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  1. I am looking to obtain a Revell of Germany Mercedes DTM kit - Mercedes-Benz Bank (C-Klasse DTM 2011, "Bruno Spengler"). I would prefer a factory-sealed box or like new with sealed inner parts bags. I have kits to trade (domestic 1/25 auto kits, Japanese 1/24 auto kits, Tamiya 1/20 F1 kits, and Japanese & Eduard 1/48 aircraft kits). Thanks, and have a great day.
  2. Can someone with ties to Pegasus please ask that they provide a release schedule for upcoming Moebius 1/25 automotive kits? Maybe going a year out, into late 2021? Since the buy-out, information has dried up and we only see F100 variations being released.
  3. Pretty good? Nah, it’s perfect! Ready to pounce. I love it.
  4. Short shot? Looks like the liquid styrene didn’t make it all the way into the mold.
  5. I believe Revell is re-releasing their ‘56 210 Del Ray post sedan kit later this year.
  6. Hello. Can someone provide me with the diameter of a 1/25 Revell tuner wheel? I think all the tuner kits use the same tires, but if you have a Focus SVT, that would be ideal. In millimeters please. Thanks!
  7. Awesome build! One of my favorite concept cars. Looks perfect.
  8. Beautiful build, Steve! Great story around it too. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
  9. I like it. And seeing the LIDAR scanning makes me hopeful. That was used to develop the Foose kits, and I think those are spot-on replicas of the real deals. Thanks, Revell! Looking forward to this!
  10. Awesome build! Classic kool. Wish I had one.
  11. Too kool!! I want one! Nice work.
  12. Beautiful build! Great choice on the two-tone colors. I also like how the interior red contrasts with the Toro Red. Very well done!
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