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  1. Here are the photos from the HRM article.
  2. Yes, definitely from the Lowboy.
  3. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Thank you. I'm aiming for an east coast look, but I'm still tweaking things as I go. I think Jamie's wheels & tyres are miles better than the kit parts, just wish he did 24" ones.
  4. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    End of month update. I painted the wheels and I've modified the chassis to work with them. I discovered the body will have to mount a bit farther back to clear the exhaust, but I can make it work.
  5. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Oh yeah, it wasn't meant to be a dig at Jamie. He was easy to work with and the parts are great. It was more the add-on costs resulting from the poor exchange rate, shipping and then being clobbered with import tax and a handling charge on top. Robbers!
  6. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    I bought some 22" Mack wheels and tyres from Moluminum. They came out almost twice the cost of the kit after shipping and taxes, but hey... I painted the interior and inside the cab green. It's maybe closer to a B model interior green, but it'll get toned down with some weathering powder. Cab exterior, body and wheel spokes will be red.
  7. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Still creeping along. I've reassembled the dump body, built the engine and started on the interior.
  8. Would still be closer than that... why put work into copying the construction details when the body is so obviously wrong?
  9. Autoquiz 418

    Much easier than the last two.
  10. I have several of the late '70s Matchbox/AMT CF doubles and there's definitely no chrome in those.
  11. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the frame will be bobbed, just deciding what to do with the rear crossmember. I might make up a deep rear crossmember with a trailer hitch, as I've seen on some 1:1s.
  12. BRBO Mack R685ST

    It looked fine in your mock up the other week and all the wheels appear to be touching the "ground"? The hood's obviously off to the bumper, so something's out of whack. Have a break and come back to it with fresh eyes.
  13. 1965 Dodge D700 Dick Landy race car hauler

    Nice job. Where did you get the resin wheels?
  14. Autoquiz 416

    I didn't have a clue on that one.
  15. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Thanks. A bit more done, lengthened the frame about 5/8" (still needs clean up, don't judge). I'll probably bob the rear of the frame so it doesn't overhang so much, Mock up.