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  1. Presently converting my second Lindbergh GT6 kit to a Spitfire Mk 2. So far i’ve cut two cylinders out of the engine, fixed the too-small windshield, added the trim around the glass, removed the hood bump, replaced it with .040” styrene, filled the gaps then added the smaller spear found on the Spit. Currently working on the rear deck, more pics to follow - wish me luck!
  2. Sorry to hear that, but there is a show coming up in Puslinch, well attended by car builders last year IIRC, hope you can make it! https://www.group25.org/2019/2019_Wellcome.pdf
  3. Great pictures, Dan, and congratulations on your wins in three categories! I especially liked seeing your 1934 tractor trailer, so unique and such creative decal work on the trailer! Thank you for your continued support of the show, looks like we did better than last year in both attendance and number of contest entries
  4. https://www.youtube.com/embed/C6HGg_qByLE
  5. Just got the awards for the contest! You could be going home with this!
  6. Thanks, but don't look too close, as it will be a three footer for sure! Still haven't decided what colour to paint it, most are white but yellow or red with some stripes would sure stand out on the contest table (and on the shelf for three foot viewing). Needs a trailer too, maybe an ice cream reefer - wonder what decals are in the Moebius trailer kits
  7. Thanks, Charlie, I got them done! Lots of fiddly parts for my mitts to handle, but they work and the stroke now has a limit when extended!
  8. Just one more, a group shot taken in March. Still fiddling with the many details...
  9. Been a while since I updated things! Got a lot of work done on the Cummins 5.9L engine, still needs cleanup and the fuel plumbing in this picture
  10. Very realistic accessories you have there, they add a lot to it!
  11. You'll need front and rear suspensions and axles, so the easiest thing is just to extend an existing truck frame to the required length. I put a piece of 0.040" styrene between the kit frame rails, then add a top and bottom plate to match the kit frame and it seems to be strong enough to support a 0.040" sheet styrene body. I extend the frame with a patch like this: For a more rigid frame, I have used Evergreen styrene, which comes in two different lengths which may suit your needs, but you still need to add suspensions front and rear. I bought the square one and cut in in half down the middle, but they have a C-channel too: This is for an 8" deep frame (8" is about 8mm in 1/25 scale) but you can get 9.5mm too which is good for a heavier truck
  12. There are Hubley metal car fans active on both Facebook and Yahoo and thus still a market for cars and parts. Here's a link to the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/141165735961953/ I've built several and wouldn't mind more but shipping up here to Canada can be an issue. Easiest thing for you would be to take them to a local model show and sell them there. Here's one i did a couple of years ago:
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