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  1. You can see the two articles from the magazine at https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_model/cm-1972-03/
  2. I’ve made my own a time or two. Wrap some Evergreen .040” rod around a screwdriver handle while in hot, not quite boiling, water to make the rim, cut and glue together, then you can cut the spoke shapes out of sheet stock or use strips. I file a v-groove on the end where it attaches to the rim, so it makes a good bond, plus you can dish the spokes a bit. The centre pad is just bits of styrene rod or round spruce. Try it, it’s not so hard. Did it for this Yard Truck interior
  3. Thanks for the info. I will be adding chains and the vinyl tubing and calling it done. Found a drawing but no real hydraulic cylinders visible, though I have seen them mounted underneath for angling the blade. Don't want to go that far. I see the blade is attached lower than I thought, and I'll have to see if I need to re-attach it lower, though I'm anxious to move on to something else!
  4. Wow, lookin’ good! Never got that far with my own, got stuck on the seat decaling and put it back in the box. I applaud your persistence!
  5. Thanks for the offer, but it's just that things don't fit properly, so it's hard to figure out how they are supposed to go together. There are few locating pins so you have to just guess what AMT intended things to look like. It's coming along now, almost done the building phase
  6. ...bought for $10 with parts off the trees, a few parts missing, of course, and no numbers as seen in these instructions from https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale. I’m wondering what the vinyl tubing representing hydraulic lines would be for, seems like there should be chains holding up the blade instead. Prototype seems to be a Valk unit, only hydraulics should be on the ‘hitch telescope’, as I see it, the ‘trip cylinder’ would be more like a passive shock absorber
  7. Thanks for the underside pictures! Not at all what I expected, being hollow, but it makes a lot of sense. I would have started with a floor pan but such box construction is simpler considering the dropped side compartments. Good idea for a tow truck body too, with similar side compartments
  8. Pretty impressive in that striking orange colour! Nice job on the interior and dash, picked out all the details so neatly!
  9. Nice replication! You’re brave for taking it on to start with, but your vision and persistence is really paying off!
  10. Wow, looks great in colour! I like the trim at the top of the body, finishes off the short vertical panel, a neat touch. Still wondering how you get those doors in and out though, they look to be a tight fit!
  11. Made them myself, pasted to scale size in MSWord, then laser printed on white decal paper, though I had to touch up the black background
  12. Nice job, and a great addition to the fleet! I have the Canepa version, got it cheap years ago and have been hesitant to build it because of all the bad press, but looking at yours, I see no flaws, all I see is AWESOME!
  13. Nice progress! Inspiring to see how you are making up the body, what can be done with plain sheet plastic. Nice to see the Miami unit too, beautiful stripes and finish on it!
  14. Wow, that’s SO nice! Love to see that on my shelf, but you put so much work into it, I don’t think I’d have the stamina! Congratulations, well worth the effort
  15. Thanks for the comments, it’s encouraging, as I’m in a slump right now
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