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  1. Very neatly done so far! I like the choice of colour, sets off the decals nicely! I have two similar kits, as I buy them whenever I see them, but really want the one with the fish on top(picture courtesy of Scalemates)! Keep up the good work! Bob
  2. Bump! Now we can see another episode in the continuing story, coming along nice too!
  3. Wow. that's awesome! Great design work, neat cutting and i like your idea for the roof interior, 'wood' slats, keep it going!
  4. Mine...scratchbuilt, hardest part is the curved roof, as the rest is just flat sheets with added Evergreen strips for trim and windows width="1024" height="768" alt="IMG_6732a Good luck with yours, I would love to get my hands on a Bonnet Bus kit or two to make a vintage bus
  5. I’ve had the AMT Canepa T600 in the stash for years and thought it might be cool to update it to something more modern (and correct, maybe). To covert it to a T660 I see the hood would need to be reshaped, with new lights and grille, but the cab appears to be the same, except for the upward slope of the roof and fairing in the sleeper better, not a problem though. Anyone tried this or similar, or any suggestions?
  6. Wow, such neat, crisp bodywork! Love the use of tread plate on the sides and especially under the doors, a nice detail! Lots more to come too, awesome
  7. Nice job on the interior, too! So much detail on the dash, now I see why the doors have to open, so not to miss a thing!
  8. Neat job on the windshield! I did that once, made a lip for it to fit into, as I found Jimmy Flintstone bodies don't work well with the kit windshield, but it was real hard not to cut through the flange, man you have a steady hand! Nice job on the doors too, lot of work there. The louvers made me think of the AMT/Ertl Paystar, where the box art shows them the wrong way, are you sure they shouldn't be vertical, LOL!
  9. Wow, very impressive kitbashing! Love the smooth modern look of the pickup, with neat mods to the front, cab extension and box! Neat paint on the Suburban, the metallic just glows! Now, what will the pickup be hauling, another surprise?
  10. Some call it SWAG, but I call it a do-over (& over until you get it right! ) Breaks my heart to have to rip apart bodywork 'cause I didn't start with enough info, but here I can't deny it's working for you, looks just right!
  11. Nice work on the Bluenose, Charlie! I did the old plastic Aurora one last year, though I did start a Billings wooden one way back when, what a challenge. You did well working with wood (and string too, by the looks of it)
  12. Wow, a very ambitious project, but coming along nicely, pretty fast work, too. Guess it helps to have a good set of plans for something as complex as that hopper
  13. Well, I had to redo the hood spear, as it looked a little off-center, then I attacked the rear trunk area, so here's what I have so far. I still need to re-attach the taillights and make a lip around the passenger area where the roof attaches, but you get the idea, it's coming along
  14. Presently converting my second Lindbergh GT6 kit to a Spitfire Mk 2. So far i’ve cut two cylinders out of the engine, fixed the too-small windshield, added the trim around the glass, removed the hood bump, replaced it with .040” styrene, filled the gaps then added the smaller spear found on the Spit. Currently working on the rear deck, more pics to follow - wish me luck!
  15. Sorry to hear that, but there is a show coming up in Puslinch, well attended by car builders last year IIRC, hope you can make it! https://www.group25.org/2019/2019_Wellcome.pdf
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