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  1. Would anyone happen to know the release date for 63 Nova Wagon?
  2. Build the rollcage before paint, tape it the the chassis and test fit it. I hacked out most of the top of the cage. Found it unneccessary. Seems as though it's the wheel well/ crush panel area on the chassis
  3. 1988 Davey Allison Havoline Thunderbird. Powerslide decals a mix of Tamiya and urethane paints, custom mixed gray for the roll cage, body fits terrible on the chassis, Detail Mastwr fittings, Model Car Garage brake rotors, Pro Tech braided line and some other details
  4. Finished! Box stock with the exception of Indycals decals. Suspension parts and wheels were painted Molotow chrome through an airbrush, gold is a mix of MCW gold mixed with TS21 gold shot through an airbrush topped with 2k clear. Did some weathering in thee engine compartment using dullcote with some black mixed in shot through an airbrush. Enjoy!
  5. Whole lotta carbon fiber, Gravity LARK pink. I will be adding the Hobby Design photoetch set to this build
  6. Custom mix for the blue, speedway window and skirt added, along with some roll bar padding and overflow tube. 2k clear and Powerslide decals
  7. I've added front valance strip, speedway rails to the window and trunk, inner window bracing from Plastruct angle, driver side skirt, photoetch hood pins and fuel overflow. Paint is Vallejo flourecent yellow topped with 2k clear and Powerslide decals
  8. I'm glad. Build away. I like the Weikert pic in your profile. Anxious to smell some race fuel
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