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  1. chris coller added a post in a topic Looking for a custom decal maker   

    Thank you sir
  2. chris coller added a topic in General   

    Looking for a custom decal maker
    Here's just an example of a car I'm looking to have done. Looking for quality. Not necessarily Slixx screen print but quality Alps or laser print. Thank you. 

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  3. chris coller added a post in a topic Scratch built Motter Equipment Joey Saldana Sprint Car   

    As a sprint car fan I gotta say, nice work. That is a beautiful build fight there.
  4. chris coller added a post in a topic resin body fit for 1/25 olds?   

    Chevy cavalier possibly the stratus. Most call for the 80's style camaro frame and chassis due to the width of the bodies.
  5. chris coller added a post in a topic 1/16th 57 Chevy Turbo ProMod (03-14-13) Finished Bull-Horns with V-band clamps   

    You might want to try titanium gold by Tamiya. It has almost the same hue as the header of the real car. Might have to shoot it real fine. I use Model Masters brass to achieve the heat stained look and the come back and hit the weld seams with some silver paint. The build looks awesome.
  6. chris coller added a post in a topic 1986 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Monte Carlo   

    Shooting the enamel through an airbrush will help speed up the process. The amount of propellant in the can helps delay the curing time of enamel paints. Not sure if an airbrush is in your budget, but if you have one you will never want to use a rattle can again. You are off to a great start. Be careful using a dehydrator after doing body work unless you use a non shrinking putty. A dehydrator will wick what ever moisture left behind and ruin a paint job by the putty shrinking further.
  7. chris coller added a post in a topic Photo etch sprint car and drag parts from Dirt Modeler   

    I just wish they were in nickel silver. I do understand the price difference in brass and the nickel silver. But that's why we are modelers. His stuff is top notch. I just hope I can get some time to use the products I purchased. That late model kit looks simply amazing.
  8. chris coller added a post in a topic New Drag parts...New Blower Hat, 12/11/12   

    I like it. Just seems a bit to tall though. Is that the finished piece or is there more work to do on it. I will be interested in a bunch when they are ready.
  9. chris coller added a post in a topic scale sprints ...   

    Me too. I have built the Saldana Bud sprint car and the Swindell sprint car.
  10. chris coller added a post in a topic AFX was selling at the louisville show   

    Guy is a thief! Luckily I got my money back through the purchase through ebay. I read something about his wife running the business and trying to keep up with the orders. Don't buy a thing from this clown.
  11. chris coller added a post in a topic What's your opinion on clearcoating over decals?   

    Yes, really! This isn't the 60's or 70's or 80's. I will bust out my nascar model refference book and skim through it to refresh my memory a bit.
  12. chris coller added a post in a topic What's your opinion on clearcoating over decals?   

    Well then you used the most important word "judges". They dictate who wins a contest not your "accuracy" so to speak. This is a hobby, remember? Your not bitter are you? You seem to come off that way. Perhaps your relevance may be in question? I have seen your build in books and magazines and seems as though your builds lack "accuracy as well. But again this is a hobby!
  13. chris coller added a post in a topic What's your opinion on clearcoating over decals?   

    You know this is a hobby right? To Drew, do you know what wins contests? I can bet you dollars to donuts that nice and shiney NASCAR model with the tire decals with flat clear over them will win out over a car that has some slight orange peel with with painted raised "Goodyear" or even steciled tires. The stencils are inaccurate and to small. The decals are scaled alot closer to what the tire markings should be per era. I myself prefer a nice and shiney paint job with out the decals cleaed over to be a bit more accurate. But it is a hobby,so it is what it is and opinions will vary.

    I say go to a contest where either one of the magazines is covering it and see if you get it photographed. That Fed Ex car is sweet and clean. Don't let tyrants run out of a hobby or keep you from posting. This reminds me of why this board got stale to me. The way people interject their opinion just rubs me wrong. I do understand constructive criticism, but not quit sure that was this is. Keep building and have fun. The car looks good and you should be proud.

    One more thing, for those who questioned your abilities as to if this was a model or a diecast would be able to tell the differences if they knew what they were looking at. Have fun and I'm out
  14. chris coller added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/20 Scale Tyrrell p34   

    That's a good looking build. Great work!