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  1. Maybe Revell has larger production runs to help spread the price increase?
  2. That seat looks the part, reminds of a lot of my Dads trucks growing up.
  3. Me and my brother went, it was on the smaller side but we both found quite a bit of stuff. I spent all the cash I took.
  4. Just old brittle styrene.
  5. I'm pretty certain AMT was styrene in the promo's by 62. If that was that acetate stuff it would not be that straight.
  6. Got a little more done to my AMC rambler gasser project. Hemi motor and trans mounts done, headers will be the biggest issue it looks like. Not sure I like these parts pack slicks, very hollow.
  7. looking forward to this show, hope to find some deals.
  8. Not even a letter, we both got it wrong right.............. My head hurts. 🤣
  9. I bought a junkyard lot from ebay. There was a few 60 amt annual F100 bodies plus a customized 63 unibody and a couple willys gassers. I have a real nice 60 F100 body that had a cracked bed, one of the ones from the lot was chopped down and no roof so perfect for parts.
  10. Nice progress, I have one I want to build here soon as an altered wheelbase car.
  11. Right there with you, I'm ready to pounce this time around.
  12. That Renwal looks like something Elvis would of drove / owned.
  13. Looks very cool, my cousin has a 1:1 long bed he chopped down to a short bed using a brothers kit for the frame mods. He left the metal exposed where he spliced the bed just like your model. To cool.
  14. Very cool, looking forward. Start saving now Gents
  15. I agree on that Atlantis interview.
  16. Never noticed that but this was a kit I built a lot of growing up, seemed to always be on the shelves at Kmart or Meijer and was one of my favorite kits.
  17. Bingo!! But Round 2 is improving these. Round 2 do your thing and if you mold it we will buy it.
  18. Thanks Tim!! That looks very cool. Round 2 will be getting more of my money. Think that rail dragster on the decal sheet might be an Easter egg kind of thing?
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