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  1. Great tips here on making the kit body look better! I will certainly use a few on my build. I don’t know about the red stripe either, but there is a red stripe included in the Salvinos JR Bobby Allison 1981 Riverside winner kit also. It is a red stripe for the top of the grille.
  2. I have a hard time getting most Moebius kit boxes completely closed after opening! It’s a nice problem to have. The hood for the white car in my AWB kit is either highly polished or clearcoated. It is much shinier than the rest of the parts, not bagged, and a slightly different color. Is yours the same?
  3. YES! Great news. I’ve always liked this body style, and already have the Powerslide sheet to do Neil Bonnett’s #75 Valvoline car.
  4. So the safe bet is that the coupe is coming back in 2020 also?
  5. The Revell Lincoln is 1/25. Maybe kitbash with a Revell ‘89 T-bird SC to keep it in the same scale? Sorry, I can’t give you any info on the Lincoln kit’s wheelbase.
  6. I heard about the roadster. Not sure if the coupe will ever be back. Thanks.
  7. I know what the market price is and am willing to trade multiple kits to get one. Not investing or collecting. I missed these when they came out in 2015 and I will be building it if I get one. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Jonathan. Agreed - that wheel engineering is beautiful!
  9. Beautiful build! The driver figure really sets it off too.
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