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  1. dodgefever added a post in a topic Car ID wanted   

    '37 Plymouth.
    The car in your first post was finished and is in one of Andy Southard's books.
  2. dodgefever added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE is done   

    They're OK size wise, but 8-stud fixing and have military tread pattern on the tyres.  Also, the PCD of the stud pattern is larger than you'd typically see on US trucks - same goes for 10 stud British and Euro wheels vs. US ones, the US wheels have a smaller PCD.
  3. dodgefever added a post in a topic 1959-'60 Mercury engine source   

    Lesser Mercs were available with an FE, but the Park Lane came with a 430 MEL as standard.
    The AMT '58 Edsel has an FE, which also looks rather undersized compared with FEs in other kits.
  4. dodgefever added a post in a topic 41 Dodge COE is done   

    The wheels & tyres appear to be copies of the Italeri Opel Blitz parts.
  5. dodgefever added a post in a topic '68 Super Bee/Coronet R/T   

    Going by the positioning of the DODGE lettering on the rear panel, and what looks like a red R/T badge on the right, I'd say it's an R/T. 
  6. dodgefever added a post in a topic Lindberg 64 Dodge 330 stock and 64 Plymouth Belvedere   

    They go together well, but appearance wise the cowl and windshield are too straight, so the windshield looks rectangular.  That's the biggest flaw for me and since I became aware of it, they just don't look right at all.  Compare with the old Johan bodies, which were much better. 
    Edit - Tim Boyd posted some good comparison pics here:
  7. dodgefever added a post in a topic Scam 'Bay Listings?   

    This isn't exactly the same thing, but something I've noticed on the UK Ebay site is there are a lot of current Revell/Monogram models at insane prices, all of which are listed by sellers stating their location as "UK" with a contact address in Israel.   Hard to believe they sell any at these prices, so one wonders what's behind it and why they choose to list them on the UK site in Pounds.  For example, same Willys kit at $80 - 110 from three Ebay IDs with Israeli contact info:
  8. dodgefever added a post in a topic Found an alternative solution   

      Think about it: a 1/8 scale engine is 50% larger than a 1/12 engine.
    Just get a Monogram 1/12 Corvette, you might have to be patient but it will probably cost less than a 3D printed engine.  Be aware that the Monogram valve covers are incorrect and have 8 bolts instead of 7.
  9. dodgefever added a topic in Wanted!   

    AMT '57 Chrsyler Body
    Just bought an AMT '57 Chrysler and the roof is crushed.  
    I'm hoping someone bought one as a parts kit and has a body going spare - preferably UK/Europe, but anything considered.
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  10. dodgefever added a post in a topic 1967 International Loadstar 1600   

    That looks closer.  Comparing with your reference photo in the first post, it appears that the windshield curves up as it wraps around, following the crown of the roof, so the top rubber lies above the upper door line.  It could stand to be raised a little more?  You've done an outstanding job here.
  11. dodgefever added a post in a topic Fran Hernandez 32 3 window Ford   

    Good Lord, a proper hot rod.
  12. dodgefever added a post in a topic 1965 Comet Engine Color   

    The standard Mercury 289 was black with yellow valve covers and air cleaner.  The Cyclone engine was black with silver valve covers and air cleaner, or black with chrome for the HiPo engine. 
  13. dodgefever added a post in a topic RIP Gregg Allman   

    Sad, but Duane was the real talent.
  14. dodgefever added a topic in Trading Post   

    Wanted: AMT '58 - '60 T-bird Parts
    Looking for a hood and dash for a '58 - '60 AMT T-Bird, either original or good resin copies.  Painted, tire burned, glue bomb - anything considered, even a built parts car.   TIA.
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  15. dodgefever added a post in a topic Another GMC project idea   

    On a truck that size, I'd guess Holmes 600.  If you find drawings, please share.