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  1. hi francis,i kept looking in the wrong place.the pictures are great.somany very true comments . your truck is just another goal for me to try and meet. your work inspires me to try harder everyday. i love to go back thru all your pictures.i can't wait to see what you do next,very excited,charlie
  2. doing a little scratch building myself but you ,francis and tim are all just amazing.
  3. hello edgar and james thanks for your comments,very nice to hear from you. got a few new pictures to share. still making front suspension parts. making the ball joints and upper a arms has been time consuming. the car was mostly stock so i am sticking with that theme.the car at various times with various engines while i owned it was painted 3 different colors white, dark metalic blue,with a smallblock and dark metalic brown with a bigblock.always 4 speed. it was not a z28 .i have nat decided on the engine yet, that will decide the color. leaning towards the bigblock because i have not made one of those yet and i liked the brown metalic.
  4. hi tim ,the paint came out great.cant wait to see it on the maverick.sorry to hear about your back and neck. i will be 68 this week and getting old is not for the weak. good luck , ihope you get it taken care of. one comment on your brass forming attempt. did you anneal the brass first ? makes a huge difference.
  5. hi doyle , ian and trevor.i am glad people are looking at my project.thanks for all the comments,glad to hear from you all.working on the front subframe and front a-arms. the lowers are looking and fitting pretty good. getting the holes drilled in the subframe to line up and in the proper location was tricky. i am working on the uppers and they have a major curve in them so i have been working on one practice piece to decide on the order of the many steps. i think i have a good understanding of what order it will take. i will finish one in the next week. after the spindles are made i can make the shocks to the proper length and set the offset on the front wheels.
  6. hi francis ,hi michel.i have been a little quiet.have a little time today,to lazy to do any work.here is a few more rear suspension pictures and the beginning of the front suspension parts. i am have been making the lower ball and a-arms. also modifying the front frme so it looks more like the real thing . i have also taken make various sizes and shapes of material from 2 part polyurethane to make parts. cast them in shapes and sizes, and machine them. you don't need alot of sizes in stock and not as much waste ,just cast what you need. final wheel offset for the rears.
  7. hi ian cant wait to see your pictures.when i first owned this car it was a smallblock and thats how i am building it.i did have a 396 in in it for a few years. thanks tim. its going to be 1970 old school just like i drove it back then. L-60 -15 and F-70-14 and lot of rake .goin down hill all the time . hi mike thanks for looking and your comments. rob thank you, nice to hear from you.been working on the mostly stock and bolt on rearend stuff . hi jacker air shocks and shock mounts are next . tim here is a few pictures of my tire mold.not pretty but functional. i learned alot from this one ,next will be better. i think the tires came out ok. used 1/4 inch dowels for alignment pins
  8. thank you Anton very nice to hear from you .hi tim,not to big a deal making the mold . making the tire to use to make the mold to some time but with your talent i am sure it would be awesome . i will show a couple of pictures next time i am on here. francis,always great to hear from you. your truck is out of the ball park. whats next? madr the lug nuts and polised them. i am going to try to get th rear spring mounted next then i can finish the rearendby soldering the spring perches on the axle tubes.
  9. first time here. looking fantastic .the detail is amazing.
  10. STUNING! I guess i just don't know what to say . everyone has said it all. i agree with all there comments. to beautiful. i would so much like to stand close to look at it,just to make sure its not a real 1 to 1 truck.thanks for showing us all what you have created . charlie
  11. i hate myself. WOW. someday i hope to be that good . amazing work .
  12. i have not been on for a while. but i have done a little work on my camaro. got the rear end done including the springs.i made a rear tire to make a mold for the rear tires,made the mold and did both tires. my first attempt at a silicone mold. pretty happy with it but it will take a littie practice. i'll get better. the tire on the left is the one i used to make the mold. because these are solid tires i had to make the rims 2 piece. i drilled the rims for valve stems. now i can fit the springs to the chassis and set the offset on the rear wheels and finish them .
  13. i have finally taken some pictures of the finished car.m camera and my photography are not the best.here it is,i hope you all like it.i am pretty happy with how it turned out. back to working on my current project.
  14. nice to hear from all of you. how are you doing tim? my favorites also claude ,they were my first wheels also.thank you edgar nice to hear from you. i am trying to make it as i remember it.i am trying to find a picture of it but i did not take many pictures in the 70's. i have not quite finished the wheels. i am with you tim ,could not wait to make the deep ones. i won't finish them until the suspension is complete, to get the offset correct. i will paint them and drill for the air valves so only thing left will be to epoxy them at the correct spacing. just got started on the 12 bolt rear. most of this car will be stock as mine was .
  15. first time here dave , but i will surely be back. incredible workmanship. truly a work of art.
  16. i believe the black helps . i hope to get at least on more done this weekend. i'll do this same 14 x 6 size again and then 2 in a 15 x 10.
  17. i thought i would come check out your project.the car looks great. your wheels came out very nice.the paint looks incredible.
  18. thanks jim, sorry the pictures were so bad. these were tests. i am not a machinist or mathematician so i do test parts to get things correct. some times more than one, this time 2. here are a few pictues of my first attempt after adjustments from the sacrifices. i think it came out ok. next weekend i will do the black paint.i think that liquid masking on the polished parts will work best. i think it took about 8 hours total for the center section. thanks jim come back again
  19. just moving this topic to this forum. makes more sense here than there. got a little more done on my practice and test wheel. i think it looks pretty good. its not exactly the same but it is close . i am going to try painting this one to find the best way. i made some minor changes to the process from what i learned machining this one and i am doing another now with those changes. some are diamension changes and some are process changes ,i believe it will look better. i may have it machined tomorrow.
  20. very nice,you are unbelieveable.i will try harder on this new car but you and francis set the bar out of reach for most of us mear mortals. that pump is stunning.
  21. hi everybody . this is going to be fun. its a copy of a car i owned and drove in the mid 1970's in charleston sc. while in the air force. i have started a test and practice keystone klassic wheel . rear will be 15 by 10 and 17 by 7 on the front. 302 ci small block and 4 speed. 12 bolt rear. the car will be painted dark metallic brown. i am trying to find some pictures of the original car , no luck so far. heres a few pictures of my practice wheel. got a long ways to go but i have most of it figured out. back to work on it this weekend.i went back to work at lowes 3 days a week to haelp support my machine shop habit. more next week,charlie
  22. probably my last post on this car.i have to take pictures for underglass.hope i do a better job than the last time. i am excited to start my next project. i have already started a test piece for the keystone wheels. i thank you all very much for your intrest and comments. i hope this next project will be as rewarding as this one. thank you all charlie
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