis crash "I just saw him" "You saw God?" someone asked "God? No, the King. I saw Elvis at 1000 feet!"
  9. Sorry hear all this, Bill. Hopefully we hear from you soon and all is well.
  10. It is kind of hard to get past the fact that styrene melts at 212 degrees and the exhust temp of a gas engine is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1300 degrees, just the minimum combustion temp of gasoline is 495 F. The oil temp at the ring can reach 320 F.
  11. Cool idea for a model. You will probably be done before the real car ever sees the light of day. As far as practicality? Indy shot it down already. Not sure what the ACO was thinking. Project 56 stand for the 56th grid position gift from the ACO because it doesn't conform to any class rules or regs. They probably think they will get some hype milage for a while and hope the car never shows up. So if, and that is a big if, it makes it to LeMans it will be basically racing itself because there is no class for the car. I predict that if it even starts the 80th running of the LeMans it doesn't make it to the end. Some of their basic engineering philosophy is flawed. ½ the weight ½ the power ½ the aero is not necessarily a recipe for the speed of a R18 or a 908 with ½ the fuel consumption. It doesn’t work that way guys. Part of their key features is take out of the Porsche 911 play book, acknowledging reward weight bias create superior acceleration and braking stability. However, 75% of the weight behind the rear wheels, 75% of the aero on the rear and virtually 0 front mechanical grip. Even a Porsche is close to balanced 47/53. The thing is going to be a dart, and it’s not going to steer. My God MAN! It's going to go stright off the track at the first corner, and there will be a HUGE accident. I guess the guess over at Highcroft Racing figured they couldn't beat any other LMP1 cars so the will just race in a class by themselves, which if you haven't notice of late that is what they were doing before until they starting get competition in LMP2 and Petrol Powered LMP1 cars. Anyone else have the feeling Project 56 may have been derived under the influence of alcohol and or drugs? I do give the credit for thinking outside the box, though
  12. Pierre Scerri's 1/3 Ferrari 312 He didn't have a lot of money, just a well equipt shop and 20,000 spare hours.... or about 15 years.
  13. I was looking at building a small V12 based roughly off Ferrari specs. And for a number of reasons about the smallest I could go is 1/10th and that would be pushing the very limits of a lot of things. The biggest compromise is the spark plugs, which they make some tiny plugs, Viper makes a 10-40 plug. However, even that plug is way out of scale for 1/12th and it made for some issues in the head with placement and valve clearence so I had to scale it up. There were some other things that were just hard to find and hard to fab for anything too much smaller like helix cut gears for timing, piston rings... just stuff that would be very difficult to make, not so much machining the parts but then you have heat treatments and special coatings on top of that. In any event, I have cad drawings about 90% completed for a very small V12.
  14. Nope, my dad had a 1972 Porsche 911 E... never got to drive it. I did get to learn how to drive a manual on customer Porsches though.
  15. It is rare that I get mad at a model, and when I do I just walk away and do something else. According to my model bench I have gotten mad exactly 14 times.
  16. I agree, it so cute, what is there not to like about it. I am in for at least one Citroen. The Audi, boring. Sorry chaps, but it's just boring.
  17. Well it is not real clear. It sounded like to me when I read the statement is not to make any comment unless specifically aked for by the builder. I think a whole lot of builders could be missing out on some very helpful commentary and kind of defeats the purposes of the message board.
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