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  1. Tire I.D. Help, Please

    The Firestone 500s are found in the MPC '65 Corvette. They're probably in other MPC kits too, but I've only seen them in that one, and the Airfix rebox.
  2. Fair enough. I know at least the first issue instructions didn't call for the wheel wells to be opened up for the Drag version, and those early ones came with the narrower slicks. Your Olds probably came from the '39/'40 sedan, which has just been reissued. The Olds will fit better than the OHV Ford engines, because as you probably know, those have front sump oil pans.
  3. I think the first issue had either the no-name or the skinny Firestone slicks, which would fit inside the stock wheel wells. Any of the later, wider slicks, including the current parts pack M&H ones, will require radiussing the wheel arches.

    The JoHan valve covers are better proportioned than the AMT ones, but the spark plug locations are way off. I don't have one handy to check, but I think the block is closer to being correct for a 385 series - the Maverick/Comet has heads and valve covers to build either a 427 SOHC or a Boss 429 off the same block and heads (I know). The T'rantula valve covers are the best I know of.
  5. Favorite gasser kits?

    That's a 1940 Buick.
  6. Favorite gasser kits?

    I think that's an old style Enderle fuel shut off valve. The pump would be driven off the front of the cam, or belt driven if an OEM front cover/water pump was used.
  7. ID please- 40's truck

    '46-'47 Ford, I think.
  8. Stop it DeAgostini!! You're killing me!!

    Ah, that explains it. The UK site is different, no Model Enthusiast category: https://en-gb.eaglemoss.com/ The Batmobile looks interesting, but must be closer to 1:10 scale going by the dimensions they're quoting.
  9. Stop it DeAgostini!! You're killing me!!

    I don't expect any 1/8 Dodges, and I woudn't be able to afford one anyway, but I still don't know what you've found that you're all getting excited about. All I can see in their shop is the BTF DeLorean, the Aston Martin, and a bunch of figures and Sci-Fi stuff. Confused, I am...
  10. Revell 56 Ford truck history

    Yes, I have a Buttera T sedan in that metallic brown. The metallic blue of the Hot Rod issue is quite brittle, but the older brown stuff is worse still.
  11. Revell 56 Ford truck history

    I didn't know the Hot Rod version was in production for that long. Mine had BBS wheels, awful two piece tyres and still had the Pontiac engine. I'm trying to think when I bought it: I think maybe '90 - '92, but I can't remember exactly.
  12. Stop it DeAgostini!! You're killing me!!

    What am I missing? I looked at the Eaglemoss site and didn't see anything particularly interesting. I also checked their Facebook page, which is littered with complaints about non-delivery of goods, unauthorised payments taken from bank accounts and being unable to cancel subscriptions - doesn't seem like a company I'd want to deal with...
  13. Topic full of information just vanished?

    Exactly. Ignore list, job done.
  14. I radiussed the arches on mine, because I think it looks better. I did add a slight flare to the top, because if you just hog out the wheelwell it looks weird. Edited to add: this is a mock up so th body is resting on the tyres - it will sit a bit higher when it's done. Some of my inspiration photos.
  15. 350ci Tri Power ?

    Six two-barrels. The Monogram '30 Touring has a three two-barrel SBC intake, but of course the Monogram kits are 1/24, not 1/25. A 348 intake could perhaps be made to fit, but the water outlet is typically the other side on a small block and the 348 oil filler is in the wrong place.