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  1. Getting close to finishing this rebuilder 69 Firebird. The previous builder had done it with a 70's flair so I went with that. Just tore it down and painted the previously unpainted body. Threw in a 383 from the 69 Nova kit. Just have the rear bumper and radiator hose to install and then the body chrome to do. I didn't try to go overboard on any detail. Later-
  2. Been working on an engine for a new build. My club is having a common kit build using the 64 Dodge 330. Here is what I've got so far. Still have a lot of detail to go. Later-
  3. Thanks for the info. I had seen and have a couple issues of the Ford but had never seen these wheels. Thinking of using them on a late 50's- early 60's hot rod 32 Ford. Later-
  4. Very nice work on, what I'm told is, a challenging kit. Sounds like you've confirmed this. Great job though, and I love the color! Later-
  5. Did you trade these off yet? If not, PM me. Later-
  6. I dug these out of a bin at a sale this week. I recognized it as the chrome tree for the 53 Ford pickup, however, I don't remember these wheels on that tree. Is this an early issue that had them deleted later? They are the main reason I picked out the tree. Later-
  7. Got some decals.and parts from LL3 Model Worx for a current build I'm working on. Thank you SO much!! Also got these in today's mail. A Palmer 68 Camaro. I got it simply for the box art. Very cool! And I got a 60 Pontiac screw bottom. Been wanting one of these for a long time. This one is in great shape. Later-
  8. I have quite a few Pegasus tires but only one front with this tread pattern. Later-
  9. Didn't even hear about this one. Looks good. I wish they woud put out some Chevy and Dodge pickus. Later-
  10. So,with the help of Can-Con, I have found out that this is, in fact, a Pegasus tire that I am looking for. Would anybody happen to have a lone front (18 inch, I believe) tire that they would be willing to trade away? Lots to trade. Later-
  11. That is them! The tires I have were loose in a parts box and had no wheels with them. I have never bought a set of Pegasus wheels that had these tires. They were all a different style of tread pattern. I need one small tire. Want to get rid of a set or a set of the fronts? Later-
  12. Completely different tread than any other Pegasus tires I have. Tread is much deeper and a different tread pattern. But, I do think it could be a Pegasus tire they may have made for a short time in the past? Later-
  13. Thanks. I doubt these are AMT or Revell due to the material they are made from. I have not seen those two companies make a tire this plyable. Now, Tamiya or Fujimi, etc is a possibliity. Later-
  14. Wow! Very nice work. Those decals must have caused a few grey hairs. Later-
  15. Your work on this is looking fantastic! I love how this is coming along. Later-
  16. Putting this together for my club's common kit build-off. 64 Dodge 330. Parts box engine and pieces. Tubbed the rear end and pieced together tires and wheels from the 68 Foose Firebird, aluminum rings and some nice BF Goodrich T/A Radials. Later-
  17. Does anybody know the origin of this tire? It is made of soft rubber like Pegasus tires. I have four or five rears but only one front. I need another front but don't have any idea who made them. I got them from my deceased buddy's parts box. They may be an older set of Pegasus tires since he used to work there. Later-
  18. I need one of these tires. I have no idea who made it, but I believe it is aftermarket. It comes in a set of big and littles. I need one little or front tire. Anybody got one, or a set to trade? Later-
  19. Got these this week in a trade with catpack68. 3d printed Dodge Ram 3500 Dually (complete except tires and wheels and glass)and a 68 Javellin promo. Later-
  20. Got these 3D printed Chevy wheels from a member here. Each wheel is 4 pieces. Tire, rings wheel and hubcaps. Later-
  21. Something I've been working on for a bit. Finally did a little mock up last night.
  22. Just picked this sealed inside kit up from a guy on FB for $10. Not the best kit, but for $10, I'll take it. Later-
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