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  1. What, you didn’t want that Lindberg skeletal human foot model from the Colonie store? LOL Disappointing model selection, for sure. The 1/64 diecast selection is nice though. I grabbed a few Auto World cars yesterday.
  2. Beautiful! Nice save. It’s got the look, for sure.
  3. VERY well done! Great replica. Nice use and retrofit of kit parts.
  4. Same here. As of two weeks ago, we now have two stores, four exits (10 minutes) apart on the interstate.
  5. Agreed. I will buy a ‘63 just to support the effort. Plus, I kind of like the asymmetrical wild custom treatment. I would get a Charger too, but not if there’s a lack of clear window option.
  6. Cool! I have the 935 K2 from Aoshima/Beemax. Is this the same tooling family?
  7. Is there a kit source for a correct 1/25 ‘70/‘71 GTO Judge deck spoiler? Or something close for a starting point? Thanks.
  8. Thank you for your time and service to this forum, Dave. Much appreciated!
  9. Great job, Jim! With the right backdrop, you could fool folks with this build. That’s how realistic and well done it is. Love it.
  10. Stellar build. Magazine cover quality work here. Well done, sir! Cool truck.
  11. Looks like a nice kit! I’m in for a couple. Hopefully a resin pickup conversion becomes available.
  12. Matt T.


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