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  1. I love his show. A true craftsman. His aesthetic may not be for everyone, but his skill cannot be denied.
  2. Fabulous build! Love the color.
  3. I emailed Model King’s Dave Burkett back in March asking if he was ever going to release an awb Comet. He said “no, I’m done with the Comets”, but indicated that an awb Belvedere sedan is planned from him.
  4. No need, Randy. But thanks for the offer. I saw that on Google Earth too. Their Contact Us page has a captcha error on both my phone and my laptop (can’t submit the form). Not worth the effort/risk.I found the Testors paint I was going to buy, elsewhere, since then anyway. Thanks.
  5. Further research shows no phone number and no online reviews for this place. I’m going to avoid.
  6. They’re in Mooresville, NC. I’m looking to purchase from their website. Thanks.
  7. Very nice! It looks like a real 1:1.
  8. Looks great, JJ! Nicely done.
  9. Awesome looking Chevelle! Great build.
  10. Matt T.

    59 Impala

    Tire problem or not, this is a beauty! Very well done.
  11. Powerslide will also have a Bass Pro decal reprint with updated artwork, in just a few weeks: https://www.mikesdecals.com/coming-soon-i-8.html
  12. Matt T.

    Coke Charger

    Nice build! I was going to get one of these to do a Dukes build, but the box bottom states “transparent green” for the window unit. Does yours have this installed? If so, it’s much more subtle than I expected.
  13. Awesome new profile. Love it!
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