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  1. One more day for the paint to cure and then start getting this one back together. The paint I used is pretty close to original molded color, Krylon Fusion Jungle Green.
  2. Got this body cleaned up and in primer. The fender brackets broke when I removed the fenders so the body was drilled and brackets replaced. The front snake tongue was missing so made one as close as I could. The tires that I got for it were wrong , the ones I chose are still wrong but better. Front axle is parts box cut to fit. While I have the paint on the engine soaking in SuperClean I think the body is ready for paint.
  3. Try for a builder the 3 versions from the 70's unbuilt or started are $$ but if you find the RatVega version I have a great sheet of the decals I dont need.
  4. I saw that on a show rod kit site without a release date on it. Pretty soon with the way tech is now all the older kits we thought were gone will be back like new . Thanks for the info thoโ€™ Steve.
  5. This is probably the easiest of the older showrods from the 70s I've had had to rebuild. The only thing I see thats missing is the snake tongue that goes up front so I will have to make one. This time around I know I dont have any decals for this kit so it will be decal delete until I can locate some. This kits another Tom Daniels design that shares some parts with the Horn Toad showrod. Box picture taken off the internet.
  6. What I thought was the RatVega (71-73) was really the Vega mini-van by Monogram. I started with the body,chassis,side pipes and interior tub I got in a trade. Cut out the glue melted roof area to put in clear plastic but decided to leave it open. Tires,wheels, rear end , steer axle, steering wheel ,shifter, rear lights, front grille,engine and original decals are from parts box. New windshield cut from clear plastic, all other glass is cut from clear blue plastic. Roof rack is a cut-down SurfWoody item. Front bumper with brackets is evergreen plastic. Picture of box came off the internet.
  7. Very cool ideas and execution, very Roth like concept, nice job.
  8. Nice clean build. Colors on that 32 look sharp. Is that the kit that came with golf clubs?
  9. Got some color going this week, motor parts all gathered up, final stance, interior will be 2 tone grey & white. Front grille and lights done. Made a roof rack from an extra Surf Woody rack. I have alot to do yet but its coming along better than I hoped .
  10. While I was sanding down the body I kept thinking about the Rat Vega decals , something wasnt right. Then it hit me, the side portal windows. Its not the 71 or 73 issue and not even the RatVega at all, its the Vega mini-van kit from 77. I dont even remember this mini van kit. I had to look it up and found this picture on the web. Different rear lights, grille, ,hood,decals,roof rack and side van windows. Doesnt really change much with what Im working with , Im limited on parts for this kit either way except I do have a sheet of the mini van decals. I did change the rear tires to slicks once I added the rear axle.
  11. Gathering up parts for this 1/24th crazy streetrod is harder than I thought,all the parts Im trying look to small. The front and rear suspension I found will lift it a little higher than the mock up. The motor I found fits and doesnt look all that bad. Tires and wheels my change to bigger rears but wont be able to tell until the rear end is on. The broken parts went together and this should be the last of the body filler. The front grille I found is cut in half and trimmed to fit.
  12. Carl always has a kind word on any style of build and a positive thought to help us complete the build. Hope your back soon Carl.
  13. Sealed inside . Would like to trade for any version of the Revell or Monogram 57 Ford wagon.
  14. Looking to trade this SVT Cobra sealed inside and new Pegasus wheel/tire set (tires pretty close in diameter to kit tires) for AMT 1960 Ford hardtop any version.
  15. I dont usually do Nascar builds but Dales #3 was a car I always liked. I have 2 builds going at once and this one so far I'm enjoying more than I thought I would. The car was molded in black so I primered the entire kit. Most of the kit needed to be red, the body I shot in black and the other colors I used on some things is silver and aluminum. So far everything is fitting pretty good but the roll cage in the directions pics are kind of vague such as placement of some bar shapes. I was a little stuck on one called a "Petty bar" but finally got it. Nascar guys probably got thjs stuff down to a science but this type of build is a little different. The drive that came with this kit does not fit well even with the seat mods the directions tell you to do, his feet hit the pedals but he wont nestle down into the seat, so ole Dale will get a leg trim this time around.
  16. Yes sir ,I have that one tucked away.
  17. This is another one of the rarer showrod type cars by Monogram. I dont have that many of the original parts as they are hard to find without buying another builder for $$$ and the builder would probably be better than what I have ๐Ÿ˜„ so I will rely on parts box items. Some how I have the original decals but dont remember how I got them. The glass was in with so much glue the roof was distorted so I cut out that bad spot and may just replace with clear or a gasser style colored window plastic. The hood and front grille are the 2 big items I would have liked to find but will just work around that, oh well here goes.
  18. Pretty nice rebuild, I love seeing kits being saved given another chance to shine.
  19. AMT kit #T178-225.. Completed this one pretty quick but there was not alot to do or anything much to repair. The only thing I changed was to build the entire roof area so it can be removed in 1 piece. Tried to use the original decals but gave them a hit of clear coat before using and the Micro-sol had a reaction so I used some Chimmneyville ones I had. I do like the Frontenac 4 cyl. tho'.
  20. Hello Izzy,its been a long time ..I have these tire/wheel combos from Lindberg, pyro and Gowland. There are many sets of 4 and a few sizes to choose from or you can have them all. Let me know Ken
  21. First total mock up and pretty much what it will look like. I attached the windshield frame to the roof and will also do the same with the side curtains. It makes for an easy lift-off to view the police accessories inside with positive points to put back on. The kit suggests to remove the hood sides if the fronty parts are being used, I tried just a cut out for the pipes but hood sides delete works and looks better to me.
  22. I have had this kit for many many years its kit #T178 I believe its from the 70's and the decals still look very usable . What made me want to build this was the "Fronty" Frontenac DOHC engine and all those cool extra police car parts. Im not sure of the body color but it will be Blue,Red or Yellow with the black fenders. The side curtains were also a plus. Police loud speaker,nightsticks,sawed off shotgun,flashlight and 2 constable hats for the inside and bell, siren with crank handle, 2 spotlights for the outside. I removed the engine chrome from the speed parts for the engine. It was reissued not that long ago and by todays kit prices they are pretty reasonable especially with those 4 banger speed parts.
  23. When I started this rebuild I wanted to use as many original parts as possible. The glass for sure needed to be replaced. The phone booth retained much of the original parts with some newer plastic to make repairs on the doors and sides. Front axle, tires and wheels are parts box. Headlights are new, seat is new . Decals are 1/4" train letters. Scattered a few decals like you would find stuck on a phonebooth.
  24. Its starting to shape up, the motor dry fit , the headers need a slight trim to fit in from below. Tires are mounted and what Im going with. The rears are originalwith M/H decals and fronts are parts box, rims and tires. Headlights are resin cast with clear resin lenses. Front axle is parts box. Seat is a simple scratched item made from a junk rim and resin seat. Still a way to go.
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