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  1. Thank you! Very big help. Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly explain. I’ll get started on mine and PM you if needed.
  2. A perfect replica! Well done. I really like the light patina on the body and the bed floor looks perfect - just like many 1:1s I’ve seen. Can you share your methods for weathering? I’m about to try weathering my ‘67 4x4 build. Thanks!
  3. Nice! I think I will use these on my ‘64 Olds hardtop build.
  4. Thanks guys! I thought I saw some on eBay, but they are all gone. I have a ‘66 GMC grille/tailgate upgrade set from Iceman and it is NICE! I will check his website in 2022.
  5. Does anyone know of any grille options in the aftermarket for the MPC Deserter kit? Chevy or GMC, for ‘78 - ‘87 cabs? Thanks.
  6. I’ve heard that the F-250 4x2 will be the first F-250 released in 2022. The wheels, caps, and tires do look bigger when zooming in on that first photo.
  7. I say build both! I am working on my Fireball conversion right now and I think it might be the greatest 1/25 aftermarket resin/3D-printed transkit ever made. Seriously. I am very excited about these upcoming Moebius releases!
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