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  1. dodgefever added a post in a topic What's next from Moebius - How about a 70 F-100 4x4 and a 65-66 F-100   

    What a load of bollocks.  Why push this false dichotomy that there have to be "car guys" and "big rig guys" and never the twain shall meet?  I like both and I know plenty of others who also build a variety of subjects.  90% of what's posted in the car section doesn't interest me, but I just scroll past it.
  2. dodgefever added a post in a topic Oldsmobile or Cadillac Engine   

    Is that not the Cad engine from the AMT '49 Ford, with valve covers from the '59 El Camino kit?
  3. dodgefever added a post in a topic Selling on the Forum - Poll   

    Forum logic: "I don't want to engage in buying or selling on here, therefore nobody else should be allowed to do so".
    Of course it's up to the forum owners/admin, but given trading is allowed already, and aftermarket suppliers are self-promoting willy nilly in forum threads, a formal buy/sell/trade subforum would be helpful.  All the naysayers would be free to ignore it, so should one be created, its existence needn't trouble them.
  4. dodgefever added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    Or, as I mooted earlier, they farmed out the artwork to China along with everything else.  These recent efforts don't strike me as being done by anyone with a feel for the subject, or even much skill as an artist.  Now I'm wondering where the other box art is lifted from.
  5. dodgefever added a post in a topic The Mystery Part I.D. Help Needed, Please, Topic   

    1967 Lincoln, one year only I think.
  6. dodgefever added a post in a topic The Mystery Part I.D. Help Needed, Please, Topic   

    I think that's the custom grille from the JoHan '69 Roadrunner.
  7. dodgefever added a post in a topic new for 2018   

    Also the only one of the bunch that looks halfway decent.  Have they got the Chinese drawing the box art now?  They look as if they've superimposed the vehicles on video game backgrounds.
  8. dodgefever added a post in a topic 49/50 AMT Ford   

    Because it's a convertible.
  9. dodgefever added a post in a topic Moebius F-100 issues   

    My '69 shortbed has a warped hood, the '71 is not as bad but still doesn't fit properly. Moebius '65 Plymouth has a noticeably warped body, so from my experience some warpage is to be expected with their kits.  As mentioned above, the grilles are all wrong because of the oversized headlight surrounds.
    Aside from those problems, the chassis and FE engines appear to be mostly cribbed from the '70s AMT pickups.  The front suspension attachment is completely wrong, having the radius arms mounted outside the frame rather than underneath, and the twin axle beams are far too short - they should also mount under the frame rails, not part way along the cross member.  I reworked mine to look more a bit more prototypical.  I could have done more - that huge kink in the driver's side beam is still wrong, but by that point I was questioning why I was spending so much time on this...

    Moebius OOB


  10. dodgefever added a post in a topic Yenko vs Baldwin Motion Streetburner   

    Bumping this thread to comment on the Streetburner reissue of the B-M Camaro.  I just bought a factory sealed one, but it doesn't have the 'fly eye' air filter.  The instructions show it as chrome part #81, but that's the standard Chevy air cleaner and it appears they've used that on the new box art too.
    I'm a bit miffed, because I had the original Skip's issue and I remember the fly eye being in it, so it's disappointing that Revell has dropped one of the distinguishing features of the Motion cars.
  11. dodgefever added a post in a topic Building Lindburgs Color Me Gone as the Hemi Honker 10/25 update   

    You might want to turn the rocker covers around before you finish the wiring - they're upside down. 
  12. dodgefever added a post in a topic New Plastic @ Hobby Lobby   

    Revell's recent box art efforts are truly awful.
  13. dodgefever added a post in a topic Fujimi Enthusiast Series Lamborghini Countach   

    Never could get the doors to fit on mine, so I hope to find out where I went wrong.
  14. dodgefever added a post in a topic Car ID wanted   

    '37 Plymouth.
    The car in your first post was finished and is in one of Andy Southard's books.
  15. dodgefever added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE is done   

    They're OK size wise, but 8-stud fixing and have military tread pattern on the tyres.  Also, the PCD of the stud pattern is larger than you'd typically see on US trucks - same goes for 10 stud British and Euro wheels vs. US ones, the US wheels have a smaller PCD.