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  1. The Opel Blitz used a metric tooled version of the 216ci Chevy engine, so it should be about the same size in scale, notwithstanding the 1/24 to 1/25 difference. From what I remember, the Opel chassis isn't really accurate for a US truck, and the wheels are totally wrong, having a much larger European PCD.
  2. 10/10 for observation. I figured people would be most interested in the photos. 🤪
  3. The other thing everyone gets wrong with 1ton/wrecker conversions is the wheelbase. It was 133" for the 1 ton chassis, so in scale, 0.72" longer than the shortbed pickup.
  4. Please let us know who these businesses are. We can then either avoid using them, or request that they pay some attention to packing,
  5. Definitely AMT. Early trophy kits had narrow slicks with no markings; the Firestones came a bit later. I have some of the 9.00x15 ones in a soft rubber compound, rather than the usual PVC found in kits. I was told the rubber ones were sold as slot car accessories. AFAIK, Revell only had M&H slicks, in 8.00 and 11.00 widths.
  6. Don't paint the front chassis rails black though, that isn't a separate subframe on B bodies. The K member and trans mount (middle part only of the trans crossmember) were painted black, but the rest was part of the body assembly.
  7. That (marking as read) seems to have done the trick, thanks. Must remember to do that periodically.
  8. Same here, still very slow on Unread Content.
  9. I'm finding individual threads aren't too bad, but I usually have Unread Content as my starting page and that's taking nine or ten seconds to load.
  10. That's a cool old truck. Is this cab still available somewhere?
  11. OK, just seems strange to me to use a sought after, valuable early Dodge when the correct Ford body is current and available in abundance. Stranger still to put a lot of time and effort into a "replica" which isn't anything of the sort. YMMV, obviously. Have fun. 🙃
  12. That would have been the logical choice, given (a) the real thing was based on one and (b) the Ford reissue is cheap and readily available. I'm not seeing any resemblance here - the hood on the 1:1 is flat like the original Econoline, continuing the belt line, not dramatically sloped down like this?
  13. FE is a big block - completely different engine. The kit has a 5.0 small block: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Windsor_engine Depending on how you dress it up, it could represent almost any small block from the early '60s to the end of production. AFAIK the EFI intake is the type found in a late '80s - early '90s Fox body Mustang. Trans is a Ford AOD 4 spd auto. I'm sure a Ford expert will be along soon to correct me...
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