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  1. Thank you, Tim, for all of your efforts around this review. I was on the fence about purchasing one of these until I saw that profile image with the black tape applied and the red car photo for reference. That seals it, I’m in for one (or more for the parts)! It looks right.
  2. Neat concept! Even neater build. Beautiful.
  3. Awesome build! Very nice.
  4. Very nice! It’s got that racy look, for sure. Sweet.
  5. Beautiful build! My favorite Ford livery from 1986 and you did it proud. Very nice!
  6. Thank you, Tim, for a great review of what looks to be a fabulous model kit and sales success for Round2!
  7. NICE!! Great work on making this true to the 1:1. Love it, and the show.
  8. Beautiful! I agree - your modifications are all that’s needed.
  9. Too kool! Love that lumber look. Nice job.
  10. Looking good, Tom! Classic aesthetic there with the SBC. ‘36 Ford top?
  11. Looks great, Jonathan! I love the organic color options on these. I have mine on the bench now. I’m going with the soft top and Tamiya Intermediate Blue.
  12. They sent me a new hood. Said it could take up to six weeks, got it in two. And it’s not widened - fits great!
  13. That Isuzu has nice lines. Pininfarina? I like it.
  14. Wow! Beautiful design and superior execution. Too kool!
  15. Bluesmobile is my guess. I agree, it is glaringly absent in 1/25 scale. Here’s hoping!
  16. Wow, perfect channeled hot rod! The third image (profile view) has me drooling. So good!
  17. Straight outta the little pages! Too cool! Love your taillight/fin treatment. Such a clean build.
  18. Thanks, everyone! Glad you like the color combo. I was wavering, but stuck with my original plan from years ago. Zippi - I used some thinned Tamiya acrylic NATO Black, two coats. If the thinned black gets on the raised coils, it knocks down the shine nicely, giving a metal look to the parts.
  19. I just finished this yesterday. I started it five years ago when it was new but, for some reason, boxed it up just short of final assembly. One week of detail painting and assembly, and here she is. Beautiful kit - well engineered, nicely detailed, and it looks great when done. Go build one, if you haven’t already. Paint is Tamiya TS-15 Blue over gray primer, replicating 1:1 Washington Blue. Engine block is TS-75 Champagne Gold. Interior is Tamiya AS-15 Sand. I had originally planned blue steel wheels and caps, but just bought a re-released roadster and went with the Halibrands. The only part I added that wasn’t in the box was a Revell ‘40 Ford steering wheel painted Racing White. Thanks for looking!
  20. Same question with the 1/12 and 1/8 Revell vintage chopper kits - Rough Rider, Chain Gang, LA Street Chopper, etc.
  21. Thank you, James, for the superb coverage! The Rat Roaster conversion is very exciting. The worst part about the original was the interior, IMHO. And who doesn’t love a well-fitted Duvall? Great news.
  22. Very cool! Beautiful build. Last I knew, Model King Dave Burket was planning a ‘65 Dodge AWB…
  23. Great point about the parts layout, Craig. It would be more work to omit them than include them. Fingers crossed!
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