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  1. Superb build! If you bring this to shows, you will win awards. Very well done.
  2. I’m in for one. Support Round2’s new tools when you can! Plus, it’s a good looking car with lots of possibilities.
  3. Hi Jonathan, Ford trucks were restyled in '73, so the Moebius kits would not be your best course of action. Right now, the AMT '78 Firestone pickup is your best starting point, with the addition of a resin '74 grille (Rookie Resin?). Note that the AMT Firestone kit has the "Camper Special" extended wheelbase long bed, so you will have to convert the wheelbase yourself, or find a resin long box with standard wheelbase. (I think MAD Resin did one, IIRC?) Or, if your Dad's truck was a flareside, you can add the Moebius '66 flareside box. Hope this helped.
  4. Superb! Very easy on the eyes.
  5. This build is AWESOME! Keep up the great work!
  6. Awesome build, my friend! You did a great job with this imperfect kit. Beautiful.
  7. Very nice! Great details and subtle weathering. Your wife was right, you do nice work. Thanks for sharing. Please continue to share!
  8. Thanks. That is how it is on the kit decal sheet, and was on the actual car, per the photos on the box side. I don’t know what happened to it on the 1:1.
  9. Got a chance to take some outdoor shots recently. I added them to my Fotki album: https://public.fotki.com/fivets/my_model_cars/1965-afx-plymouth-s/
  10. Ooooh, that IS good lookin'! Great mastering and casting. (Plus, no work removing those huge mold lines/misalignments on the kit piece!)
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