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  1. I got a message too from Julktytr4. Never sent any email. Get rid of him! Later-
  2. Ok. That's what I figured. Makes sense to me. I just never noticed there was a difference in the years. Later-
  3. The reissue of the Chevy Racer's Wedge is boxed as a 72 but the original I have is boxed as a 71. Were any of the originals boxed as a 71 or did they change it with the reissue? My bumpers and the chrome tree are stamped with 71 too. Later-
  4. Let me know if you do and what you would need. Thanks. Later-
  5. Looking for an unused or good used dash for the 65 Bonneville. Lots to trade. Thanks. Later-
  6. Here is where mine that I posted earlier now sits. Got the interior completed and the body painted. Been working on the chassis (Pro Street) and engine. Just been throwing parts together that I scrounge out of the parts boxes. Later-
  7. This is looking amazing! Your paint looks like a beautiful sunrise! Keep up the good work. Later-
  8. Thank you. As I read your response, for some reason, that made absolute sense to me and I can't figure how I could not have seen that. Thanks again. Later-
  9. Does anyone know of a paint mixing ratio chart that they could post? I've never been really good at math and am trying to figure out mixing (thinning) ratios for HOK paints. Some say to thin the paint 100% and some say 200% (for the clear). I'm guessing mixing 100% would mean 1 part paint and 2 parts thinner? 200% would be 1 part clear and 4 parts thinner? I can find charts that mention 2:1 ratios etc but looking for info as to percentages. Later
  10. Agreed. Always liked his build style! Later-
  11. Thank you everyone. Sure wish I could get my paint jobs smoother before the clear coats though. Later-
  12. That is such a shock! I was enjoying watching this project and enjoyed talking with him about his fantastic builds. Does anybody know him or his family? I know he lived a little over 3 hours east of me here in Kentucky. I would love to get this project and finish it in his honor. He was such a talented builder. Later-
  13. Been working on this one again and it is fmgetting closer to the finish line. I changed my thoughts on the paint choice and came up with Testors Honduras Maroon. I've also been playing with my airbrush and myriad of paint supplies I inherited from my buddy. I mixed up Tamiya X-22 clear with a bit of Mica flakes and shot a couple of coats on it. Then more X-22 with gold flakes for a couple more coats. Here is a mock up this morning. Now to build an engine and finish the suspension.
  14. That's looking great Tom! I saw that Jimmy came out with those recently.and have been meaning to get a couple. I like your plans. Later-
  15. Thanks Fellas! I apprecite the kind words. All I did was clean it up and put it back together though. I.also put the door handles, wipers, and hood chrome on. I can't belive I let it sit so long in pieces. Later-
  16. Love that Alfa Romeo kit! I built it several years back after picking a sealed kit up off of FB locally for $15! Can't get anywhere near it now for that. Even then it was a steal. Later-
  17. I have these bodies and parts that I acquired in a large trade and are not really my subject matter. They appear to be made of styrene but are heavy like a resin. I believe the person who built these used thicker styrene sheets. The quality of the bodies and parts are very good. There are bodies, fenders, wheels, and things such as luggage and tools. Someone has to want these to finish. I would like to trade them for two kits, an older promo/screw bottom, resin or ?? I am placing a value at around $50. I usually build cars and pickups from the 20's to current, both american and foreign. Let me know what you think. First pic is an overall of what's there. I have more pics I can send, if needed. Later-
  18. He can be found on FB under VDub model shop. He hs quite a variety of VW bodies and parts. Later-
  19. I'm pretty sure they are wide fives. Odd, but I thought they had a nice look. And they are what was on there so i left them. Later-
  20. Great looking work Jim. I like the detail you did in every part. Later-
  21. Thank you Michelle and Jim. I appreciate it. Jim, I just checked out your "Barn find" post. Beautiful work on that 29! Later-
  22. This came to me a few years ago in pieces and I finally finished cleaning the dust and putting it back together tonight. Nothing special. Just a nice little shelf piece. I really like the color. Later-
  23. No I don't. I tried looking myself when I got it but found nothing either. I got this body off of a general FB model site from what, I assume, was not the maker. I did find several of these bodies on EBay though by looking up "resin type 3 VW". I'd also like to see if there is a link that exists and what else they sell if anybody knows. Later-
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