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  1. i am using horizontal laydown shocks sort of like formula 1 on the backi started on the shocks today. the mounts for the shocks are soldered on. part of the roll cage is in. the small hoop threw the body has pins from the big hoop so it removable .soon as the rear suspension and the 3 drive shafts are done finished i am going to start on the wheels and the molds for the tires. i dont know what the wheels will look like yet but i several ideas.still looking at picture on line.thanks ira and scott.glad to hear from you francis.
  2. WOW i was happy with my brakes till i saw yours. Amazing. your work boggles the mind! hope you are well keep up with the pictures.
  3. hi francis. looking great as always.your switch is a nice touch .great detail. did you machine the bolts?
  4. falling behind in my work and my updates. working on the quickchange indepedent rear with inboard brakes. i am going to nickel plate the a-arms. my anodizing is working pretty well. i have only done black so far. the uprights for the wheels is next. i have made cv joints instead of u-joints for the rear and the driveshaft. thank you all for looking your comments mean alot.
  5. are your parts getting smaller or i the dime getting bigger.very nice
  6. very nice piece.that is an amazing brake caliper. never tried a 010 endmill ,i dont think my mill has enough rpms. i am looking for away to speed it up.
  7. hi andrew,thanks for the great pictures.that is a beautiful car. my mill was down ,waiting for parts for about 5 days. worked on the header and polished and plated my old grill for this car. after polishing the plating there are some small flaws but i think i have a cure. will see next time. got started on the rear section of the quick change
  8. francis you get better everyday. what you do have time for is very nice.
  9. thank you ira nice to hear from you. here is the latest progress. the beginning of a independent quickchange rear. aluminum cover on he hood side to cover the distributer drive that would be outside of the hood. the belly pan for your feet. its the floor more or less. i put fins in it to match the engine. it will be drilled and screwed to the frame rails. the plastic drive gear no my mill just gave up its job. ordered 2 new ones to have a spare. should be here by friday , i hope. all for now,thanks
  10. thank you all nice to here from you.trying to get all the stuff together to anodize. i have everything except a way to heat and boil water. . i think i have come to a decision that. thats the waterpump on the bottom front cover. the radiator hose goes straight in to th frontthese never had pullies on front to drive accessories so i have a drive pully on the front of the crankshaft just above the water pump. i am working on finishing the motor and transmission mounts.
  11. h tim looking fantastic as allways. wheels and brake are perfect. love to keep up on your progress,i learn alot from you pictures. keepem coming.
  12. just found your thread. absolutely amazing. truly beyond belief. i have fabed a few chassis but can not compare to you. WOW!!!
  13. wow, love this car.you must have a million hours in it.so much great detail.cant wait to see it finished
  14. trying to do some finish assembly. clutch is looking good. wanted to see how this will look with the dirt track body. also looking at a 1932 ford frame that i built. got the hydraulic throwout bearing done. i am concentrating on the starter now.
  15. it would take alot of video,but i will give it some thought.thank you
  16. got the clutch finished and most of the bell housing .have to locate and machine for the starter and make the starter. transmission is coming along. had to ues brass for the back half so i could solder all the pieces. not quite done. maybe 2 more days. when the tans is done i will final finish all the parts and assemble it all to make sure it all fits together.
  17. still working on the clutch and flywheel. got alot done on the bell housing. anybody got any little tiny springs for the clutch disc. got to get the starter located properly. thanks for looking and commenting Bob,its nice to hear from you.
  18. wow ,my favorite driver of all time and one of the best looking race cars ever built,except for the ferrari lancia d 50. your model is awesome and a joy to look at. thank you for showing it to us. hope to see more from you.
  19. it lloks better everytime i seeit very intersting project to watch.keep up the great work.
  20. wow its looks better everytime i go thru your pictures. its going to be a stunning model for sure . you should be very proud of your. ill keep coming back.
  21. hi tim, glad your surgery went well,anytime they operate on your eyes can be a very scary thing. now i think your parts will be even better and thats scary for all of us. glad your ok,charlie
  22. got a good start on the clutch hope to finish it tomorrow. ordered all the stuff to attempt anodizing. should be an interesting science experiment. here is also a picture of the bending fixture for the front motor mount to get the width correct.. still have the actual plate and the attachment arms left for the clutch. the fingers in the center will rivet on like a real one through the 9 holes on top.
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