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  1. I like to use molotow chrome pens, kinda scared of foil haha.. that color looks great, Im always looking for 60s 70s style rattle can colors
  2. Easy, but gets expensive if you have to do it too often
  3. I mostly worry about ugly/ incorrect style tires, since I've heard some complaints about the 1/16 vega ones
  4. He used the amt 66 nova chassis
  5. I've heard about the hardtop but I really hope you're right!
  6. I think mooneyes should have something you can use
  7. This is one of those clears that you gotta do everything within 2 hours or wait "48" although I think it has to be more I do your method with Mr hobby UV clear, however
  8. I'm afraid of BMF. Ive been using molotow for a while now,, but normally over mr hobby or testors lacquer clear. Maybe one day I'll get fed up and try. Just got back into the hobby last year and been trying to learn and do new things
  9. So this body was drying for about 4 days, half the time in a dehydrator. I ran some molotow on the inside of the body and it was good, so I painted on the trim and this happened. This 1k stuff is pretty good paint, its just that I can't wait 2 weeks or however long it'll take to do my trim work
  10. It doesn't craze styrene.. well, I shot it over a bare / poorly prepped revell body and it looked pretty good
  11. I saw a bunch of their old wire wheels on an Instagram post from modelroundup yesterday
  12. Have you considered the monogram f250 and the older monogram cab?
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