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  1. @Wylde look above, and maybe universal tall tops too 🤔🤔🤔
  2. I hope you bought a mpc 71 dodge van too
  3. Yeah maybe US MAIL one next, if the mold doesn't disintegrate
  4. I'd like to get one of those too, but I'd have to find the rest of the kit first haha
  5. I just received an order from him and parts look great, fast shipping and great guy. He's having a hard time getting resin right now but he does have some items in stock. I'd love to see him pull through so we can see what else he offers
  6. This is the kind of place I'm looking for! Kinda far off but its on the wish list now
  7. I hope this is allowed, but any good model shops in Portland or Seattle or in between? Thanks
  8. Those would need a new dash and doghouse too but I'm excited to see what you come up with
  9. Whoops, sorry about that. I got too excited and I'm always used to having hawaii excluded. Will definitely order sometime, hope you come out with more van stuff, chevy van update parts maybe?
  10. Hondamatic


    NICE! This is exactly what I wanted to do too. Someone has to make these decals on their own
  11. Yeah why doesn't anybody make these kits? Or add them as customizing parts to stock kits?
  12. It wouldve been cool, but highly unlikely, to be a Rapid Transit type custom
  13. Does anyone make different grilles for the AMT chevy van? Would be nice to see more parts made for these, also is anyone making a uhaul body?
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