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  1. The 917-10 and the Tyrell were Matchbox kits, nothing to do with Airfix.
  2. Whoever/whatever generated the subtitles isn't much good with Scottish accents either, they're comical. 🤪 These old Airfix kits aren't bad, I built a few back in the day.
  3. I think you're correct that they are the smaller one. The larger size is really huge... I have a Sand Hog kit that has two of the small ones and four large.
  4. I'm aware of all that, I was referring to the amount of "real estate" on the leading edge of the hood, above the grille.. Maybe it's just the light on the model, but it looks boxier than the 1:1 Steve M posted above.
  5. That facet on the leading edge of the hood/fenders looks way overdone, but I guess it can be reprofiled. It almost looks like they copied the '70 hood without taking account of the taller '71 grille.
  6. I think they've done that to mitigate the effect of the woefully wrong grille and headlight buckets. I would have bought many more of these if they'd got the grilles correct and done something about the warpage problems.
  7. This thread is the very definition of 'First World Problems". I'm sure the majority here know what they're getting with AMT reissues.
  8. Hydraulic tanks are commonly mounted behind the cab e.g. https://www.hydraulic.ee/files/hyva/galerii/tehtud_tood/mb_actros_valsid/2013_07_29_16.39.30.jpg If the trailer tanks are small and cylindrical, then they probably are air tanks.
  9. The custom wheels in the JoHan 1970 Eldorado are similar. I'd have to check to see how close they are.
  10. Shame, but not that surprising. I've bought three Moebius kits (two Ford trucks and a '65 Plymouth) and all have warpage problems, the Plymouth being the worst.
  11. Won't be long before someone suggests a stock vehicle that appeared in a movie. 🤦‍♂️
  12. It says $41.25 shipping to the UK. For a sheet of decals. 🧐
  13. Thanks, that's useful to know. I'll look out for an older issue. The reissue I have is the latest one with the "Streetburner" branding. That definitely has the stock Chevy air cleaner.
  14. Of course, after I just paid $$$ for a '67 Camaro annual. 😒
  15. The 'Hot Rod' Yenko Camaro was the first release with a big block The B-M version came a year or so later. The first issue in the 'Skip's Fiesta drive in' box had a nice fly eye air cleaner, but the reissue just has the standard one, which is disappointing.
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