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  1. When I was deciding on the color I knew I didnt want basic black, so with some research I found out back in the day (especially the 30s) there was many colors ,even 2 tone. I went with maroon and the side carved scroll work in hull red to offset the maroon. You can see the passenger side is done in hull red, the drivers side is yet to be done. When all the side chrome is on it should set it off , hopefully. Alot more to go, about 1/2 done, but atleast the cutting and fitting is done.
  2. Rebuilt this original AWB , nothing fancy . Even has the old hood clip. Kit was never painted so rebuild was rather easy. Parts box decals. Chrome looks choppy in photos but its not. Im just not a photographer.😄
  3. I got the frame stretched out where it needs to be and even tho' you cant see much of the rear area with the body on, I still put a full floor in back. The donor was an Aero Sedan builder so everything gets cut down to fit. The donor did not have tires or wheels so I tried my hand and cast a set. Long way to go on this one.
  4. Rusty(bisc63)thanks for the trade, a real pleasure.
  5. Started life as a Monogram PaddyWagon , a cut here a cut there flip a few things around add a J/F resin tank and wala ...... I wanted a something that was a little different than the LiL' Gasser showrod. With the resin tank this build weighs in at .0.7.5 ounces. The normal PaddyWagon weighs in at just under 0.4 ounces. Decals were parts box ,everything else except the tank is Monogram PaddyWagon. The tank ribs are done in gold foil to contiue the bright trim . Red lights are faux jewels.
  6. Resin tank came in today , its bigger than I thought but its a pretty good fit. Now to get this one done.
  7. Just a thank you to Duane Garner for sending me a part I needed and did not ask nor would take any thing in return. Thats a stand up guy. Thanks Duane Ken
  8. While waiting for parts on another build I decided to start one that Ive been wanting to do for awhile, a resin 46 or 47 ambulance or hearse conversion. The J/F hearse was easy cleanup and good fit, the ambulance is an unknown (to me) cast, also good fit and easy cleanup. I decided on the hearse. The chassis is going to need a big stretch , the interior wont matter as I only need the seating area. The back will have a partition and new floor behind the seat. I have to check 3inches under for resin hearse items for the back. Of course a 46/47 Chevy by Galaxie will be the donor. This model is a long one , 10 inches bumper to bumper.
  9. Without the rear resin tank unit from J/F thos is about as far asI can go. I can put all the flashy pieces on but I would rather not have to pull them back off.. if problems arise. I also want to BMF the bed in gold but again I would rather have the resin tank first.
  10. The amount of hard work to make this good looking model absolutely shines through.
  11. That has to be the best looking stock early 60s pickup Ive seen. Very nice looking build.
  12. Final choice , I re-thought the truck bed and decided on the J/F resin tanker. I think this color choice sets of all the gold & brass parts. Im at a slow roll on this until the resin tank comes in.
  13. Thanks all...I wished the "Chicago Fire Dept " decal was a little more dark and a little more gold but Im over it now.😆
  14. What your doing gives that '40 a little something extra...looking good.
  15. I needed a cab back wall and on the kit the pleated area faced rear, so I cut out a window and flipped the wall so the pleats are in the cab. Cut out the front axle pins and drilled new holes raising them some to drop the front lower. Added a floor in back from a Ford pickup. Not sure what to do with the bed.... stake body maybe, not sure.
  16. This will be the 3rd Monogram PaddyWagon I've done a little different. The first one I did NYPD style ,the second was a courtesy vehicle so since I had another builder to do I decided on something with an open bed. Another figure it out as I go project. First was to cut away the back area. All the gold plating came off in really good shape so I may not have to remove any.
  17. Body: MPC Outcast and Firetruck Chassis: Revell 27 street rod, front and rear suspension are MPC Outcast. Engine: 62 Vette and Firetruck Trailer: Revell "T" bucket roadster Hose reel: Resin from 3 inches under Decals: Monogram Paddywagon and parts box. Tools: HobbyGear Everything else is from parts box. Candy red and black Tamiya paint. This was another save from a few looked over scrap kits . Front end is pretty fragile but still steers.
  18. A little color and a few fire fighting tools and its shaping up some. My hose reel for the trailer came in from " 3 inches under "
  19. MPC Fire Truck or MPC Outcast have that steerable axle with discs.
  20. An early mock up and in primer. I also found 2 better body sides that were new so things went along a little faster. I may also make some running boards to sit on those huge pipes.
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