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    pony up

    thank you yeah i do thanks it is good to be different and try different things
  2. thanks but it is not the spirit of 76 theme decals but a surfing hang 10 theme decals
  3. michelle

    pony up

    i decided to make my own hot wheels style generic sports car with a hot wheels style name this is the first in a wave of these i plan to make i built it from a 2015 mustang build and play snaptite parts car and some parts from my parts box i painted the body in testors extreme lacquer purple-licious
  4. thanks thank you the hot wheel car is a 2 seater and had a package shelf that almost goes to the back of the front seats
  5. this is my second build for this year i built this replica of the hot wheels car dixie challenger from 2 different amt 70 challenger parts cars and a set of 80 volare side window louvers i got from tom geiger and a piece of sprue i moded for the grille spliter i based the paint and decal work on the 2009 hot wheels issue but i swapped the colors of the flames and body for the model the hot wheels car is a dark metallic blue body with black flames and i did the model body in blac with blue flames which came with the current issue of the 66 parklane which i als got this january the roof was a pain to get lined up and glued right the frond edge did not want to line up nicely with the top of the windshield frame the is some changes from the hot wheels car i made like not having the grille split attached to the leading edge of the hood the hot wheels car had 8 exaust pipes on either side of the car but i changed them to 4 on either side the hood is from harts parts resin
  6. here are a few other snaptite kits i need
  7. thank you i can't really remember if i purpously did the hood like that or if i painted it separately
  8. thank you it says hang 10 i figured it was a fictional version round 2 made that mimicked the real spirit of 76 stripe package
  9. thanks the mini enterprise came with the last issuing of the k7 space station kit i got the mini enterprise from a friend on a star trek model forum
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