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  1. 71 barracuda

    another rebuilder i redid this one had a messed up roof and some of the engine was missing so i moded the hood to give it a flat base line barracuda hood and modded the roof with thin wire and some thin fabric and some textured tape to make a full vinyl roof i sanded down the cuda name plate on the back taillight panel and put a barracuda name plate decal on it instead i replaced the missing engine parts with what ever extra parts i had
  2. 69 roadrunner

    thank you
  3. 69 roadrunner

    here is another rebuilder i redid a 69 roadrunner convertiable i put a 318 under the hood which i got from tom geiger thank you again
  4. 69 roadrunner

  5. 69 roadrunner

    thank you
  6. 71 duster 340

    this is the new amt re release of the 71 duster 340 kit a relative of mine got it for me at the end of may i finished it a few days ago and took the pics of it when i took the pics of the 70 challenger
  7. 71 duster 340

    thank you and what a honor you bestowed upon me
  8. 71 duster 340

    thank you
  9. 69 roadrunner

  10. 69 roadrunner

    thanks i tend to paint multiple car bodies and and parts in the same day i also do alot of the sub assemblies for multiple cars in a day then after the bodies and pig parts are gassed out i can get to the detail painting and final assembly basicly from the time i get up to the time i go to bed i am working on models with only lunch and dinner for my two bigger breaks an bathroom and internet breaks for the smaller breaks throughout the day
  11. 69 roadrunner

  12. 69 roadrunner

    merci beaucoup
  13. 69 roadrunner

    thank you
  14. 71 Cuda

    nice work
  15. 69 roadrunner

    thank you
  16. 69 roadrunner

    thanks no it is not hemi orange just plain gloss orange
  17. 71 duster 340

  18. 67 charger

    thank you and thank you again for the engine
  19. 67 charger

    this was a really bad rebuilder it had lots of glue globs and those scoops were really fused to the hood and body and both of the windshield posts were bent and broken i had to glue those to the windshield to keep them from breaking and bowing i put a 383 under the hood which i got from tom geiger thank you again i had two sets of those wheels and tires and they were all i had left in my parts boxes that would work with revell/monogram axel pegs the taillight strip was missing so i had to paint the inner portion of the taillight strip housing red
  20. 71 duster 340

  21. 71 duster 340

    merci beaucoup
  22. 70 challenger

    this 1/24th scale rebuilder was missing the t/a hoodscoop and enging so i used a extra engine from a 1/24th scale 71 cuda parts car i had and made a 70 challenger witha shaker hood i think i should have glued the shaker scoop part to the underside of the hood then it would have sat better in the opening
  23. 67 charger

    thanks and that sounds like a interesting idea
  24. 67 charger

  25. 67 charger