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  1. Trumpeter Bonneville

    Three different cars, three different door panel upholstery patterns too. The Barret-Jackson car pictured is described as having a custom interior. The obvious conclusion is that Trumpeter copied a restored car with a non-stock interior.
  2. You still have models built long ago?

    None of my childhood models survived intact. These are the oldest I have, circa 1990-91.
  3. ACE, can you figure this front suspension out ?

    Not much to figure out. The spring perches appear to be mounted upside down to those ugly protrusions added to the wishbones. What a waste of parts that thing is.
  4. Name That Tune....

    Didn't see anyone else answer... that's Jubilee Street - Nick Cave
  5. USRRC Cobra rear axle problem

    Same here, no problems at all.
  6. 4x2 Manifold for a 331 Caddy Motor

    The Revell Parts Pack engine has one.
  7. I like that. It reminds me of this, which I want to do in 1/25 one day.
  8. L88?

    The valve covers are incorrect on those Revell '68 and '69 Corvettes - they have 8 bolts instead of 7. The Monogram 1/12 '67 Corvette is the same, presumably cut from the same patterns.
  9. I just did a quick overlay of those two images. It looks as if the respective front and rear fender bulges match up well with the stock body, so the length was added in the doors. The gills are moved back so the rear edge is about where the door line would have been. With the door handles lined up, the rear axle appears to be in the stock location relative to the body, with the wheelwell enlarged all round.
  10. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Nice job. Where are the rear tyres from? I could do with some like that.
  11. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser Done pictures

    It would be in Modified Sports, not Gas class, so with a 409, maybe AM/SP, or just into BM/SP if you added some ballast... I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury. A Little More Progress.

    It should fit the Fury, but the '63 - '64 Dodges were on a 119" wheebase; three inches longer than Plymouth. The Lindberg Dodge would be the one to use for those.
  13. Rockford files 1977 firebird

    Not sure if you were replying to me, but I was referring to the Firebird.
  14. Rockford files 1977 firebird

    Nice work so far. I presume that hood is designed to fit the old MPC kit? I'd be tempted to use that as a reference and cut down the corners of the windshield and the door tops to match - it looks like Revell cocked up (again) and made the top of the doors too high. The door window should be noticeably lower than the rear window.
  15. 64 Hemi Savoy

    My fault, I was confused and ended up looking at the Missing Link site mentioned in the previous post. Their site is really abysmal. The MCW site is better, but still looks like something from a Geocities webring circa 1999...