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  1. Great idea, and nice seeing a whole fleet of them! Thanks for the how-to, too! Bought a same model year 1/18 diecast pickup years ago when I couldn't find the kit, with the intention of replicating an Old Navy store truck, wonder what happened to it, LOL. Spent a lot of time and money in those stores when my boys were kids, though I would have preferred spending it at a restaurant!
  2. Neat project! Check out Evergreen Plastics #4530 Corrugated Metal Siding, just slightly smaller profile than the side panels of the Open Road Camper kit. And 0.040" thickness is just right for a rigid side wall and it's smooth on the inside. Evergreen also has nice corner strips available too for securing the edges..
  3. Nice work on the paint and decals, nice lustre to it. Amazing how you can whip that up in no time at all!
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, one for box construction and the other using strips on frame construction. Thanks also for the tip on getting frame symmetry, seems obvious now. Picture of first attempt at wrapping frame with 0.010" styrene sheet, too thin and cap seems too narrow, needs another layer or use strip technique. I wanted to have a simple method, though...
  5. Anyone built one? My idea was to make a template shaped like the cab, and narrow it to match the tapered box in segments (like an egg crate) that I could wrap styrene sheet around. Not going well so far, 0.010" styrene sheet can be bent to match but is pretty thin for gluing and holding a smooth shape. More experimentation to come
  6. Neat work on the enclosure! Tempted to try sheet brass for a pickup truck cap I’m toying with, a similar shape. Hard to bend styrene sheet neatly over a egg crate frame I made up (Thought I was onto something clever, haha) I like the pump too, such neat alignment of the many curved parts, you must have an extra pair of hands, LOL! Good tip on the quick casting! Just today I dug out an old BMW build I need to cast outer wheel halves for, might come in handy. First attempt years ago didn’t go well and I put it back in the box
  7. Man, it’s half done already, LOL! Very smart of you to cast the parts needed from the previous build Looking forward to seeing more, always an inspiration!
  8. Such creativity and neat workmanship! Nice to see your take on the old Dodge cab mated to a unique flatbed, and I admire the precision cut and assembly of that flatbed, shame you plan to dirty it up! Keep up the good work!
  9. Looks great! Neatly done, and so nice to see a modern rig!
  10. They had nice plating on the parts, they add a lot to the finished look!
  11. My favourite version of the ‘T’ series (I did the three-seater a long time ago, and have the third issue as well) Very neatly done, lots of masking and detail painting to get the wood trim looking so good! These are great kits with lots of detail parts but not for the faint of heart due to all the flash on the castings, but you prevailed! Nice to see it get some love!
  12. Wow, came out great! Factory fresh and ready to serve! Nice details seen at every angle, and done in about two months by my reckoning, I admire your persistence as well as skill! Congratulations on another fine replica!
  13. Nice save on the roof! Big improvement over the first (full) one, the rolled up sides and straps add so much realism to it! Love the winch and rope detail, you don't miss a chance to make it real, awesome! Photography's great too, no visible flaws to hide, I guess! LOL
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