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  1. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    I haven't unpacked it yet, so I don't know what's in the box or what mods it will need to fit the dump body.... I've never built one of these. Apart from a stalled Freightliner, I haven't touched a truck kit since 1986. I gather from other threads that it has an oddball rear bogie with a wide axle spread (I'll probably change that), and the cab/hood were modified from the first issue, so that needs correcting.
  2. Auto quiz 410

    I figured the blue banner said "Welcome to Yorkshire".
  3. Auto quiz 410

    Yep, got it.
  4. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    I'm in, add another DM600 to the list.
  5. OK, I decided on this, with the dump body from a gluebomb Autocar I picked up from Ebay. The body will get stripped and rebuilt.
  6. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Great, I'll post my entry in the morning.
  7. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Yes, I forgot it was stroked to 427. The kit engine is obviously meant to represent a Z-11 though, because that was the only one to use such an intake. The point I was making about the iron PG is that it's an odd choice for the drag version - as you say, it's heavy and not very strong. A Hydro would have made more sense. .
  8. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Sorry, that's not correct. I post goods internationally almost every day, so I'm reasonably familiar with rates to different countries. For Royal Mail, the US and Canada are both World Zone 1, so postage prices are exactly the same. Australia is in World Zone 2 and costs a little more. As an example, a 500g (1.1 lb) package would cost £12.95 to both the US and Canada, or £13.45 to Australia.
  9. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    May I join in? I've got the itch to build a truck and I have a few in the stash.
  10. Autoquiz 409 - Finished

    That's exactly how I got it.
  11. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    Only the '55 has the 409. It is presumably intended to represent a Z-11, since that was the only W engine to have a valley cover separate from the intake manifold. Edit - why they decided to couple the "hot" engine to an iron Powerglide is anybody's guess.
  12. '29 Highboy Roadster

    Thanks for the comments. It was inspired by the Chuck Brazier roadster, but I didn't set out to clone it exactly.
  13. Ford big block ID help.

    Looks like the sub-par FE from the AMT F350 series. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/amt-instructions/automotive-cars--pi/ford/1971-1980/amt1979ford4x4picku/scan0008.html
  14. '29 Highboy Roadster

    Built for the TRaK Autorama. It didn't come out exactly the way I intended, but I got burned out towards the end and just needed to get it finished.
  15. '33 Willys Gasser

    A couple of better photos. The tilt front gave me a headache, but that's no reflection on Ed's castings; I've always had that problem with the kit parts.