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  1. OK. That is clearly Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon in the driver’s seat! 😆
  2. Thanks for the pictures! It’s weird that there are only a few on eBay right now (highly priced, $50+) and none of the big online outlets have these yet. Just Hobby Lobby?
  3. Yes, that’s where I submitted my replacement request on 9/6.
  4. I submitted a parts replacement request with Revell on September 6. After waiting six weeks I contacted them via info@Revell.de last week. No response yet. Is there a customer service email? This is for a domestic kit (snap 2015 Mustang), so I didn’t think it would take this long. Thanks.
  5. For wheels molded in white, paint and scratch off the ridge with a number 11 X-Acto blade, then hit the newly-white stripe with a red sharpie. You don’t have to be neat about it because the red sharpie won’t show up on the black. Recoat a second and third time with the sharpie, if needed. Works for yellow stripes too.
  6. Nice! I’ll wait for this release and use the grille and fender flares on my 4x4 longbed project.
  7. Looks great! Good call on the 2-door body with Sasquatch rollers to debut it.
  8. Great news! Iconic muscle truck. I look forward to the tool updates and release.
  9. Looking for this decal sheet in like-new condition. Thanks.
  10. MPC Deserter kit with a lengthened frame, MAD resin 8’ box, Iceman Collections Silverado grille, and Scenes Unlimited wheels and tires.
  11. Yes. Same as the Super Stones pickup too.
  12. Great looking Bronco! Where did you get those tires?
  13. Updated image link, since this topic was recently linked elsewhere on the forum. 😊 https://public.fotki.com/FiveTs/my_model_cars/on-the-workbench-/my_projects/workbench_miscellaneous/modelhaus_tires.html
  14. Saw this on Mike’s Decals site. Says “Coming in 2022”. Yessssss
  15. Chuck, I love everything about this build! Too fun. Nice job.
  16. Looks very nice! Thanks for sharing. Do I see the lid molded such that the drip rails are body color and the roof can be painted easily? Yessss
  17. I just started building mine and noticed that they updated the tooling for the inside tailgate piece. It now includes the FORD letters and some latch detail that previous releases of the ‘67-‘72s lacked. Nice.
  18. That will be a cool build! I would have to check the part numbers, but these are Fireball’s Hurricane mags in his tires – designed to work directly with the F-250 conversion kit.
  19. Thanks fellas! @Mike C. I'll take some photos for you when I tear down this mockup for paint. Below are the two images I have from earlier in the build. The only parts on the frame that are Moebius are the frame rails and engine block (!). This is a seriously nice trans kit with resin and 3D printed parts. Very well engineered too, with clear instructions on all of the needed modifications. (When I bought this when it first came out years ago, there was an option to include a second set of parts for the proper engine mounts, transmission, crossmembers, etc. I bought that set.)
  20. Been chipping away at these forever. Hopefully posting will help me wrap them up. High boy is the ‘70 4x4 kit with the Fireball F-250 conversion set and Scenes Unlimited tires. Planning to paint it Tamiya Pure Red (‘70 Ford Candyapple). The ‘67 4x4 was raised up 3 scale inches from OOB, for a more OEM look. Wheels are Fireball’s Bronco 7” in Scenes Unlimited lugger tires (still need to add the locking front hubs). Olson Brothers toolbox and step bumper will complete the look. This one will be Duplicolor Med. Maui Blue (‘67 Ford Brittany Blue).
  21. Saw this on I-81 north of Harrisburg, PA last Sunday. Tires were IROK Super Swampers. Kids were excited to see a real live Bigfoot “in the wild.” LOL
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