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  1. Mack R on a DM600 chassis

    Wow, that's a beast! I wish Jamie would make some 24" Mack rims and tyres... those AITM ones are a bit rudimentary in comparison.
  2. License Plate Making?

    I saved a bunch of plate images from Ebay and elsewhere, so I have a selection of numbers and letters to copy and paste. I use GIMP to edit the image, resize it to 1/2" wide and print (monochrome) at 600dpi on plain paper. I'm generally doing '50s and '60s California plates, so I paint the back of the printed image with yellow enamel and let it soak through. Then I stick the thing to the model with PVA.
  3. Autoquiz 434

    PM sent. Did I miss 434?
  4. A Better Grill

    Parts look good. Is there any chance of offering first class mail on international orders? I had a few items in my cart, but $35 shipping kills it for me, unfortunately.
  5. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Thanks, it's my first attempt at using weathering powder. I used the cheap set from Revell, applied as a wash dissolved in diluted Humbrol DecalFix, following the procedure in this video below. As an aside: I've never heard anyone pronounce the 't' in 'moistened' before!
  6. Mack R on a DM600 chassis

    Interesting project. Did you make those lift axle mounts?
  7. Revell 2019

    I did a quick overlay of JC's photos. Then I traced some of the body lines from the 1:1 photo. So, it doesn't seem like it needs quite as much surgery as I first thought. The front fenders are too tall, window openings need enlarging and the trailing edge of the front wheel well looks too upright. The rear quarter doesn't come down far enough behind the rear wheels - should be more like the MPC & Johan bodies. Front and rear look too short, but some of that could be down to the difference in photographing a model vs. a 1:1 vehicle.
  8. Revell 2019

    I see the difference, but to me, it looks like the Revell body doesn't come down far enough behind the rear wheel,rather than the lower body being too deep. I'd bring the rear of the wheel opening down to match the Johan body. However, the Revell body looks way too fat *above* the body crease, especially in the front fenders. I'd be thinking about sectioning it between the body crease and the beltline. The side window opening needs reshaping as well.
  9. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Thanks for the comments, they help to keep me motivated... I got some work done on the interior today. I made new shifters from copper wire and mounted them further back than the kit locations, because all my references show them around there. I was planning to mount the kit shift knobs on top, but I seem to have lost those, so it's either make some, or use the spare DM800 ones from the kit.
  10. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Attempted some weathering on the chassis, to knock down the "newness".
  11. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Same kit. Airfix released the MPC '67 Charger and '67 GTO over here, listing them as 1/24 scale.
  12. Very impressive. There is an ugly/beautiful dichomoty with the H series that really appeals to me. I'd like to build one eventually, but I agree the resin cabs have some shortcomings, and I don't think I could reproduce the ribbed lower section as well as you have. Do you have any photos of the work in progress?
  13. Junior Fueler--More Of These (Darn) Injectors?! 02/01/19

    Been a while since I checked this thread. Looking great!
  14. Kustom Kwizz

    I think it is. I was thinking '50 - '51 Buick.
  15. Autoquiz 429

    Easy one this week.