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  1. The Early Iron release didn't have louvres. I think the Lemon Crate version might have been the first to have them?
  2. Thieves are the scum of the earth. Hope you see some compensation, but on the upside (?) it does appear they're repairable.
  3. Everyone has their own line where detailing/super-detailing becomes more trouble than it's worth; same for "good enough" vs. "I know it's there". The older I get and the more my eyesight deteriorates, the closer I get to thinking "good enough" is good enough. Getting bogged down with detailing and struggling to see what I'm doing kind of takes the fun out of it.
  4. I couldn't make the deadline, but I'm still working on it. I drilled out the headlamps and fitted buckets and clear lenses from a Revell '29 roadster. Now working through adding the last few details.
  5. Ghia was my first thought too, from the clue. I eventually got to it via this one from Pininfarina:
  6. Steve has it right. The Nickey hood scoops were moulded closed. Nice job, the replacement wheels lookmuch better than the ones in the kit.
  7. Got a link? Is it possible they're confusing Limestone with white? I can't recall ever seeing a white Land Rover.
  8. I'm struggling with this one. It reminds me of a couple of others, but all dead ends so far.
  9. *Downgrading* to Windows 10 would be a more appropriate thread title. I hate WIndows 10. I didn't mind Windows 7, but 10 removes any last vestige of control, at least the home edition. I use Linux on my main machine and the only reason I keep Windows on the laptop is for one business-use program, so I'm pretty close to dumping Windows for good. I would strongly recommend switching to Linux if you can. Mint is good, and easy to use if you're migrating from Windows.
  10. Thrashing to get this done, but I don't think I'll make it... Interior is done and cab glazed. Still have some detail painting to do, and I drilled out the headlights with the intention of using chrome buckets and clear lenses, so that still needs sorting.
  11. R/T was only available as a hardtop or convertible. Hood and taillight panel look good though.
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