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  1. first time here dave , but i will surely be back. incredible workmanship. truly a work of art.
  2. i believe the black helps . i hope to get at least on more done this weekend. i'll do this same 14 x 6 size again and then 2 in a 15 x 10.
  3. i thought i would come check out your project.the car looks great. your wheels came out very nice.the paint looks incredible.
  4. thanks jim, sorry the pictures were so bad. these were tests. i am not a machinist or mathematician so i do test parts to get things correct. some times more than one, this time 2. here are a few pictues of my first attempt after adjustments from the sacrifices. i think it came out ok. next weekend i will do the black paint.i think that liquid masking on the polished parts will work best. i think it took about 8 hours total for the center section. thanks jim come back again
  5. just moving this topic to this forum. makes more sense here than there. got a little more done on my practice and test wheel. i think it looks pretty good. its not exactly the same but it is close . i am going to try painting this one to find the best way. i made some minor changes to the process from what i learned machining this one and i am doing another now with those changes. some are diamension changes and some are process changes ,i believe it will look better. i may have it machined tomorrow.
  6. very nice,you are unbelieveable.i will try harder on this new car but you and francis set the bar out of reach for most of us mear mortals. that pump is stunning.
  7. hi everybody . this is going to be fun. its a copy of a car i owned and drove in the mid 1970's in charleston sc. while in the air force. i have started a test and practice keystone klassic wheel . rear will be 15 by 10 and 17 by 7 on the front. 302 ci small block and 4 speed. 12 bolt rear. the car will be painted dark metallic brown. i am trying to find some pictures of the original car , no luck so far. heres a few pictures of my practice wheel. got a long ways to go but i have most of it figured out. back to work on it this weekend.i went back to work at lowes 3 days a week to haelp support my machine shop habit. more next week,charlie
  8. probably my last post on this car.i have to take pictures for underglass.hope i do a better job than the last time. i am excited to start my next project. i have already started a test piece for the keystone wheels. i thank you all very much for your intrest and comments. i hope this next project will be as rewarding as this one. thank you all charlie
  9. wow looks awesome so far can't wait to see it finished
  10. thanks for your great comments. still painting and assembling, its going together as planed so far. just painted the hood, got to wait 3 or 4 days to sand and buff. picturesbottom of the chassis with and without the belly pan. still got the lower radiator hose to install. looking worward to the finish. the keystone wheels are for the next project. going to be figuring out that machining process.dont know if i can do it but i will try. its going to be a replica of a 1969 camaro i owned during my time in the in the air force in mid 70's. it should be fun. air shocks , L- 60-15 on back and F-70-14 0n the front,slapper bars. very old school. the wheels will be the hard part. its going to ber 1/12 scale,i bought the kit several months . i hope to finish the current project in the next 2 weeks. thanks again for looking and all your kind comments. charlie
  11. doing some painting and assembly.need some stuff from rb motion to finish the engine. still have to make the drive shaft. i have the parts made just need to cut the length and assemble. all the parts are going together well. just minor things. got the body painted and clearcoated today. i will sand and polish next weekend. got the nose painted as well. minor sanding and polish to do. rearend and engine is mounted and started wires and hoses.got brake lines to do. the body color is black pearl but does not show well in the pictures.
  12. WOW! beyond amazing. the colors really are perfect. so impressed . would like to see it in sitting on the table in front of me someday.yeah i am sying the same thing right now let me finish this so a can move on. thanks for the great photos of your incredible work.charlie
  13. got the dash worked out. i was hoping to see the gauges thru the steeringwheel. finished the battery, i like the way it came out. doing final assembly on the rear suspension ,everything is going together well so far. painted the chassis and belly pan today i will take some pictures tomorrow. hope you are all doing well.thanks for looking. hi francis,is it warming up yet? hi andrew hope your project is continuing as planed.
  14. bold choice of color . truly awesome! i love it.sorry i havent been on for awhile francis. i like to keep up with you, can not wait to see the truck assembled. wild colors.charlie
  15. hi tim nice to hear from you. i have to say you are right, when we are in the second half of your 60,s some times it can be tough. getting old is not for the weak. haven't been on for awhile. have got a little more done more days not in the shop then in it. i have been working on brake and clutch pedal assy, and master cylinders. that is done except lines . started on the optima battery. did some leather upholstery ,first try. seems to look ok. not quite finished yet. rear bumper shaped to match the front with tail lites and one back up lite in the middle. all for now, keep moving along.
  16. just here to check on you .we old people have to check up on each other. i hope you are doing better.
  17. paint is always scariest for me. i have no patients , i can never wait for it to cure. i am really excited to see it in color. it is such a pretty truck it will be fun to see it.
  18. hi paul.the wheel is black 2 part polyurethane same as the tires. i like your wheel daniel. i love your new old project andrew .one of my favorite cars and my favorite t shirt. i have had this shirt for 12 or more years. your car looks great .i will be following that one. hi francis very happy to gear from you.thank you all.
  19. made the lenses for the woolitre headlites.put a yellow lense in top for turn signals.there is a name plate there in the originals.also this week i made a teering wheel. 3 attempts. i nickel plated and polshed the spokesmade 2 molds for the 2 rim pieces and riveted them together. pedas and rear lites are next.then the radiator. hope your new year is going well.
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