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  1. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks, but don't look too close, as it will be a three footer for sure! Still haven't decided what colour to paint it, most are white but yellow or red with some stripes would sure stand out on the contest table (and on the shelf for three foot viewing). Needs a trailer too, maybe an ice cream reefer - wonder what decals are in the Moebius trailer kits
  2. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks, Charlie, I got them done! Lots of fiddly parts for my mitts to handle, but they work and the stroke now has a limit when extended!
  3. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Just one more, a group shot taken in March. Still fiddling with the many details...
  4. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Here's it in the chassis...
  5. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Been a while since I updated things! Got a lot of work done on the Cummins 5.9L engine, still needs cleanup and the fuel plumbing in this picture
  6. One More Class 325 on the bench

    Very realistic accessories you have there, they add a lot to it!
  7. You'll need front and rear suspensions and axles, so the easiest thing is just to extend an existing truck frame to the required length. I put a piece of 0.040" styrene between the kit frame rails, then add a top and bottom plate to match the kit frame and it seems to be strong enough to support a 0.040" sheet styrene body. I extend the frame with a patch like this: For a more rigid frame, I have used Evergreen styrene, which comes in two different lengths which may suit your needs, but you still need to add suspensions front and rear. I bought the square one and cut in in half down the middle, but they have a C-channel too: This is for an 8" deep frame (8" is about 8mm in 1/25 scale) but you can get 9.5mm too which is good for a heavier truck
  8. Any old Hubley metal builders out there?

    There are Hubley metal car fans active on both Facebook and Yahoo and thus still a market for cars and parts. Here's a link to the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/141165735961953/ I've built several and wouldn't mind more but shipping up here to Canada can be an issue. Easiest thing for you would be to take them to a local model show and sell them there. Here's one i did a couple of years ago:

    Seems simple enough, I had to use a sleeve anyways to get the I.D. down to the piston size, and never thought of this tweak! Thanks Charles!
  10. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Good advice, and as the cylinder is two pieces of concentric tubing, I can redo it with an inside tubing segment sliding inside the outer one, with fixed stops at either end. I will have to redo the top mount and also will see what is available for the piston, I think it's maybe 0.080" running in a 0.100" hole. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Heller Massey Ferguson 2680

    Wow, what an eyecatcher! You did a great job on it, such very neat paintwork. Gotta get one myself
  12. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks for the detailing tips, Charles! Never tried detailing an engine before, so we'll see how far I can go with it. While playing with the engine (had to revisit drawings and pics to get the proper block width), for a break I worked on the 17" lift mechanism, mocked up here: I didn't consider how to limit the travel of the pistons so that the lift stops before the pistons come apart, so I may have to re-do them with an internal stop or come up with something else...
  13. Marmon coe Topsleeper

    Neat, precise work, so very inspirational! Looks great up on its wheels and ready for paint
  14. Heller Massey Ferguson 2680

    Looks pretty nice for an old Snapkit! Great paintwork, neatly done! Gonna be an eye catcher on the contest table in bright red! Wonder if it's worth detailing the engine, 'cause how much of it do you really see... Debating buying one, about $55 all in here from eBay
  15. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks for the tip! Due to foreign exchange rate and shipping as well as postal strike up here I took a stab at making my own 5.9L Cummins 6BT. Always wanted to try making an engine, and what's better than a big six! I'm finding some dimensions and parts can be hard to figure out. Fuel pump and accessories will likely come from a spare Mack parts kitI have on hand