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  1. Loadstar Brush Truck

    Neat work, I especially like the stripes and the contrast of the two-tone paint job. That ain't no $29.95 Earl Scheib special!
  2. Big Model Car Flea Market in Toronto, Canada from 09:30 to 2:30 on March 4, 2018
  3. Thank you for your ongoing support, Peter! We should call this our 'Hope It Don't Snow' show! (Not a show, though, more of a swap meet)
  4. Group 25 Model Car Builders Club presents their 6th Annual Brants Hatch Slot and Model Car Flea Market on March 4, 2018. Flyer below, or more info at http://www.group25.org
  5. Loadstar Brush Truck

    My compliments on the nice precision work on the chassis components! Very neatly done mold for the tires too, should yield great results! Bob
  6. Double Big Mac(k)

    Wow, nice paint scheme and clean design and build! Bob
  7. Sisu Trucking

    For storage, one trick I've used is to find a shoebox of the right size, then cut cardboard to extend the sides up high enough to clear the antennas and exhaust stacks. The box top fits right over the side extensions, sealing it in nicely. The shoebox is sturdier too, because of the double wall. Try it out, your nice, clean work deserves good protection! Also, get one of those Molotow 1mm chrome pens so you can paint the logos, they seem to be quite prominent on these kits and the added detail would add a lot Bob
  8. DAF 3300 with trailer

    Wow, you've been busy! Very neat bodywork and paint! Bob
  9. Well, you don't see that one every day! Looks like a nice clean casting. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for it. Hopefully the worst is over, getting the paint to stick. Keep at it, as it will be well worth the effort to make something this unique! Bob
  10. Peterbilt fire truck DD powered

    "Added a few details" ??? Nice detail work and clever idea using the piano hinge to fix a kit design flaw!
  11. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks for the advice, got some Evergreen 0.125" styrene channel that the 0.040" thick door should fit in even after paint. I will shim and recess it a bit so it fits well or does stick out. Got some work done on the interior, which should just slide in before I build the back wall with its sliding door The console on the right is actually more of an engine cover, so once things are firmed up I will be cutting out the (unseen) cab wall to make room for the engine below.
  12. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Yes, Charles does nice work, but I'm Bob, I hope you meant me, not that we're both in the same league, LOL!
  13. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Some progress. Still need to figure out how to do the sliding back door, and I guess the interior (with its L-shaped dashboard) will have to go in first?
  14. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Tractor

    Thanks for the source. I'm not too worried about the wheels, some pictures show 2-holes, some 5-holes, some both, some Euro-styled multiple holes, look like anything goes. Anyhow, I don't buy much aftermarket, due to $US, shipping, taxes, duty and I'm cheap to boot, I'd rather modify something than order it, and it's all part of the fun of building