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  1. AMT Avanti issue date ?

    That's the atrocious Palmer kit, nothing to do with AMT.
  2. For next time: the front wheels have twelve spokes - you're supposed to clock the wheel halves so the spacing is equal, not have them directly in line.
  3. To be fair to him, the Revell parts pack instructs the builder to mount the distributor (a Flamethrower, IIRC) at the rear on the blown option. They tooled up a separate timing cover for the blown version and they could easily have made it with an angled mag drive, as was usually used in the real world. Instead, they put a hole in the back of the blower manifold...
  4. What kind of car is this

    Unless you were here when they were new, you'd be unlikely to. They were notorious rot boxes.
  5. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    Like this thread and most of the ideas within.
  6. Round2 for 2018

    I can live with the old style chassis because you can't see it when the model is right side up, but the half baked wrecker bed is another story. Any kind of tow truck or fire apparatus on a 1/2 ton chassis is plain wrong in any case.. . it would be nice to have a proper 1 ton truck, but that's so niche I'd be amazed if it ever happens.
  7. They were also in the original issues of the '55 Nomad and '56 Ford Victoria. Modelhaus sold them as their T110. I wasn't aware of R&M copying them.
  8. Escort Pro-Stock

    Yes, I remember a yellow Mk3 Escort with a 460 Ford, think that one ran S/G as well.
  9. Stock 34 Ford kits

    Look for a Monogram '56 T-Bird. The engine is a little simplistic, but no worse than most kits of that vintage.
  10. There's this: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/178876-gunze-sangyo-g-187-austin-healy-sprite-mk-1 There was a second version in race trim: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/210210-gunze-sangyo-g-361-austin-healy-sprite-mk-1
  11. What makes these "Radial" ?

    No, you have that totally arse about face. Radials have the plies going in a straight line from bead to bead. Bias plies are, as indicated by the name, angled across the tread.
  12. Lindberg 1929 T Rod Background Info

    I knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread.
  13. There are good reference photos in this sale ad: http://www.rodsnsods.co.uk/forum/vehicles-sale/1955-white-3000-coe-truck-439522
  14. Golden Commandos 1965 Plymouth

    No warpage? Quick, go and buy a lottery ticket.