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  1. I had that Revell issue. The only difference vs. the Italeri kits was that the Revell version had hollow rubber tyres (which perished after a few years 😕 ).
  2. $52.60 shipping for a bumper - I think he's ruled himself out of contention there.
  3. If you were doing this, the Pontiac engine blue wouldn't be far off: The one in the OP is way darker - as you say, more like the Cobra colour. Also, a quick search only turned up models painted such a light blue...
  4. Presume you know this, but the Parisienne was based on the Chevrolet chassis, so 5" shorter wheelbase than the US Pontiacs. The Revell '65 or '66 Impalas would be ideal donors for the chassis, but both have big blocks, so you'd have to swap in a 327 from another kit. I would think any resin bodies would be 1:25 to go with available kits, rather than 1:24? Your '67 Bonneville is almost certainly a resin repop of the original MPC kit, which was reworked for each annual release.
  5. I know exactly what that is. It's on my short list of "lottery win" cars.
  6. Here: https://www.rookieresin.com/product-page/1967-ford-f100-grill Bill is a member here.
  7. Questionable styling is/was a feature of many British kit cars.
  8. The Early Iron release didn't have louvres. I think the Lemon Crate version might have been the first to have them?
  9. Thieves are the scum of the earth. Hope you see some compensation, but on the upside (?) it does appear they're repairable.
  10. Everyone has their own line where detailing/super-detailing becomes more trouble than it's worth; same for "good enough" vs. "I know it's there". The older I get and the more my eyesight deteriorates, the closer I get to thinking "good enough" is good enough. Getting bogged down with detailing and struggling to see what I'm doing kind of takes the fun out of it.
  11. I couldn't make the deadline, but I'm still working on it. I drilled out the headlamps and fitted buckets and clear lenses from a Revell '29 roadster. Now working through adding the last few details.
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